Dealing with Anonymous Drug Tip Lines


Anonymous tips by telephone are a real danger for cannabis users, and they have to be stopped.

The best way to stop anonymous tips is by calling in bogus or phony anonymous tips, and often. But doing this is not danger-free, and can lead to your incarceration. The idea is to have the cops go on so many fruitless phoney tips calls that such calls will no longer be trusted, especially by judges issuing search warrants. Bogus tips resulting in call outs cost cops money and waste time. They can also be used in other ways, as you will see. So here are my tips for phoney drugs activity reporting:

1. Contact: ALWAYS USE A PAY TELEPHONE, and NEVER ALLOW YOUR IDENTITY TO BE REVEALED. Pay phones cannot be connected with any individual user, so it is difficult for cops to arrest you for false reporting. Never use a cell phone Do not use a computer. I would even say wipe the phone free of your fingerprints, or do not leave fingerprints at all. Cops even look for footprints if such can be found around phones in question.

2. Time: SPEND AS LITTLE TIME ON THE PHONE WITH THE COPS AS POSSIBLE, THEN LEAVE THE PHONE QUICKLY. Cops trace these calls, and they come very fast. Give out the information needed to be given, and then leave.

3. Content: Tell the cops that suspicious drug activity is going on at; (a) the house or business of a known PROHIBITIONIST or simply somebody you don’t like: DO NOT RAT OUT OTHER CONSUMERS OR DISTRIBUTORS, or (b) an outdoor grow op is being conducted at a REMOTE AND DIFFICULT TO ACCESS PLACE. Even neutral persons are okay to “bust”. Politicians are great! But all cannabis users are on the same side here, so know who the REAL enemy is and spare your brothers. But a bogus call concerning a prohibitionist will cause HIM to have his door kicked down. Sending cops to remote and difficult- to-access outdoor locales wastes their time and money. It will eventually exasperate judges issuing search warrants by casting “probable cause” into doubt in regards to anonymous tips.

4. Details: Always include a few details about the person or locale to be “busted”, to convince the cops that this is not just a prank call. Names work. License plates work. Locations work. Personal descriptions work. BUT DO NOT SPEND TOO MUCH TIME DOING THIS. Tell the cops you have to go, as you think you might have been overheard. Hang up and leave discreetly but quickly.

The more often and the more people who call in such phoney tips, the more difficult it will be to trace these reports to any one person, the more time and money will be wasted by the cops, and the less credibility such calls will have. One must be very careful, as this could get you jail time if you are caught. But it will be a great help to every cannabis user in your area. If enough of this is done, soon judges will not sign warrants based only on “anonymous tips.”

– James Bong

EDITOR’S NOTE: It’s probably better to leave actual people out of this because calling the cops on anyone is dangerous, even for bogus weed claims. It would probably be more beneficial to do whatever you can to end the war on marijuana. Via education, communication or even asking the government to lessen its stance on the substance! Mr. Bong (yeah we know that’s not your real name) is probably just upset that he went down via these drug lines but there are many other ways to deal with people telling the police about your business. Refusing plea deals and ostracism are others.



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  • People die in no knock raids.

  • Why limit it to drug tips? Call in phony domestic disturbance calls, terrorism tips, robberies in progress, etc. Overwhelm the lines with so many fake calls of all kinds that it drains the police of their resources.

    The downside here is that you don’t want innocent people to get caught up in this. Sic the police on other cops, federal agents, liberty hating politicians, banking executives, etc.

  • Shigman

    Yeah this is VERY productive and not childish(sarcasm)


    If I am reading this right. you are now ENCOURAGING people to violate anothers civil and constitutional rights. But I MUST be reading this article wrong because encouraging civil rights violations is not only counter productive by goes against the very nature of what this site is all about.

  • VYPER, personally, I have never actually done this but I would only do it to known supporters of brutal policing policies. If they think it doesn’t violate our civil rights to have cops bust down doors and “make mistakes” on warrants, etc. because you know, you have to break a few eggs, then they shouldn’t perceive the cops breaking down their doors as any violation of their civil rights at all. Then again, perhaps they’ll wake up and realize it’s not all that ok when it happens to them.

    I do like the concept, however I would not actually do it now that I think about it but only because of the Biblical prohibition on bearing false witness.

  • Brent Ryan Thornton


  • Brent Ryan Thornton

    And for the record, cops aren’t real people. So bearing false witness doesn’t apply. Now the whole cloven hoof pig thing does apply. As long as you’re not eating cops, I think you’re ok.

  • Dave

    What If….. What if Americans decided to Fight Back. What if they began to order legal, sterile hemp seed from Canada? What if they began packaging these legal, sterile hemp seeds into little zip lock bags. What id they began dropping them at, and mailing them to strategic locations?

