Flipping Off the Cops: It Really Hurts Their Feelings (Video)

Michael Mathieu sent this video through the submission tab.

Michael States:

“On March, 6th 2015, I stopped at the Speedway gas station to get milk. When I pulled in, I noticed a Hernando County deputy, who has been involved in political repression against me and others in the community. So, I decided to flip him off, as a way to show dislike, displeasure, and give him a feeling of ostracization.

Needless to say, he didn’t like this. So he asked his friend, the store clerk, to sign a trespass warrant against me, then proceeded to violate my civil liberties and constitutional rights.”

I think Michael, who sent us this video, has a point. The Supreme Court already ruled on this and these cops still wanna mess with people over it. Why don’t you all show what professionals you are and ignore this kind of thing? You all talk about how professional you are but you use every chance you get to prove the opposite is true. This officer used his badge to escalate a situation against this kid who had, what he perceives, as a legitimate gripe against this cop. Flipping off the cops is a constitutionally protected freedom. (Even if it interrupts you in the middle of sucking down a free soda at the local convenience store) GET USED TO IT!

The store people had no clue what happened until the officer decided to turn a constitutionally protected freedom, into a legal problem for Michael. And something that could have been over in two seconds and that probably only one person in the store even noticed, was turned into a 16 minute argument. So, the question should be, who really caused a disturbance here? This type of behavior is what gets you the bad name you have. A bad name that you have brought upon yourselves. A bad name that you want to blame the public for bringing to light.

Check out Mike’s “CopBlock Hernando” YouTube channel. It seems he has a few interactions with the boys in blue to check out. Hey Mike! TURN THE PHONE SIDEWAYS!! (You can also use the YouTube editor to fix it after the fact, Everyone that has those annoying black lines and skinny videos should PLEASE DO THAT!) Also, Mike you should go to the CopBlock Groups page to look up how to make “CopBlock Hernando” an official CopBlock affiliate. (Join Us!)

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Chuck U Farley

currently lives in Parma, OH where he started CopBlocking in 2012 after his arrest at police checkpoint. He’s the founder of GreaterCleveland CopBlock, admin of OhioCopBlock, CopBlock.org Store manager and contributor.
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  • nick

    Check out http://www.genocidalkangaroocourts.wordpress.com and you will never again quote the supreme court of shit for anything.

  • tz1

    The store is not public property and they have the right to ask anyone to leave, and only if they don’t is it trespass. Other peoples private property is NOT the place to exercise your rights. Were it my store, I’d ask both of them to leave.

    The same constitutional right protects racial or other epithets, but I doubt the people here would post videos of rasistsexisthomophobic banter even if saying something similar to a cop in public was just one example among many.

    You have a constitutional right to be a rude potty-mouth, but just because I uphold the constitution and support and respect it doesn’t mean I have to support or respect the protected trash talk or the trash talker.

    I thought one purpose of copblocking was to educate the general public as to the problems with police, e.g. informing them of checkpoints and speed traps. Now you are educating them that “copblockers” are aggressively rude people and cops are merely their convenient target.

    The cop in question, on his friend’s private property was not conducting a sting, detaining, or arresting anyone or otherwise being aggressive or rude. He seemed to be minding his business. And then some person, instead of a initiating a peaceful, philosophical discussion of his career choice, instead flips him off.

  • Aaron J Mobley

    What a GOOD cop would have done in this situation is just give him the finger back and be done with it.

  • Aaron J Mobley

    >>The cop in question, on his friend’s private property was not conducting a sting, detaining, or arresting anyone or otherwise being aggressive or rude. He seemed to be minding his business. And then some person, instead of a initiating a peaceful, philosophical discussion of his career choice, instead flips him off.<<

    And? I've gotten flipped off. I don't try to get people issued citations because of it. Yeah, this guy baited the cop. So what? A GOOD cop wouldn't have taken the bait. Any halfway decent cop would have just flipped him back and that would have been the end of it. It's a cop's JOB to put up with other people's bullshit without becoming abusive about it. This cop FAILED to do his job.

  • steve

    This is all low mentality.

