Flipping Off the Cops: It Really Hurts Their Feelings (Video)

Michael Mathieu sent this video through the submission tab.

Michael States:

“On March, 6th 2015, I stopped at the Speedway gas station to get milk. When I pulled in, I noticed a Hernando County deputy, who has been involved in political repression against me and others in the community. So, I decided to flip him off, as a way to show dislike, displeasure, and give him a feeling of ostracization.

Needless to say, he didn’t like this. So he asked his friend, the store clerk, to sign a trespass warrant against me, then proceeded to violate my civil liberties and constitutional rights.”

I think Michael, who sent us this video, has a point. The Supreme Court already ruled on this and these cops still wanna mess with people over it. Why don’t you all show what professionals you are and ignore this kind of thing? You all talk about how professional you are but you use every chance you get to prove the opposite is true. This officer used his badge to escalate a situation against this kid who had, what he perceives, as a legitimate gripe against this cop. Flipping off the cops is a constitutionally protected freedom. (Even if it interrupts you in the middle of sucking down a free soda at the local convenience store) GET USED TO IT!

The store people had no clue what happened until the officer decided to turn a constitutionally protected freedom, into a legal problem for Michael. And something that could have been over in two seconds and that probably only one person in the store even noticed, was turned into a 16 minute argument. So, the question should be, who really caused a disturbance here? This type of behavior is what gets you the bad name you have. A bad name that you have brought upon yourselves. A bad name that you want to blame the public for bringing to light.

Check out Mike’s “CopBlock Hernando” YouTube channel. It seems he has a few interactions with the boys in blue to check out. Hey Mike! TURN THE PHONE SIDEWAYS!! (You can also use the YouTube editor to fix it after the fact, Everyone that has those annoying black lines and skinny videos should PLEASE DO THAT!) Also, Mike you should go to the CopBlock Groups page to look up how to make “CopBlock Hernando” an official CopBlock affiliate. (Join Us!)

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