The LAPD: A House of Lies, Inhabited by Lying Liars!

MistakenBacon.comBelow is a video from Tom Zebra. As many of you know, Tom has the website “Mistaken“. He has a great point here about police shootings and the excuse that the suspect reached for the cop’s gun. This is in response to L.A.P.D.’s killing of “Africa“. A  man who called the streets of L.A. home. Anyone who has been to L.A. knows those are not the friendliest streets for a homeless person. In fact, it’s probably one of the worst!

In the video, Tom and his team bring up the fact that it is not common knowledge how to unlock a cop’s gun from its holster and that the locking mechanism is protected by the cops body, as well. On top of that, Africa was also being tased at the time and didn’t have the kind of control of his muscles that would be necessary to properly unlock the weapon.


The L.A.P.D., and any other cop who uses the “He grabbed my gun” excuse to execute someone, is completely full of shit! This is just another of the many lies cops tell to get away with murder! Just like “He made a furtive movement.If I reach for my ID that a cop asks for, I have made a furtive movement! It CANNOT be that easy for a cop to kill someone, regardless of the circumstances! The police are NOT the judge, jury and executioner! They should NOT be the ones deciding that someone deserves to die! Especially, when their only crime is sleeping on the fucking sidewalk!

These are the kinds of excuses we can not let the killer cops get away with using! The L.A.P.D. is a house full of lies. (And it’s actually not just limited to that “house.”) There are, of course, legitimate reasons for lethal force in self defense. I don’t think anyone here will disagree with that, but then there are reasons that  just amount to making excuses. And those are unacceptable, if the police want to be the ones to do the job! If they want to be able to get away with that kind of thing, we should get someone a little more level headed to be charged with our security!

I am trying to get Tom to call in to the show on Wednesday to discuss this. Either way, it will be discussed on Cop Block Radio on LRN.FM Wednesday night (March 18th) at 10:00 PM EST. Click the banner to go to LRN.FM and listen to Free Talk Live, or whatever liberty oriented radio is on at the time.

For news, info, and guest interviews on ho we can erode the police state. Live each Wednesday night!
For news, info, and guest interviews on how we can erode the police state. Live each Wednesday night!


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  • Common Sense

    That’s not the holster the rookie cop had. He had a level II (I’m pretty sure) with a flip top and probably an internal lock, problem is the pistol needs to be fully seated for the internal lock to catch and a separate action to flip the tip cover back over. It might have been a level I with no internal lock.

    During the struggle, he tried but wasn’t able to do either so the pistol wasn’t secured. There are pictures of it with a “stove topped” round.

  • t

    Oh geez. Here we go with “expert” advice from a non expert.

    The holster these douche is showing you isnt the same type of holster the officers carry.
    And the holster this guy showed you is easily defeated….hence its a concealment type holster. The ease that he removed the warmin from the holster showed that a simple brushing of the security mechanism and the weapon is loose.

    I guess for you goofs that knkw nothing…the idea that the video has “a good point” is because Mr Mistaken is mistaken and lying to you….but you like that.

  • Jwoww Dayton

    The dude was tazed explain how he could have reached for the holster when he was pissing his pants

  • ymygody

    it’s really too bad he didn’t get the cops weapon and shoot that fucker in the face. all cops deserve it, and it should be done to all of them. but first their family should be executed in front of them slowly while they watch. fucking pigs, the only good one is a dead one.

  • QuantumVirus

    Are hostlers different or do all cops wear the same ones?

  • discarted

    Actually, the officer had a level III (there’s pictures of it on the web that were released by LAPD). My holster in this video is only a Level I and nobody is removing it during a struggle. And the magazine is not being released since the button is protected by the holster and my body.

  • discarted

    Exactly the point. This holster in the video is just a level I and the gun is not being removed during a struggle. The holster the LAPD cop had is a level III.

  • t


    You aren’t “in a struggle”. You are pulling straight up on ithe weapon.
    See….that’s why those holsters are concealment only or MAYBE an admin. holster. They aren’t for patrol use. Why not? Because they are easily defeated and a struggle.