    IF…that ever happened, then all those calls made to tip lines wouldn’t actually be fraudulent police reports would they? Someone sees a plastic zip lock bag containing green plant-like material, and they feel very sure it’s cannabis…. Please, just think about the expenditure of time, energy, and money it would take to analyze all these little bags…

    Happy, HEMPY New Year…:)


    I can understand the underlying concept of ” how does it feel when your on the receiving end?” but causing a person’s door to be kicked in based on a false report is no different than causing the same based on misguided information. in reality, establishing PC for a search Warrant based on a 10 second call from an anonymous caller that meets the standard accpetable enough to get a judge’s signature is unlikely with regards to reporting that someone is dealing or growing marijuana. the “Tip” would start an investigation requiring surveillance and other things. but let’s assume that the 10 sec call generated the mass police response and resources alluded to in the article and a real emergency is called in. The resources you’ve tied up on a bogus tip are now having to defy the laws of physics to respond to the REAL emergency and if someone is seriously injured or killed the Police are blamed. Again I see both sides but I for one dont want the death of an innocent person on my conscience simply because I was trying to make a statement to the supporters of brutual policing policies.

  • Al Glass

    Sorry, VYPER, but I think your rationale is just an excuse for inaction, and your motivation for that is one you don’t care to admit (maybe even to yourself). Considering all that cops are doing to innocent people, a little bit of turnabout is a mild response. When there are drone planes flying overhead, tanks rolling through our neighborhoods, and soldiers marching through the streets with absolute power to detain and deport, will you still be recommending inaction because “innocent people might get hurt”? It’s that inaction that’s getting innocent people hurt NOW.

  • PittsburghCopBlock

    Breaking eggs?, Civil rights violations? WTF people, If you think this is a bad idea for any reason then you should do a little reflecting on life. Anonymous tips on rapists, or murderers and such is a great thing, but the fact fact that a judge even has the authority to issue a warrant based on a call from what is most likely an angry ex or just an enemy, is shocking enough! I assure you that breaking eggs does not apply when we stop looking at the arbitrary bullshit jammed down our throats since childhood. This is a terrific idea and I am all for it. If nothing else it helps highlight how much money is currently wasted by chasing down bullshit leads on non-violent victimless “crimes”. As for violating civil rights. GIVE THEM MY ADDRESS! I would be glad to have some pigs kick down my door a few times to prove this point.

  • Laura

    VYPER, I’m a random reader here and I agree with what you say. Let’s be clear. We all know what pieces of shit cops are, so even if you call a cop to interfere with someone’s life, no matter who they are, you run the risk of the pigs making false arrests, shooting family dogs, terrorizing family members etc. No one should ever call the cops on anyone for any reason, this is what I believe. A call to the cops for whatever reason is just asking for death, sometimes literally.

    No, I believe what this article is saying is to send the police on a wild goose chase. The address you give them or location should be completely made up, and the caller should make sure the address doesn’t really exist. Also, if you send the pigs off into the wilderness, a wild area NOT CLOSE TO HIKING TRAILS or parks, or homes, this is even better. I hate cops, totally despise them, but I think people need to be careful with how they falsely tip the cops off. Use your head. I use cannabis regularly, illegally, but let’s not go apeshit and put people in danger. The last thing you want to do is send a pig to the doorstep of anyone. In the most extreme case, I’d say pigs can be valuable weapons, but like any weapon, they have to be wielded correctly with care and safety of others.

  • PittsburghCopBlock


  • deepelemblues

    So let’s go have innocent people harassed by the cops just because of some half-articulated self-righteous chain of logic. Only do it to people who “deserve it.” That works out really well in practice not just theory, right?

    What about when someone’s dog or kid gets shot because there’s a raid based on someone “gumming up the system.” Yeah something will sure get gummed up.

  • mike houston

    …I used to work at a large resort hotel in Hawaii..,When the airport police began using drug sniffing dogs to bust travellers with pot in their luggage,Me and a co-workers decided to fight back,We’d save all our stems,and at times came across “leaf” from grower friends who would give,or sell large amounts for free,or little money.,We’d soak the stems,and leaf in hot water for a few days,strain it,and fill squirt guns with it,then,when hotel guest’s who were in large tour group’s luggage would be collected,and placed under large nets for transport to the airport,we’d discreetly spray our marijuana water on the luggage,..well,you can imagine the chaos at the airport when the drug dogs “hit” on hundreds of pieces of luggage,I imagine they had to do a lot of apologizing to the many falsely delayed passengers..,It’s been quite awhile since we did that,and I’d like to suggest readers in a position to do so,adapt this tactic nation-wide..,I’m all for anything that hassles the pigs.