  • Sara

    I don’t believe his story of political oppression and he purposely instigated this situation! My finger to you! You are a blatant idiot. You plainly engaged this officer. Please listen very carefully to this video. They want attention and to get on damn you tube! I would love to have arrested them for stupidity!!!! You misused the Constitution to engage this officer. Does anyone even know what freedom of speech was actually meant to be? There was no reason for you to flip that officer off, just because he is a cop. As for taxpayer dollars, that was your fault when you had to start a situation so you could make a video to put on you tube. Your a bully and you have put people down in this video. Your opinion is not valid as an American citizen. Cussing in front of children even! You did nothing but degrade this officer who did nothing to provoke you in that store! Grow up and take some history lessons. Our freedom of speech was to let us speak of our government without persecution! Not to belittle or demean or embarrass anyone with foul language! At the end, you say, “Fuck You” to the officer. You have no standing with the learned community who will stand behind this officer.

  • Common Sense

    And no wonder CB is mocked and marginized.

  • ss

    you are wrong….it IS public property and that dick of a cop MADE the disturbance…and that clerk decided to favor the asshole cop

  • Ernie Menard

    He doesn’t cite the SCOTUS, the link leads to a decision of the second circuit. I don’t believe that the Supreme Court has ever ruled on the specific issue. I would sure like to learn if they had.

  • Turner

    Marginalized, not marginized, you fucking idiot.

  • Mel Lewis

    First, the guy shouldn’t have flipped off anyone. Why bother? Now he’s targeted by the police. He’ll NEVER be able to drive and do any type of mind altering drugs, this includes, of course, alcohol or pot. One slip up while driving, and they would be all over this kids ass. Let’s hope he decides to move out of state.
    Second, the cop shouldn’t have made a big deal about it. He should have just flipped the kid off back.
    Third, the guy holding the cam at the beginning of the video should shut the fuck up, he sounded like a stupid stoned out ape. I have nothing against pot, or the users of pot, ;-) but the cop could have been a real dick, the kid was obviously stoned. At least the kid held the camera the right way. the second guy holding the cam? I get a headache watching that shit sideways when I’m sitting up. :/

  • Gair E Bridges

    Same thing happened to me mentally challenged son. He gave a local officer the finger. Why I don’t know, but he did. My son spent the night in the county jail.

  • Eslchr

    I can’t believe it’s not butter.

  • Ernie Menard

    There was no reason to throw the tea in the harbor just because it was being taxed.

  • Jamie Fredrickson

    You don’t have to agree with what the numb nut did or like it. But the fact is simple. He had the right to do it and???? The cop abused his authority and it is the cop who by that abuse CREATED a non existent offense (Trespass)

  • JC

    So some dumbass punk with a vendetta flips off a cop for no reason and then makes the claims he is the victim? Wow copblockers get more stupid everyday. The two punks try to cause trouble and they were thrown out of the station. The person that worked the counter wanted the two idiot copblockers to leave and not come back. That was her decision not the officers.

  • Joseph Murray

    ‘Our freedom of speech was to let us speak of our government without persecution! ‘

    Who do you think the officer works for?

  • tz1

    This convenience store was owned by the government? Where was it? Somewhere on a toll road?

    Simply because a property is “open to the public” doesn’t make it “public property”.

  • tz1

    As I noted, a GOOD copblocker wouldn’t have flipped him off, but had a constructive conversation.

    Are copblockers mainly horrible, nasty, rude people that I would like around me less than the cops?

    At least I try to use more than just one middle finger to argue my points.

  • tz1

    What a GOOD copblocker would have done is nicely ask him why he chose to be a cop and see if he could point out the contradiction.

  • tz1

    I know, lets all trash the tea departments of convenience stores that allow cops inside – remember to dress as a native American.

    (There is a larger point – many large chains don’t want people bringing in guns even if there is a CCW permit – but have no problems with armed police coming in – yet I’ve not heard a call here for someone to expose the contradiction).

  • RaymondbyEllis

    CS, the response of the cop is worth mocking too. It’s protected speech, and the cop’s response was a work around to salve his hurt feelings over being disrespected.
    There’s no high ground here (I agree with you that floating the finger in this circumstance is just low).

  • RaymondbyEllis

    No, he didn’t misuse the Constitution. The finger is protected speech when directed at government because it’s political speech, however brief. The speech that most needs protecting is the speech you most disagree with, as a rule of thumb.

  • fuckoff

    Wow, way to show your stupidity, and how much of a bitch you really are. You’re part of the reason this world is as FUCKED as it is.

  • Jess JJ French

    Cops can only have a certian IQ to be hired they have to be mindless monkeys that never question orders now be a good little public servant and change my Grand Mothers flat tire

  • WD!

