The LAPD: A House of Lies, Inhabited by Lying Liars!

MistakenBacon.comBelow is a video from Tom Zebra. As many of you know, Tom has the website “Mistaken“. He has a great point here about police shootings and the excuse that the suspect reached for the cop’s gun. This is in response to L.A.P.D.’s killing of “Africa“. A  man who called the streets of L.A. home. Anyone who has been to L.A. knows those are not the friendliest streets for a homeless person. In fact, it’s probably one of the worst!

In the video, Tom and his team bring up the fact that it is not common knowledge how to unlock a cop’s gun from its holster and that the locking mechanism is protected by the cops body, as well. On top of that, Africa was also being tased at the time and didn’t have the kind of control of his muscles that would be necessary to properly unlock the weapon.


The L.A.P.D., and any other cop who uses the “He grabbed my gun” excuse to execute someone, is completely full of shit! This is just another of the many lies cops tell to get away with murder! Just like “He made a furtive movement.If I reach for my ID that a cop asks for, I have made a furtive movement! It CANNOT be that easy for a cop to kill someone, regardless of the circumstances! The police are NOT the judge, jury and executioner! They should NOT be the ones deciding that someone deserves to die! Especially, when their only crime is sleeping on the fucking sidewalk!

These are the kinds of excuses we can not let the killer cops get away with using! The L.A.P.D. is a house full of lies. (And it’s actually not just limited to that “house.”) There are, of course, legitimate reasons for lethal force in self defense. I don’t think anyone here will disagree with that, but then there are reasons that  just amount to making excuses. And those are unacceptable, if the police want to be the ones to do the job! If they want to be able to get away with that kind of thing, we should get someone a little more level headed to be charged with our security!

I am trying to get Tom to call in to the show on Wednesday to discuss this. Either way, it will be discussed on Cop Block Radio on LRN.FM Wednesday night (March 18th) at 10:00 PM EST. Click the banner to go to LRN.FM and listen to Free Talk Live, or whatever liberty oriented radio is on at the time.

For news, info, and guest interviews on ho we can erode the police state. Live each Wednesday night!
For news, info, and guest interviews on how we can erode the police state. Live each Wednesday night!


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