SFPD Texts Expose Pig Family Values: Hatred and Bigotry? (Video) [UPDATED]

Last year six San Francisco Police Department officers were found guilty on charges of corruption by a federal court. The scandal that proceeded the hearings rocked the entire community, as the charges included behavior that sounded like something from a Quentin Tarantino movie. Now federal prosecutors are attempting to prevent Ian Furminger’s appeals process with allegations that the convicted officer and four others included bigoted speech in their official communications.

Former Officer Ian Furminger, bigoted troglodyte.
Former Officer Ian Furminger, a bigoted troglodyte.


“Do you celebrate Qaunza at your school? Yeah we burn the cross on the field. Then we celebrate Whitemas.”


“20,000 bees are in Vacaville near school, but they are not dangerous like black people.”


San Francisco Police Chief Greg Suhr has struggled with many such incidences in recent years. And although it sometimes appears that he genuinely wishes to clean up his force, years of corruption and misconduct still plague his force.

SFPD Chief Greg Suhr, awaiting Village People reunion.
SFPD Chief Greg Suhr, awaiting Village People reunion.


“It makes me sick to my stomach to even have these guys around.” says SFPD Chief Greg Suhr.

“My expectation is the police commission will share my desire to terminate these people from the police department and act upon it. If you have character that is incompatible with that of a police officer what’s expected of a police officer then you shouldn’t be a police officer.”


All of the officers involved have been on the force for more than a decade and a half, illustrating how entrenched the problem is. The four officers are now in non-public positions and may lose their jobs. Three of the four have been investigated for past incidences and only the fourth has publicly admitted and apologized for the incidence. A lawyer for two of the other officers has attempted to downplay the charges by suggesting the behavior was normative and acceptable.

“Not many of us would want all of our texts published and to have our entire career judged by our worst comments.” said their attorney, who called the charges, ‘unfortunate, at the very least.’

Whenever it suits it, the legal system is happy to admit that cops are just people like you and I. However, it applies a double standard every single day as prosecutors and judges routinely side with officers whose infallibility is never questioned when used as evidence against others. It is quite true that we all have shared tasteless jokes with our friends, family and co-workers. However, most jobs do not require the kind of objectivity necessitated by positions of authority. For those tasked with keeping the peace amongst diverse populations, a culture of acceptance, understanding and tolerance are required, AT THE VERY LEAST.

As Cop Block writers are often reminded, we have freedom of speech, but not freedom from consequences. Hatred and bigotry are not values that can be tolerated at any level within our institutions. Equality cannot survive when those tasked with protecting it are themselves prone to ideologies and speech, which hold some individuals as lesser than others by virtue of an arbitrary quality like gender, race or sexual orientation. Although racism or other forms of prejudice are not the only cause or effect of police corruption and misconduct, they have become the most visible. While it is easy to root out obvious examples of such institutionalized bigotry, most of it occurs at a constant subconscious level, which is made possible by police agencies that allow individuals and cultures of hatred.

Click photo to see author's profile.
Click photo to see author’s profile.

Is this even possible? Can we expose every bit of intolerance within our system or would it crumble without it? My aim is to do the former in hopes that it reveals the necessity of the latter. Authority cannot survive on
equality, acceptance and tolerance. The basis of the superiority of those in charge crumbles when they do not believe themselves to be manifestly destined to rule over their ‘lessers’. To be sure, I wish to distinguish between leadership and authority. Leadership is what we at Cop Block do every day; while authoritarianism is leadership by means of aggression. Equals have no inferiority complex or insecurities that necessitate the overcompensation of aggression against one another.

What do you think- Is it possible to foster peace, harmony and tolerance through aggression, or are police and other institutions of the state the greatest danger to human individuals, communities and civilization?

UPDATE 3/18/15:

A published report has indicated that the SFPD is also investigating at least 10 other officers in a scandal that continues to unfold. The review, which began with four officers, may encompass over 1,000 old prosecution cases going back 10 years. The investigation is still in it’s early stages and no new charges have been filed, nor have there been any new suspensions or firings. We will keep you updated as the story unfolds.
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  • Common Sense

    Wait, in the first six seconds the black male calls everyone “nigger” but them you say the cops are bigoted?

    Yeah…whatever, you can have this one.