    But wait, if our speech makes a cop angry, shouldn’t we just accept whatever comes to us after that? I mean they are just doing their jobs. Like Sara says, we should lock people up for stupidity shouldn’t we? We should all be fully aware that only speech that everyone like Sara and cops agree with and are not offended by is actually free, otherwise we should just shut up and pay taxes am I right

  • JC

    Another stupid remark by a copblocker. The only reason the world is “fucked” is because of people like you.

  • Common Sense

    Oh no, I have misspelled a word. Oh, whatever will I do now.

  • Common Sense

    Its the simple notion that it accomplishes nothing.

  • ymygody

    Look, another pig that should be shot in the face.

  • ymygody

    Piece of shit should be castrated publicly.

  • jimmyt

    and they wonder why they are being ambushed

  • Mike TheVet

    If the cops are suppose to “lead by example,” why not just ignore the finger?

  • JC

    More threats. You are a coward.

  • ymygody

    and there’s not a fucking thing you can do about it you little bitch.

  • ymygody

    the cops usually only use one finger too, it’s their trigger finger.

  • ymygody

    and this demonstrates why cop killers are heroes.

  • t

    We can’t. We surrender our freedom of speech while defending yours

  • t

    They don’t get that. Just because the public can go there….that doesn’t make it public property.

  • Turner

    Well, ironically, your name common sense would dictate you take the comment down and learn how to spell correctly.

  • t
  • RaymondbyEllis

    It does accomplish something. It shows us that cops are human and the idolatry is unfounded. It shows us that a cop with hurt feelings will try to use the law, any law he can find, to assuage his feelings by getting revenge (it’s the “I’ll show you” that humans are so prone to do).
    It shows us that cops aren’t Law, but humans with the power to make the Law what they need it to be.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    Thanks. I’m so much more informed by your comment. What was it about opinions…

  • RaymondbyEllis

    Yep. Cops upholding a law that isn’t.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    You aren’t helping me to get the sense of you that you want.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    He is if the cop reacted. It’s protected speech. The cop has no power because it’s protected speech. According to the narrative, the people that worked the counter had no clue, it was the officer that forced the issue. Really, the counter people cared that someone flipped off an officer?

    I’ve said before that you are a transferable citizen, you could exist in any country, anytime, and you’d make the same arguments because your arguments have no foundation in what makes this country exceptional. You had just as well be a Russian.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    Well, you aren’t making threats, your just expressing an opinion (JC confuses opinions with threats).

    Moreover, there’s no logical connection to JCs “More threats” and “You are a coward.” If you are carrying out those threats that aren’t threats, then you aren’t a coward, but we have no way to know.

    “and there’s not a fucking thing you can do about it you little bitch.” The most astute thing said in this thread started by JC.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    Given the laws in most states, probably, but not because they’re just doing their jobs. They aren’t.
    And, yes, Sara seems to be of the sort “where any behavior that offends me should be a crime, and any speech that offends me abuses free speech”. If we locked up people for stupidity, there wouldn’t be anyone left to pay taxes.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    Some connections strain the little mind…it’s that idolatry.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    Animal Farm.

  • JC

    First off, he initiated a confrontation between himself and the officer. The manager saw everything and decided to have him banned from the store with a no trespass order. The officer wrote one and now he cannot go into that store again. Yes, the guy was looking for a confrontation and he got it. Simple and too the point.

    The rest of your rant means nothing.

  • Waste of time and money → At least there is no issue of filming, Which is perfectly legal.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    You missed that the officer went to the store manager. The store manager had help.

    Pretty much your comment meant nothing, because like all of them you leave out those other points.

  • James Michael

    My friend Amy on Georgia just made 100k because she rode by a cop flipped him off and said fuck the police…and the moron kidnapped her… Better obey those oaths traitors….I would have made the cop pay for the felonies he committed, not the taxpayers…

  • James Michael

    It is called getting a license to do business guy….in the public…

  • James Michael

    Another ignorant remark by mistaken bacon…One of your buddies just paid my friend 100k for her act of riding by him on a bike and flipping him off and yelling fuck the police and he was felonius enough to kidnap her……ALOT of We the People are tired of you criminal felons…and traitors…and expressing that, is NEVER a crime…Try not being felons and obeying your sworn oaths and stop being felons, then people will not want to kill and hang and flip you off..You made your bed, lay in it…

  • James Michael

    I’m not a citizen of crap and I was born on America, like all the cops, you are presumptuous…and incorrect…I have no obligation to be a citizen of a psychopathic, treasonous, murdering society….

