Unknown East Boston Police Harass Man for Filming (VIDEO)

In the video above most people are going to point out the assault with a deadly weapon conviction Sean Tinder references, the fact that him and his friend seem to be looking for a place to drink, or the multiple robberies in the area that the cops use to justify their actions. All I’m going to say about those things are whatever Sean did in the past doesn’t mean he should be harassed today, he probably could have picked a better spot – or maybe waited until he got home – to have his drink, but the police are full of shit.

That being said, what I’d like to focus on is the interaction between Sean and the unknown East Boston police officer. The video started with Sean talking about going to anger management when the officer asks for ID. Yet, the officer only asks because Sean started filming and it’s clear throughout their whole interaction that the video bothered “East Boston.”

“What’s the purpose of videotaping us again?” asks East Boston

“I always do just to protect myself.” replies Sean

“Is that what you’re told in anger management?”

IMO, it seems the officer is not only trying to punish Sean, but also to provoke him in some way. That is highlighted when the cop says, “So you’re confrontational?” Sean quickly states that he’s not confrontational and that he films the police to protect himself. Unfortunately, the officer doesn’t realize that the video is also helping him too. Sean’s hands are occupied and there’s an objective record being taken.

Instead of realizing those benefits East Boston says, “So the police are here to harm you? Is that what you’re telling me sir?” and without allowing for an answer continues to say, “then maybe you shouldn’t be back here hiding from the police.”

At this point of the video I yelled at my screen, “Yes, the police are here to harm people, that’s why he’s hiding from you, MORON! The police kill people everyday! You are the world’s largest gang, WTF.”

East Boston doesn’t even allow Sean to respond to the first two questions he asked, sticking to the hiding statement and telling Sean and his friend to step over by the car. East Boston then continues his punishment on Sean for filming him by inquiring about his probation and searching him.

While Sean is in the middle of explaining his probation and how that came to be, East Boston says, “Put the phone away, you can video me later.” Sean does put the phone way, but it doesn’t stop recording the interaction. Now, if you doubted my assumption that East Boston was furthering his interaction with Sean due to the filming, then what you hear after East Boston thinks the camera is off should clear that up for you.

“Stop the drama, how old are you?” asks East Boston

Sean, “I’m 29.”

“You’re acting like a little girl.”

Sean, “I’m not acting like a little girl.”

“What’s all this nonsense for? Yeah, what’s put your hands up for?” [referencing ‘hands up don’t shoot’]

[Sean attempts to respond]

“So every time the police come you’re gonna act like they’re here to kill you or shoot you?”

Sean says, “I always film the police.”

Both officers say, “For what?!?!”

At that point someone says, “STOP” and the conversation levels off. East Boston tries to convince Sean that if he’d just be honest with him and tell him what’s up, “like we’re going to have a few drinks” then everything would be better – and that he should just try ‘that.’ The encounter ends with the cops threatening to arrest the pair if they see them on the property again. Which is sadly ironic, since East Boston just gave that heartfelt speech about being honest with him and giving that a try ‘next time.’ Thanks to his little threat all he’s done is ensure that BOTH these guys will be running from the next cops they see and hopefully it only ends like this one did. With you looking like a big jerk on YouTube.



Ademo Freeman

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