  • Radicalogical

    “…a long habit of not thinking a thing wrong, gives it a superficial appearance of being right, and raises at first a formidable outcry in defence of custom. But the tumult soon subsides. Time makes more converts than reason. ”

    ” As a long and violent abuse of power, is generally the Means of calling the right of it in question (and in matters too which might never have been thought of, had not the Sufferers been aggravated into the inquiry)…”

  • Radicalogical

    …they have an undoubted privilege to inquire into the pretensions…”

    “…when we suffer, or are exposed to the same miseries by a government, which we might expect in a country without government, our calamities is heightened by reflecting that we furnish the means by which we suffer! Government, like dress, is the badge of lost innocence; the palaces of kings are built on the ruins of the bowers of paradise.”

  • ymygody

    fuck these pigs, disband the entire department. we do not have to allow police to be in our societies, there are other choices that are more acceptable. a dead pig is a good pig.

  • StoneThrowAway

    whoever made that vidro kicks ass.

  • whoopsydoodoo

    Replacing city police with private security firms may not eradicate the racist cop but they would force him to either hide his racism under a facade of professionalism or expose himself, and be quickly dismissed (unless there is a market demand for racist private security agents, which is highly doubtful).

    Such a position would likely attract individuals who are genuinely interested in helping people. It is also very arguable that a high-performing cop would earn much more money in a competitive market

  • Shawn

    “A lawyer for two of the other officers has attempted to downplay the
    charges by suggesting the behavior was normative and acceptable.”

    Thank you for admitting the truth about cops.

    This is the character of modern cops. No ethics, no sense, no honor. To top it all off, they make all kind of comments about blacks, and then take up the street gang mentality of “Team Blue, first, last, always, no matter what,”

  • Shawn

    No, private security is mercenary in nature. They have no business having any authority that the property owner does not possess. Fix LE, not create rival goon squads of enforcers.
    No individual should be allowed to commission their own enforcers, beyond current security laws. Under those laws, their limited only to the power of the property owner. And that should be the limit of such activity.

    There is not one reason cops can’t be made to act professionally, talk professionally, or be held to real professional standards. It just take a public that knows what is going on when they aren’t looking. Too many people have a rosy view of cops, until they meet that narc officer who thinks everyone is a drug mule and treats them like shit.

  • WD!

    If you don’t understand the different uses of that word, go ahead and ring your call button and tommy will come back there and hit you on the head with a tack hammer because you are a RETARD.

  • ben dover


  • JC

    Justice has already been served. The funny thing is copblockers are always thrown in jail and they whine they are so innocent. More copblockers are thrown in jail than the police they accuse.

  • whoopsydoodoo

    “Mercenary in nature” is an abstraction. These public police are killing people every day without a shred of accountability. A private protection service is accountable to the market – which means it pleases the people it serves – or it goes out of the business.

    I never suggested that a protection service should have authority over anyone, anymore than a hair stylist
    has authority of the person whose hair is being styled.

    We are talking about protection services, not policing services. It is your misassumption that people need to be “policed” and that the millions of legal fictions written by government hucksters need to be enforced.

    As things stand, we have a public policing system that DOES something very similar to forcing me to receive a haircut that I neither consented to nor agreed to purchase. And of course, it is even worse than a hair cut, because a hair cut, involuntary or otherwise, doesn’t usually end up with me caged, injured, or shot to death.

    In a private protection scenario, you handle your own security concerns, and I handle mine. If you sell jewelry for a living, your security requirements would be obviously very different than mine. In the present situation, we are forced to pay into a communal system, even though your jewelry business places a heavier strain on public police service.

    The same goes for public education. If you have children and I do not, why am I forced to pay to educate your children? This “public” system creates toxic, involuntary relationships. If you consider the police, such as they are, to be a valuable product, then you and other like-minded people can pool your money and pay to have them force you off the road, rob or jail you, or maybe kill you. To each his own. But leave me out of that association. I’d much prefer to contract service from those who actually “serve” my interests by protecting the people who pay their salary

  • Mike TheVet

    So much hate in your heart, JC.

    But please, continue to implode. Let me grab my popcorn…..

  • Common Sense

    So that means you “aren’t my nigger?”

  • WD!

    who are you quoting?

  • Anti-Cop Block

    Wait a minute, the author says “I use the word fag but it doesn’t mean I’m homophobic”. And then he goes on to say how using the word “nigger” is always racist. Hypocrisy anyone? Fucking idiot.