“F*ck Cops” Facebook Post Leads DA to Ask Judge to Reconsider Probation Terms

According to the Gazette.com:

“The defendant clearly has not accepted any responsibility for the willful and deliberate actions that resulted in his newfound status as a convicted felon,” Gagne wrote in his motion. “He is a terrible candidate to speak to area high school students and share what he considers to be ‘his story’ with them, and the commonwealth highly doubts any area school would want someone so lacking in insight and maturity addressing its students.”

Gagne said the Northwestern district attorney’s office discovered during its investigation that Paquette goes by the name Zach Wylde on Facebook. He said the “F— cops” post was up for at least 16 hours. It was removed later Friday.

“Although the defendant is well within his First Amendment rights to express whatever opinion he may have of law enforcement, this post makes clear that the defendant has learned absolutely nothing from his most recent brush from the law,” Gagne wrote in his motion.

When asked how the office came across the Facebook post Thursday, Gagne said, “Suffice it to say, Mr. Paquette should re-examine his privacy settings.”

Gagne asked Kinder to replace the requirement with an “alternative, time-equivalent requirement” and he will make his case at a hearing at 9 a.m. Monday. Case law allows a judge to alter probation conditions as long as the scope of the conditions is not increased, Gagne said.

I reached out to Raymond, who prefers to go by Zach, for comment, he stated that he can’t believe the DA’s office was watching his Facebook page and that he’s scared he’s going to face some sort of retaliation by members of the Northampton Police Department. He was looking forward to the opportunity to speak to kids but, at this time, is merely focusing on making it through his probation without harassment.

[UPDATE]: Zach emailed me this morning, before this post could be published, with this update:

“[I] just got home from my hearing about the state altering my probation over me saying “f*ck cops” on Facebook. They struck the term that I had to speak with high school kids 2 times per year, and replaced it with 20 hours of probation per year. Also the judge now wants to handle any further hearings, or court dates himself, pretty much to assure no matter what I do, I go to jail.”




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