  • James Michael

    Cops are always a threat therefore, it is necessary to protect yourself whenever the habitually lying psychopaths are around….You made your bed you lay in it…and remember necessity is by Maxim lawless…

  • James Michael

    That would be false arrest and kidnapping…..Did you file a claim and sue the felon? Trezevant V Tampa, false arrest is worth 1085$ a minute…

  • James Michael

    And you wanting to arrest them for stupidity is exactly tha problem…Having hurt ego is not a loss giving a cause of action…No authority to breach his oath and aggress…The cops have made their beds as habitually lying felons…Got a suggestions stop doing that and people will not be like this….and ps When cops are habitually lying treasonous criminals anyone not calling them that is in collusion with their treason…

  • JC

    No, cops are not always a threat. That is just typical copblock paranoia. You like to create drama because you have nothing going in your life.

  • JC

    Wow, what an imagination. You should write for disney

  • Dave

    the police officer would have gotten in trouble with his department if he flipped that kid off. The kid is a bully and picked on a police officer who was minding his own business. I’ve watched about 5 videos on this website and I’m not impressed at all. I’m not seeing people exercising their rights in a respectful, polite, intelligent manner. Instead I’m seeing immature individuals picking and even harassing police officers while hiding behind their “first amendment” right. Would the kid in this video have flipped off a regular citizen who could talk back to him? He knew the cop couldn’t do he prayed on the police officer.

  • Dave

    It’s 100% private property

  • RaymondbyEllis

    Are you JC?

    To be treasonous requires an allegiance. How can a nation you don’t belong to be treasonous in any way to you?

  • James Michael

    Because they swore an oath to the Constitution and I was born here asshat….THEY are breaching their sworn oaths, not me and that is the definition of treason…Anything else cupcake?

  • James Michael

    Well I don’t write reality nor lie unlike the habitually lying traitors with badges and guns…..Anything else cupcake?

  • James Michael

    Bullshit…kidnapped personally 3x by the felons and watched them on 4 states for over 8 years…I do not do shit…THEY are traitors and thugs that want to escalate everything to violence…Not me… Then again the 150k i’m being paid by one of the traitors works for me. That was for a kidnapping though not telling them the truth and flipping the thugs off…lol

  • RaymondbyEllis

    You were born here. Big deal, sweetcheeks.

    Here’s the Federal Constitution on treason, sweetborn: “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort. No person shall be convicted of treason unless on the testimony of two witnesses to the same overt act, or on confession in open court.” Notice nothing about oaths, the definition of treason you maintain is the definition.

    But sweetcakes born here, you have no allegiance because “I’m not a citizen of crap”, so it’s really understandable that you wouldn’t adhere to the definition of treason in these United States, you just make up your own and want everyone else to live by it. But you can’t violate it, because you’re not a citizen of crap.

  • Chibiusa

    LMfao what a bunch of bullshit. So killing 12 year olds is defending freedom of speech, thanks.

  • Aaron J Mobley

    Yes, you can. And no cop has ever defended my freedom of speech. Ever. I did, however, earn two Purple Hearts defending theirs.

  • Aaron J Mobley

    I agree with you there, tz1. Point is two wrongs don’t make a right. Yes, this particular copblocker was being a prickish asshole, but that doesn’t excuse the cop violating his civil rights. Prickish assholes have the same rights as anyone else, and a good cop would protect those rights, not violate them. Too bad there are no good cops.

  • tz1

    Your point is valid, but there are more than cops and cop-blockers. There is the vast populace that doesn’t know and trusts. If someone renders themselves odious, it will be hard to reason or demonstrate they are in the right. There are many whom I agree with that I would have no desire to associate with, but that often takes an effort.
    For most, one would have to want to associate with a “prickish asshole” before they would attempt a defense of same. And if I understand, the Cop was not initially such. Some cops are, 24/7. Most aren’t. So when part of the general public sees them juxtaposed, they don’t usually worry about due process, innocent until proven guilty, etc., there’s just someone nasty and obnoxious next to someone who is descending into it as a response. Cops are human too, which means just as fallen. But a delay in demonstrating it or in response to provocation trumps someone who isn’t a cop but is annoying 24/7.

  • Lee Lopez

    Fuck the cops who in the hell is this bitch!!!!!!!!!

  • fool on the hill

    another looser looking for his 5 min of fame……get a job looser!!

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