“The Vegas Biker” Confronts Las Vegas Metro Police Officer Over Bad Driving

This story was submitted to CopBlock.org via our submission tab. In the video below “The Vegas Biker” is out for a ride on his bike when all the sudden a Las Vegas Police Truck flies by him.

According to the YouTube description of the video:

I notice a Las Vegas Metro Police Department Truck speeding up behind me in my mirror. I decide to start recording as I was thinking he was going to pull me over. He flies past me, continues to neglect using his signals or be bothered with pulling over for ambulances. When I finally catch him he is buying groceries and says he is / was on a call.

He refuses to identify him self which is against department policies. Any and all help identifying this guy would be great. I tried zooming up but can’t make out his name. I was told if i contacted Internal Affairs they would / could / will identify him for me. I will update this when I get the information.

Cops being cops, lying and breaking the lawI’m not sure if internal affairs is going to care much about this officers poor driving habits and to be honest, that’s fine by me. Other than being a hypocrite, and further highlighting the double standard of police, this officer wasn’t actually harming anyone. Plus, I believe there’s more value in what “the Vegas Biker” did by confronting the officer, than any investigation from his buddies would have produced.

If only more people (I know many already do, but even more) would let officers behaving badly know their feelings about such actions, then I believe many officers would be inclined to change their behavior. I guess once we start seeing 100’s of these videos per day, we’ll know the answer to my theory. Until then, can anybody out there help the Vegas Biker ID this lead footed officer? If so, feel free to comment below or via our Contact page.

Contact information for LVMPD & Sheriff’s Office:
Las Vegas Metro Police Department: 1-(800)-492-6565
Office of The Sheriff: (702) 828-3231

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Ademo Freeman

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  • JC

    Oh brother. Another Monday morning quarterback. He said he was going to a call. He could have been called off and went to the station. If you think he did something wrong, call it into the PD.

  • nickatnoon

    Pig was on a DONUT call! (=

  • Shawn

    Oh bull shit! You can’t be that dumb as to believe he was on a call. He was doing what cops do, flaunt their power to ignore basic driving safety laws.

  • darth

    While sometimes you make legitimate points as cop block makes mistakes, this time we see a cop either driving dangerously for no reason, or being paid to run personal errands (or both). Both are unacceptable.

  • Kevin Freund

    I saw a LA County Sheriff’s Deputy driving on the freeway on a personal call (nobody smiles like that on a work call) with a phone glued to his ear, failing to signal as he changed lanes in traffic. I called the local field office, and before I even told them where I was, they denied he was from their field office. When I mentioned which office he reported to was tangental to the issue of him not following the rules of the road, and he’d write me a ticket for the same thing, the officer on the phone told me that Sheriff’s deputies are immune from hand’s free laws.

    This after a deputy from THE SAME SHERIFF’S FIELD OFFICE struck and killed a bicyclist while texting and driving 18 months prior. They didn’t prosecute the deputy who was on “official business”. Yet the transcript of this official business showed no reason why the deputy couldn’t have pulled over to text, rather than mowing down and killing an innocent man, the former COO of Napster.

    I was stunned that not only did they blow me off for filing a report, they actually had the gall to not even acknowledge they killed a civilian by this very same conduct.

    The police are hopelessly crooked. It’s our own fault. For how many decades have we been putting up with bully traffic cops and dirty cops beating minorities and planting weapons on them? We have the police force we deserve for not speaking out for decades.

  • OldUncleDave

    No lights or siren and you believe he was telling the truth about being on a call?

    Du bist ein guter deutscher.

  • Guest

    The Google ad under the video says “Become A Police Officer. Start a Criminal Justice Career Now!” LOL

  • ThirtyOneBravo

    This post is a total waste of compute cycles…

  • Shawn

    OH, so you support cops flaunting the law?

  • Jeffrey Tucker

    The city manager is over all police. He works under the mayor and is who the police chief reports to.

    Skip I A and go to city manager and give them the video and request to be contacted as to the outcome.

  • ymygody

    oh trust me, he can be that dumb. you wouldn’t believe how his poor paraplegic hamster struggles to turn that wheel to fire the three neurons in his head.

  • ymygody

    I believe the police should be a private organization for profit. with each of it’s officers personally responsible for their own actions, no police immunity. when one of those cops hurts the profit margin, they will be let go immediately and then duly processed through the courts. would that solve corruption issues? probably not.

  • ymygody

    he stands up for police that rape children. he’s not somebody I would look to for legitimate points. consider one of the other badge lickers, sometimes they can make valid points. JC is the biggest troll on this site.

  • phranker

    TROLL alert… JC’s a well known copcock sucker (and liar of epic proportions). He loves to boot lick and troll in the CopBlock comments section. Remember the name and don’t feed the trolls. Shoo, troll! Shoo!

  • pickle

    YOU are a total waste of compute cycles, but you’re here anyway.

  • pickle
  • JC

    Post a real link stating the officer wasn’t on a call.

  • JC

    Post a link to prove your statement.

  • JC

    Spare me. You should post a real link that says the officer wasn’t on a call.

  • JC

    Post a link that proves the officer was not on a call.

  • Dale Finn

    are you the dickhead here or what? mommy & daddy didn’t provide attention to you as a child. somewhere, a woman is putting up with his shit.

  • Yankeefan

    Prove he was other than his own words!

  • WD!

    How did it get into your head that simply posting a link makes something true, your links don’t even back up your brainless statements.

  • WD!

    Post a link that proves you aren’t a huge dickhead

  • Yankeefan

    That’s his MO! When he posted under a troll name…Slappy, he would use that line in every situation. Show me scientific proof or show me the law that says. In 1 case it was….show me the law that says you don’t have to show ID

  • JC

    Answer my question first.

  • A
    minor motor vehicles traffic infraction? Hardly worth bothering with
    … cops getting away with brutality and murder ~ bigger fish to fry, so
    to speak …

  • Jacob Bogers

    Driving laws are there for a reason! They apply to EVERYONE or to NOONE

  • Ambulances, fire trucks, military vehicles, political motorcades, police cruisers and pregnant women in labor might get exceptions …

  • Jacob Bogers

    I could call you stupid but thats not constructive, emergancy services are ONLY cleared if they employ designated flashing lights and sound! Even in these case there is a law they have to follow!

  • Which is still an exception to the law ~ the point I was trying to make. Also, a police officer on route to an ongoing crime where his cruiser siren’s presence would alert the criminals to counteract would be another example of an exception ~ hostage negotiations would be a prime example of such. The first point ~ these rules are not hard set. The second point ~ these rules are minor offenses, barely worth enforcing, even if broken. The third point ~ police officers have quite often broken much more serious rules (brutality, murder, rape, theft, etc), so your focus is off from what you should be paying attention to. Do be careful who you call stupid, lest such accusations fall on yourself.

  • Jacob Bogers

    No sirene was used in this case, hence the police broke the law, and is liable reckless, why is this hard to get into your brain?

  • Jacob Bogers

    “.. still an exception to the law..” No it isnt, the proviosions for emergency services are not exceptions, they are part of the law cannon. Why are you so stupid?

  • Yesterday, a police officer was acquitted for shooting 50 rounds into a car with two unarmed passengers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JwZuT76LOZo

    Day before that, another cop was found guilty of locking up and sexually torturing his kids for years ~ got 10 years probation. http://filmingcops.com/cop-and-his-supportive-wife-charged-for-locking-children-in-room-for-years-tortured-and-starved-them/

    Consider I see stories like these on a daily basis, and you think I care about minor traffic infractions? Get that through your head, I don’t! It is the big infractions I care about.