Marijuana Legalization: There Goes Your Probable Cause!

Ohio State police marijuana bust
They are so proud to have taken peoples medicine. It makes me sick!

Troopers seize $9,500 worth of marijuana in Butler County

Troopers stopped a 2015 Chevy Spark, with Georgia registration, for a speed violation on Interstate 75 southbound, near milepost 19, in Butler County at 1:00 p.m., on March 7. Troopers detected an odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle. A probable cause search revealed more than two pounds of marijuana, worth approximately $9,520, in various areas of the vehicle. The driver, Eric Barker, 27, of Marietta, Ga., was incarcerated in the Butler County Jail and charged with trafficking in marijuana, a fourth-degree felony and possession of marijuana, a fifth-degree felony.

This was the headline on the Ohio State Highway Patrol’s Facebook page earlier today. It made me think. “What are you fuckin’ heroes gonna do when weed becomes legal and you lose your probable cause for all these illegal searches you perform everyday?” So I ask ya!

What are all you fuckin’ heroes gonna do then? You will no longer be able to say, “I smell marijuana and get a search warrant, or intimidate a driver on the side of the road into consenting to a search. It’s gonna be a dark day among all you drug warriors on that day, won’t it? Well, don’t worry. You have violated your oaths enough in your careers, that you all don’t deserve your badges anyway. So what’s the difference, right? You will come up with some other bullshit excuse to search people then, wont you? What will the new flavor of the month be? Let me guess, you will all become experts on gun powder residue at that point.

“Oh, I thought I smelled gun powder residue.” Will that be your new battle cry? Or will it be something else? What else can you come up with to strike enough fear in our hearts to acquiesce to your requests? I know you all have so many tools in your intimidation tool belt to choose from. Watch. We will see record numbers of disorderly conduct arrests made at that point. You cops out there that are violating your oath and peoples rights on a daily basis need to realize that what the police have come to represent is not good! Only YOU can change that!

Getting mad at us for reporting it is not helping anyone!

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Chuck U Farley

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