CopBlocking w/Ademo in Indianapolis – Saturday, March 21th

IndianapolisCBLogoWhiteLast weekend Deo and I went down to Zanesville, OH to CopBlock – since Zanesville, OH CopBlock was just launched recently, and though the weather made it difficult to CopBlock we were able to connect with a few locals. Herbert Newton was one of the people we met, here’s his YouTube channel with several videos of him filming the police, so it wasn’t a complete loss and we made the best of the poor weather.

This weekend I’m going to head to Indianapolis to meet up with BulletProof and the Fool (BPTF) and other CopBlockers. You might recall BPTF from the blog post I wrote about the cops who visited them on stage and took their mics for singing the song, “Call the Cops.” (Video below)

10968475_934999276540941_7039454330324800924_n It was after that post that Big Pete and I started communicating via Facebook. About a week ago I was looking for some people to help me with a Store photoshoot, for the new gear (which you can get here), when Big Pete reached out to me. BPTF have a rocking crew out there and since they do their own promotions (including this one for an upcoming Tech N9ne show) they have the set up (and people) to pull off a professional photo shoot.

So, off to Indianapolis I go and, like any place I go, we’ll be having a CopBlocking adventure. We’re going to meet up at the Speedway (located at 62nd & Allisonville RD) on Saturday, March 21th at 9pm. From there we’ll head into the city or Suburbs, to film the police.

If you’re unable to make it to the event linked above, consider linking up with one of these Indiana based CopBlock Groups. I look forward to connecting with folks in Indianapolis and hope to see you Friday!

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