Filming Police Dogs & Choppers: In the Right Place at the Right Time (video)

Dogs & Choppers- Right Place Right TimeIt is always good to have feelers out ready to alert you when something is going on with the police. On March 13th, 2015, I got a message that there were about 20 patrol cars and and chopper around the usual hangout of a long-time subscriber, known as “Racist Tommy” for obvious reasons (see video of his hilarious – albeit racist call to the Polk County Sheriff). Something I don’t condone, however, he runs into police often and has been the subject of a few videos in the past.

I managed to catch all the green lights, besides one, getting me to the area in time to see the accused tracked down by a K9 unit. There was a 10 block area being searched, at the time. I pulled into the Home Depot Parking lot, which is where the manhunt ended. It was still uncertain as to what the accused did. He was tracked down hiding in a small patch of woods between the Home Depot & 98 North in Lakeland.

As I got out of the car, I immediately saw an officer running with a purpose, so I followed him. I did not want to get too close and risk being told to leave the area. It was a private property parking-lot and police will often have a person trespassed as a punitive measure by simply asking an employee to do it.

Once Tommy found me, I got a little closer to the action and handed him the camera that zooms better; a good choice considering I have never been able to hold it as steady as he did. At one point he heard a taser go off. I didn’t personally hear it, being deaf. However, as the suspect was being loaded in the car, it appeared an officer yanked a taser probe out of the suspect’s back. Officers then patted themselves on the back and one was checking out a scuffed elbow.

The officer with the suspect in the car quickly left the area. I took a few minutes to walk around attempting to find out what he was accused of and any other information. However, both officers I spoke with claimed to have only been there for backup. No other information was gathered on the situation. I will hopefully be updating the story following a FIOA (Freedom of Information Act) request to the Lakeland Police Department on Monday.

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