A Pig’s Head was Left Outside the Montreal Police Brotherhood Building

According to the National Post:

A pig’s head was left outside the Montreal Police Brotherhood building overnight to be found this morning, Friday, March 13.

It was in the middle of a pentagram.

Le Devoir is reporting the head was placed on the front steps of Montreal’s police union office on Gilford St. overnight.

A tarp was placed over the pig’s head around 7:30 this morning, Le Devoir reported.

It could be a statement ahead of Sunday’s anti-police brutality demonstration, or maybe the work of some wannabe Satan worshippers.

The pentagram, a five-pointed star, is a pagan symbol often used in depictions of the devil — and also a favourite icon of metal bands.

I know the National Post ended their article about this by pushing the reader to believe this is some sort of prank by a Satan worshiper. Or maybe the people of Montreal are tired of the Brotherhood? Seems there was a police brutality demonstration this past week, but the National failed to link to it and I couldn’t find any reporting on their website about it? Weird.

Either way, I’m not ready to put pig heads outside of police stations but the point should be noted by cops… people are upset. Even in Canada.

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