*UPDATE* “Justice for Africa” Protests – More Photos and Video from Los Angeles

LA Park 6**Note** This is an update to a previous post featuring photos and video from the “Justice for Africa” protests in Los Angeles over the killing of yet another unarmed person: This update includes additional photos and video from Jason Nellis, who blogs at “The World as seen by Jazoof” and has also been involved with Nevada Cop Block and other Las Vegas area groups

In addition, there are also photos from Ballentine, who is a member of the Sunset Activist Collective. As a member of the “Sunset 5,” Ballentine was one of those arrested by Las Vegas police in 2013 in retaliation for publicly exposing the murders and complete lack of accountability within the LVMPD, during Nevada Cop Block chalking protests.

Once again, if you personally have any video, photos, or experiences to share from the protests (or any previous incidents with the LAPD) you can share them via the CopBlock.org Submissions Page. In addition, included at the bottom of this post is a list of California-area Cop Block groups that you could connect with if you want to promote police accountability in your area and help protect your neighbors from police violence.

Ballentine’s Photos of Chalk Messages at the LAPD Headquarters:

(Click for Full Size)

LAPD HQ Chalk13LAPD HQ Chalk10LAPD HQ Chalk7LAPD HQ Chalk8LAPD HQ Chalk9LAPD HQ Chalk11LAPD HQ Chalk12LAPD HQ Chalk14

Additional Photos by Jason Nellis:


Additional Video by Jason Nellis:

Once again, any commentary included is via Jason Nellis’ posts and/or description on YouTube, unless it is in parenthesis.

“Whose Streets Our Streets – Uphill Africa March”

Another clip from the march

“LAPD March 3/3- How cops aggravated the situation
They knew he was mentally ill and the incident with the homeless woman was not violent. They aggravated the situation and brought it about.

“JusticeforAfrica- Recent Skid Row Killings by Cops
Other mentally ill and homeless people on skid row being murdered by police lately- from memorial rally 3/3

“Die-in at LAPD for Brother Africa and all victims”

“LAPD Protester Lissa Arrested- Friends ask why”
Lissa Bissa of the Anti-Media arrested when trying to walk into a public Police Commission meeting. I just missed the arrest. Cops refuse to answer questions. OK this is after the first arrest I missed. Lissa Bissa tried going into public police commission meeting. These are her two friends. They then got arrested between this and the next video. Again I missed that, and almost all media was gone, but Adam Kokesh got what happened to this girl after this on tape.

“3 Arrested at LAPD HQ, 19 year-old girl roughed up
When I returned from charging for more video… the two girls arrested, one attacked by 5 cops whom I saw leave carrying riot gear… leaving only Amari Shakur.

“LAPD Protesters speak truth and MSM people flip”

“Inside LAPD HQ Sgt. Graham”

“LAPD Detention Center – Search for kidnapped girls”

“LAPD Detention- Search for kidnapped girls (audio only)
Since I was told to put the camera away.

Additional Resources:

CopBlock Groups Page: Connect with others in your area or start a group/chapter.
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Extremely Rare - C. 1880's - 1911 Nypd Police Collection Lot 1 picture
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Police Comics #2 Nm 9.4

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Extremely Rare - C. 1870's - 1917 Nypd Police Collection Lot 2

Original 1920's Prohibition Law Enforcement Badge picture
Original 1920's Prohibition Law Enforcement Badge

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a lifelong resident of Las Vegas, who’s been very active in local grassroots activism, as well as on a national level during his extensive travels. He’s also the founder/main contributor of Nevada CopBlock, Editor/contributor at CopBlock.org and designed the Official CopBlock Press Passes.
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  • WD!

    T sucks/first

  • JC

    This is ridiculous. “Africa” was living under a stolen identity. He robbed a bank in the past and he was severely mentally ill. Where was his family when he was living on the streets? He shouldn’t have tried to grab the officer’s gun.

  • patriot156

    Not long I don’t think!

  • t

    Wow. Too funny

    Here again we’ve got some awesomely bad “reporting” and disingenuous and dishonest video.
    Let’s look at the tape shall we.
    • Video 1 shows a female sitting on a bench bitching about her friend being arrested for no reason. Now….there’s no video posted of that….even though activists are protesting and never do anything without video recording it. Except when it may show something they don’t like
    • Video 2 is even more fun. This time…..we KNOW that there is a camera there because it was used in video 1. But this time we hear that the woman speaking in the first video has now also been arrested…..but, even though it’s known the the camera guy was there….there isn’t any video of it

    I wonder why?

  • Common Sense

    Its amazing how little she knows.

    Here’s he arrest, its worth a chuckle.

  • Common Sense

    What do you expect, UCLA students.

    Just wait til they graduate and discover they’re no jobs.

  • whoopsydoodoo

    Another instance where “public property” is off limits to members of the public. I’m so glad we pay for all this property that we get assaulted and kidnapped for standing on

  • Thenumber4

    the feeling of thinking your life matters, news flash it really doesn’t

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  • t

    So it’s not just me? They really did post it just that way? Intentionally not posting the arrests as to not show their behaviors. Very funny.

  • Spaghetti

    It is called child neglect.

  • Spaghetti

    Because they use a crisis with their video camera to criminally solicit


    the police in hoping to get a civil rights lawsuit. Why do you think they were given a free phone for voting? So the ambulance chasing civil right lawyers could sue the police and push the racial issues.

  • t

    You’re right. You should drive down to your local courthouse tonight at midnight…..and go on in. Your “public property” right? I mean it’s yours right? If the doors are locked…kick them in….after all….how dare they lock you out of your building. And if I were you….I’d “open carry” a nice AR. And if thoseolice come to harass you….give them the finger. After all….they are just public servants who work for you right?

    Oh….and make sure you record it and post it up here for us. You go show them who’s the boss.

  • t

    So where’s the video guy? Don’t tell me you whimped out.

  • whoopsydoodoo

    While you do a fair job of describing the reality of the situation – that there is an armed gang that is ready and willing to murder people for non-violent offenses and for exercising their rights – you’re doing so in a forum of individuals who dislike the status quo and seek a freer, more civilized existence.

    Painting an accurate picture of the police state nightmare is hardly evidence that the notion of “public property” is anything but an abstraction and a fraud; it’s the philosophical equivalent of you complaining to me that someone has shot you, and me responding, “well, that is what guns do”

  • pickle

    You know all about stolen identities and being severely mentally ill. Don’t you, Chimpy McMonkeyfucker? How is that chimpanzee sex fetish going, anyway? Are you STILL bummed that the chimp jumped the fence so you couldn’t be my Daddy?

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