Dealing with Anonymous Drug Tip Lines


Anonymous tips by telephone are a real danger for cannabis users, and they have to be stopped.

The best way to stop anonymous tips is by calling in bogus or phony anonymous tips, and often. But doing this is not danger-free, and can lead to your incarceration. The idea is to have the cops go on so many fruitless phoney tips calls that such calls will no longer be trusted, especially by judges issuing search warrants. Bogus tips resulting in call outs cost cops money and waste time. They can also be used in other ways, as you will see. So here are my tips for phoney drugs activity reporting:

1. Contact: ALWAYS USE A PAY TELEPHONE, and NEVER ALLOW YOUR IDENTITY TO BE REVEALED. Pay phones cannot be connected with any individual user, so it is difficult for cops to arrest you for false reporting. Never use a cell phone Do not use a computer. I would even say wipe the phone free of your fingerprints, or do not leave fingerprints at all. Cops even look for footprints if such can be found around phones in question.

2. Time: SPEND AS LITTLE TIME ON THE PHONE WITH THE COPS AS POSSIBLE, THEN LEAVE THE PHONE QUICKLY. Cops trace these calls, and they come very fast. Give out the information needed to be given, and then leave.

3. Content: Tell the cops that suspicious drug activity is going on at; (a) the house or business of a known PROHIBITIONIST or simply somebody you don’t like: DO NOT RAT OUT OTHER CONSUMERS OR DISTRIBUTORS, or (b) an outdoor grow op is being conducted at a REMOTE AND DIFFICULT TO ACCESS PLACE. Even neutral persons are okay to “bust”. Politicians are great! But all cannabis users are on the same side here, so know who the REAL enemy is and spare your brothers. But a bogus call concerning a prohibitionist will cause HIM to have his door kicked down. Sending cops to remote and difficult- to-access outdoor locales wastes their time and money. It will eventually exasperate judges issuing search warrants by casting “probable cause” into doubt in regards to anonymous tips.

4. Details: Always include a few details about the person or locale to be “busted”, to convince the cops that this is not just a prank call. Names work. License plates work. Locations work. Personal descriptions work. BUT DO NOT SPEND TOO MUCH TIME DOING THIS. Tell the cops you have to go, as you think you might have been overheard. Hang up and leave discreetly but quickly.

The more often and the more people who call in such phoney tips, the more difficult it will be to trace these reports to any one person, the more time and money will be wasted by the cops, and the less credibility such calls will have. One must be very careful, as this could get you jail time if you are caught. But it will be a great help to every cannabis user in your area. If enough of this is done, soon judges will not sign warrants based only on “anonymous tips.”

– James Bong

EDITOR’S NOTE: It’s probably better to leave actual people out of this because calling the cops on anyone is dangerous, even for bogus weed claims. It would probably be more beneficial to do whatever you can to end the war on marijuana. Via education, communication or even asking the government to lessen its stance on the substance! Mr. Bong (yeah we know that’s not your real name) is probably just upset that he went down via these drug lines but there are many other ways to deal with people telling the police about your business. Refusing plea deals and ostracism are others.



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