Florida CopBlocker Tells Cops OFF – (VIDEO)

BurnsBioMeet Mike Burns, the founder of Central Florida CopBlock and professional police videographer, who’s been holding police accountable with his camera for the past 4 years. Recently Mike decided to join the CopBlock Network as a contributor, focusing primarily on the video aspect, and compiled the compilation video above of times where he’s been pushed too far by those with badges. There are some hilarious one liners in this video and I was laughing pretty hard while watching this.

I can already hear the trolls and police apologetics , “this isn’t what police accountability is about.. blah, blah blah.” What people should understand that this is 4 years of filming the police condensed into four minutes. Plus, IMO, most these officers are being rude, tyrannical and most people would probably tell them off, especially if they didn’t have a badge. I mean how would you react if someone randomly asked you if you were a “gay freak” or “homosexual” because you were filming them?

I can also make the case that such treatment of police officers – especially those acting a fool – is beneficial because it humanizes police. Too many blindly follow their order and I’ve often heard, “I didn’t know you could talk to a cop like that?” Why not? They are people, you have a right to express yourself. Why should that be any different when we’re talking to police?

If you take the time to watch the rest of Mike’s videos at Central Florida CopBlock on YouTube, you’ll see that his main focus is to hold the police accountable. As shown in the video above when Mike told an officer, “I don’t like the way you guys have that girl on the floor” after the officer ask why Mike wanted his name. You can expect to have a few moments when cops push you a bit too far, or act like “tyrant bastards,” and sometimes it’s fun to troll them, as Mike does with his “Fuck the Police” shirt.

I look forward to the police accountability videos Mike will bring to the CopBlock.org Network, below are a few of Mike’s most popular videos and a list of Florida CopBlock Groups. Stay connected, get involved and remember that “Badges Don’t Grant Extra Rights.”




Ademo Freeman

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