“The Vegas Biker” Confronts Las Vegas Metro Police Officer Over Bad Driving

This story was submitted to CopBlock.org via our submission tab. In the video below “The Vegas Biker” is out for a ride on his bike when all the sudden a Las Vegas Police Truck flies by him.

According to the YouTube description of the video:

I notice a Las Vegas Metro Police Department Truck speeding up behind me in my mirror. I decide to start recording as I was thinking he was going to pull me over. He flies past me, continues to neglect using his signals or be bothered with pulling over for ambulances. When I finally catch him he is buying groceries and says he is / was on a call.

He refuses to identify him self which is against department policies. Any and all help identifying this guy would be great. I tried zooming up but can’t make out his name. I was told if i contacted Internal Affairs they would / could / will identify him for me. I will update this when I get the information.

Cops being cops, lying and breaking the lawI’m not sure if internal affairs is going to care much about this officers poor driving habits and to be honest, that’s fine by me. Other than being a hypocrite, and further highlighting the double standard of police, this officer wasn’t actually harming anyone. Plus, I believe there’s more value in what “the Vegas Biker” did by confronting the officer, than any investigation from his buddies would have produced.

If only more people (I know many already do, but even more) would let officers behaving badly know their feelings about such actions, then I believe many officers would be inclined to change their behavior. I guess once we start seeing 100’s of these videos per day, we’ll know the answer to my theory. Until then, can anybody out there help the Vegas Biker ID this lead footed officer? If so, feel free to comment below or via our Contact page.

Contact information for LVMPD & Sheriff’s Office:
Las Vegas Metro Police Department: 1-(800)-492-6565
Office of The Sheriff: (702) 828-3231

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