    I have similar holsters for several different pistols. And they are great concealment holster. But the key security of that holster is the CONCEALMENT….not the simple holster security device.

    Heck dude….your own demonstration should how easy it is to defeat that holster. The lightest of touch….even an accidental of unintended touch….the the holsters security is defeated.

    It’s pl dude. You just missed on this as you are desperate in wanting the police to have been in the wrong. But an intentional lie or just misinformation from your side weakens your position.

  • Common Sense

    They are all different. Smaller PDs have the same ones, LAPD have several styles they can pick from. Just like pistols. Small PD all use the same ones, but larger ones, like Chicago, there’s a list of “approved” pistol they can carry with various calibers.

  • Common Sense

    I would have to look it up, something tells me he had a level II, with that flip top.

    The holder in the video is different than in the video, that’s the point. Also, in the video, he didn’t seat the pistol fully into the holster for it be “locked” in by the internal, if it had one.

  • Common Sense

    Yeah. you can’t compare those holsters. Sort of pointless.

  • Common Sense

    Was the taser successful? Both prongs must hit for the current to be affective. Tasers are like phasers on Star Trek, they fail, often.

  • Jwoww Dayton

    you should change the Common to NO

  • Common Sense

    You can dislike it all you like, but I’m (and t) are correct.

  • Jwoww Dayton

    No you aren’t read the second paragraph. Why are u on cop block? Isn’t there a republican website that needs u.

  • t

    We carry level 3s with that same roll hood.

  • t

    Apparently not to him. A non-expert wanting to act like one.

  • All Seeing

    If these guys figured out how to get a gun out of a holster, then someone else can. Also, people aren’t always disabled when assaulted by taser. They can be fully capable of attacking.

  • Common Sense

    Sorry, but you are incorrect. It’s been stated several times. The officer never fully seated the pistol back in the holster or flipped back the “roll top” cover. Even if the pistol was seated to engage the internal lock, it can be easily taken back out. But if you watch the video, it’s never re-secured.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    Hell, some people can shake it off (I have no understanding how, and, no, excited delirium isn’t the explanation) . Both prongs can hit and still…

  • RaymondbyEllis

    While all of you are involved in the minutae of holsters, may I point out the obvious? If the Level I holster is easily defeated, the Level II and Level III should be less so by iteration. Unless it goes the other way, each level is less secure, or the Level has no meaning one way or the other about secure.

    If each level is more secure, really, you’re just butressing his argument. He showed how difficult it is for the Level I. It should be even more difficult for the next levels.

    I’ll take CS’s argument that it wasn’t seated as the best possibility. But then that means the officer made a mistake…

  • RaymondbyEllis

    So officers carry holsters that are harder to defeat?

  • RaymondbyEllis

    There’s a Democrat website that needs him too. Democrats are the majority party (by population) in the US, they have been since before the 30s. Both parties have had roughly equal years since 1933 for the Presidency, but the Democratic party has had more years controlling Congress. (I would have used the 20s but then I would have had to bring up the Klanbake.)

    And both parties do the same crap depending on which State and which subject.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    How so for the sake of the argument on secure?

  • t

    Very well stated. My point is that this guy has ZERO idea of what he is talking about. He is accusing someone of murder based on his own lies.
    That’s not a good thing.

  • t

    But nothing is inaccessible. That would mean that the officers couldn’t acess their weapons.

    I would agree with CSs statement that it likely didn’t lock back in durian the melee with this out of control subject.

    The bigger point about THIS article is that the author of it is lying

  • RaymondbyEllis

    Which part was well stated? I was pointing out that while y’all argued the minutae, y’all missed that if the Level I is less secure, then the video is just butressed by “no, it’s a Level II” and “no, it’s a Level III” if they are more secure. I don’t know, but you do. So are they?

  • RaymondbyEllis

    God, I hope the holsters don’t make the pistols inaccessible. Just as well leave them in a gun safe if so, for a few officers that may be the best place for everyone’s safety.

