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Joshua 1Hello fellow concerned citizens and Cop Blockers, my name is Joshua Scott Hotchkin and I’m one of the new writers at CopBlock.org. Since you will be reading my work, I thought it might be prudent that you know a little bit about me. I was born in Iowa City, Iowa in December of 1976; and after many relocations, currently live in my place of birth. As a child, I also lived in Wyoming and Colorado and spent time as an adult residing in Texas, Oregon and Washington State. I am a writer, musician and artist. I have worked in many diverse fields including as a mental health professional, auto-mechanic, headshop manager/owner, punk rock club security, bartender, donut salesman and several more.

I am lucky to live and be in love with the most intelligent, beautiful and caring woman whom I have ever known; together with our cat Gaspard, who is her feline analog in awesomeness.

I began my foray into anti-authoritarianism as a child who was horrified by the possibilities of the Cold War and responded by questioning systems and institutions that could create such a reality. My philosophies are ever-changing and evolving as I gain more insight into the phenomena of our mutual existence. However, I currently think like a Voluntaryist, while I often depart from them and other anarchists or libertarians in matters of economics and the future. The Non-Aggression Principle is a must.

Other labels I would not reject are Discordian, Panentheist, SubGenius, Existentialist, Fortean, Non-predeterminist, Zenarchist and Guerrilla Pedagogue.

I have had my own troubles with aggressive police and our corrupt legal system in the past. The worst being the time that I rode my bicycle home from a party and after not harming anybody or anything was subsequently harassed, brutalized, jailed and charged with public intoxication, interference with official acts and misdemeanor assault of an officer. These charges have limited my life choices and painted me as something or someone that I am not. As a result I began to investigate the problem of American police corruption, abuse and violence. Over the last six years I have heard or read hundreds of stories like mine or much, much worse. I have studied the history, psychology, philosophy and modus operandi of law enforcement. Combining these with other investigations of various aspects of human existence, as well as my own experiences, I have invented many unique and/or startling hypotheses and explored some interesting perspectives from numerous angles. I hope my dedication and commitment to learning, understanding and challenging myself can in at least some small way help you with your own evolution.

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I would like to give a heartfelt thank you to all of the talented and hard-working people who make CopBlock.org possible. Their tremendous skills and efforts make the world a better and more hopeful place. I am honored to work with all of them and proud to be part of this team. An extra special thanks goes out to Ademo Freeman, founder and supreme taco of CopBlock. His courage, impeccability and dedication is a refreshing and inspiring example of how one person can make a big difference. 

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