Cops raping women, threatening them with prison (or worse) to keep them silent afterwards

That’s what happened to “M”, a 27-yr-old woman who was raped by an on-duty cop in her own home last week. It all started when she called the police after getting in a traffic accident. A cop arrived at the scene, gathered her information, and gave her a ticket. And that was the end of it.

Or so she thought. Imagine her surprise when she heard knocks on her apartment door only an hour and a half later. It was the same cop. He claimed he was there to discuss the ticket. But by that time it was too late for “M” to question his real intentions. According to her, he entered the home, sexually assaulted her, then left.

She called her boyfriend to explain what happened and his solution was to call more cops to her place. (!) This time two cops showed up to “investigate”. Only, not. Rather than doing an investigation, they told her to “recant” her story or else be locked in a cage.

That’s right, the “investigators” (both lieutenants) threatened the rape victim with imprisonment in order to silence her; they coerced her into not using the term ‘rape’ in her written statement. “M” now exhibits signs of post traumatic stress, while the cop who raped her is on leave pending “investigation”.

The threat of imprisonment might not be so bad compared to other kinds of threats, like the threat received by a 14-yr-old girl when a cop anally raped her. Officer Earl Thompson told the girl after sodomizing her to “let it go” or she would “never see her family again.” Whether that meant she would be murdered, or her family would be murdered, or she or her family would be locked away somewhere never to be seen again, is not clear. (Perhaps we shouldn’t dwell on what exactly Officer Earl had planned for her.)

It all leads one to wonder: how many victims of State police terrorism have been bullied into silence? How many traumatized souls are out there right now wishing that the rest of the world could know their stories? Given the ways in which cops routinely and systematically silence complaints and reports, the number is probably more than we can sanely comprehend.



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