    Go back to the first thread (you need to choose “sort by oldest”), and realize two things: first, the author and you disagree on the security of the Level I holster; and second, I was just getting a kick out of y’all arguing the minutae of the holsters because he used a Level I but the next two Levels are more secure. So he’s wrong about the accessibility of the pistol the officers were carrying because they use II or III, which are more secure than the Level I he used.

    Ahoy, mateys, you be pissing in the wind and be not knowing what the spray is.

  • t

    Clearly I gave you too much credit. I thought you had finally had a break through and touched reality.
    Sorry for that.

    Yes…..potentially 2 is more than 1 and 3 is more than 2.

    Some of the security features are passive…..while some are manually engaged.
    And even with the “level” designations….al holsters aren’t created equal.

    Long ago I carried an odd holster for my old PD. It was a level II and presented like lightening. But calling it a level ll wasn’t really all the accurate. If not seated well it would easily fall out during even moderate activity.

    As CS pointed out….it appears that the pistol in this incident ISNT reseated right. The “roll top” hood on that holster has to be manually engaged. If it’s not….the weapon is pretty easy to access for a suspect.

    That what makes this authors lies even more ergegious. He’s not demonstrating a holster that’s even similar. He’s not wearing it….just pulling it straight up against the engaged lock. He’s not actively fighting with anyone.

    One of the things that you goods don’t get is that after an OIS our duty gear is placed into evidence. Belt and all. They will look at the holster….the duty belt and even the under belt (if he wears
    One) and the placement of all of his gear.
    That’s the difference between knowing something and TV learning.

  • t

    No……this author is intentionally putting out patently false information….often called lies.

    Opinion is fine.

    But lying and making up facts isn’t.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    You have enough delusions and fantasies. I didn’t want to be responsible for one more where you clearly missed the point to create another.

    I didn’t want your rambling. I wanted a clear explanation of the differences. I may not have stated it clearly, I made the mistake of thinking it implied.

    The minutiae of the process you go through is a non sequitur. I would hope they would check the condition of your equipment and that you follow standards, giving those standards are there to decrease your errors (assuming the standards are at least “good”).

    “That’s the difference between knowing something and TV learning.” The latter everyone else other than you. I think you have no faith in others unless they agree with you.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    I think of Jack Nicholson speaking to you when I read you making a judgement on others for lying. Or, more appropo, I think of those chanting “Bush lied, people died” and you’re in the crowd chanting too. They, like you, have no idea what a lie is..

    The guy did respond to you and explain what he did.

  • James Michael

    All cops, are habitually lying, idiot, felons…..The really pathetic thing is, some are actually too stupid, or brainwashed to know it,. but the ones that get pissed and kidnap people and make up blatantly false charges, over being filmed…know exactly what they are doing and know they are felons, because they want to hide their wrongs…

  • James Michael

    You mean like cops habitually lies about everything or because of a real mistake that harms no one…I’m not mistaken about 8 years of watching cops and courts and 3 of you felons kidnapping me without cause ….MOST cops are ignorant thugs, with testosterone and ego problems and are felons and that is a fact. Just try to take my pistol when I’m wearing it

  • James Michael

    That is because he habitually lies, or used to, for a living….lmao

  • Dave

    This is proven over and over. The taser company itself proved in a demo that while bing tased the suspect can still attack. Also if you research police holsters you’ll see there is no “locking mechanism”. The holsters just make the way I which you extract the gun favorable to the position of the wearer. I’m pro civil rights but this article make this movement look silly and misinformed. The author talks about brainwashing while publishing facts to the readers which are untrue. Seems hypocritical.

  • Dave

    Cop block, you’ll never be able to gain ground in the civil rights arena with posts like these. This is a sad individual.

  • ymygody

    it must irritate you that they allow complete free speech on this site. they even allow the pig pieces of shit complete free speech on here without being flagged. the people that run this site are not Nazis like you.

  • Pat

    You COPS are all idiots. Holster type means nothing in this case absolutely nothing. Citizens are now dealing with mentally defective murderers returning from another BS American war without ANY mental help. Thank you Bush and Cheney cause gee we want to hire those idiots they would make great COPS!!! Dah……

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