  • anon

    You hassled the hotel guests just as much as the pigs. Moron.

  • Al Glass

    Yeah, at last I see the error of my ways. Try something like this, and someone might be terribly inconvenienced. Better to just leave things as they are. Better to do nothing and let the cops continue to expand the police state. No one will be inconvenienced then. No dogs or kids will get shot then. No one’s homes will be destroyed then. No innocent, peaceable people will have their lives obliterated by being sent to government rape rooms then. Let’s just maintain the status quo, so nobody gets hurt.

  • mike houston

    Anon,….Gee,Maybe now that I put the information out there,maybe it’ll “inconvenience” even you,(..hope springs eternal),..chalk it up to collateral damage in the War on Drugs,… Deal with it ya Douch-Bag.

  • mike houston

    …To those unlucky enough to actually get raided like that,..guilty,or not of this so called “crime”,I suggest,after the dust settles,you loudly assert that your “missing” a bunch of money,..a large,or small amount,just don’t make it so large that it seems absurd.,..Then,with any luck,someone down at “Pig Central”may open an internal affairs investigation on their asses,odds are,most are already stealing money that way,and it will be yet another complaint against them,and with luck,will result in them going to jail,getting fired,or at least under suspicion for the rest of their miserable career.,…Oh,and Anon,You need to try smoking some GOOD weed for a change,might improve your attitude,ya grumpy bastard.

  • Al Glass

    Find out the names of the arresting officers, and phone in a few more anonymous tips–to CPS, the Homeland Security Administration, the Internal Revenue Service…

  • mike houston

    …Great idea Al,..Homeland Security would be all over that,they LOVE exercising their authority over the local cops.,..Thank-you,and have a great day.

  • t.

    Cop Block has reached a new level of stupid ideas.

  • mike houston

    T bag/boy,…And thanks to you,they have reached a new level of whiny,wussy,comments too,…Miss your copy of the Limbaugh letter this week ?,…Get tea-bagged while you slept last night?,…from Rush?,..Here’s an idea for you,…Suck the sack azzholio…

  • t.

    Mike Houston: Very classy.

    Again, the problem here is accountability. You like to demand it from everyone but yourself. Dude, if you wanna smoke dope, smoke it. But when you get caught, don’t cry like a bitch. I mean, you do know who it is that calls those tip lines right? It’s your ‘friend’ that you screwed over. It’s your mom who doesn’t know any other way to get you help. It’s your neighbor who is tried of all your loser pothead friends coming and going all night long, and tired off all those same friends stealing all of their stuff.

    Again, Tell all of the intake officers I said hi.

  • Rule of law

    t. get your knee pads back on and return to your much favored past time, COPSUCKING!

  • t.

    Rule: There is areas they call it ‘dope’. And do you never prove that point.

  • Julian

    False tips can result in (and in fact have resulted in) innocent human beings being incarcerated due to overly zealous crown prosecutors (or state’s attorneys, district attorneys, or whatever … depending upon jurisdiction) in countries such as France, where one is guilty until proven innocent. It even happens in countries where that is not the case, such as Great Britain and the United States!

    One of the more famous cases was that of Amanda Knox, an innocent American exchange student in Italy who was arrested for the murder of her roommate, as a result of false witness, and who was successfully prosecuted by an italian prosecutor who sincerely believed that devil worship was responsible for all murders and based much of his case on that. The case was tried in the press and most Italians believed her guilty before the trial even started. She eventually won an appeal, based on a more thorough more rational analysis of evidence (but not before she spent years in an Italian prison). For example, in the original trial, a knife bearing Knox’ fingerprints and which contained traces of the victim’s blood on the blade (in crevices in the metal) was a major piece of evidence. Little weight was given to the notion that the roommate could have accidentally cut her finger while preparing food with a knife that Knox had also handled simply because, as roommates, they shared the same kitchen.

  • nototyrants

    This is the stupidest idea I have ever heard. People get shot and killed , including children, during raids. Anyone who advocates calling in a false tip and potentially getting someones child (or other innocent victim) shot because the father/mother is a prohibitionist is no better than the pigs themselves. Also, calling in a false tip on someone you don’t like is tantamount to narcing someone out. It’s an absolute bitch move.

  • Steaskadeds

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  • 420friendly

    This is fucking stupid. Grow up.

  • evam

    That sounds so extremely juvenile…..certainly hope you have matured by now.

  • amj

    This is very disrespectful and is against the law. What is the point of being an ass. I will be reporting this site to the federal government.

  • Freda Ezulie

    I am hopping there is something that can be done to get rid of drug dealers that park on my street to sell drugs to hicks that come from other near by states to buy . Then you write an article like this !! Are you Fucken nuts???