New Jersey Man Sues Over Tinted Windows – Wins $21,500 in Legal Fees

Original Daily Record article, here.

roxbury nj badgeA man in Roxbury NJ sued the city for failing to fulfill his open records request, when he was pulled over and cited for a window tint violation. Jesse Wolosky, is a prime example of a man who would not just lie down for the state. He fought back and won. Not only is this a win for Jesse, but a win for exposing the bullshit, victimless crime, ticket racquet the police have implemented to pad their salaries.

Jesse took the initiative to conduct his own investigate when he found discrepancies in the case against him. In an effort to gain information on tinted window violations, he uncovered a flaw that he was able to exploit. In the process, he refused to be extorted and found all the information he needed to win 21.5 K in legal fees.

His lawyer received the check in February, so the police negligence cost the city $21.5K. But for a muti-billion dollar a year business, 21 thousand isn’t really that much, is it?   I’m sure the individuals within the city government don’t even care. I would hope the people of Roxbury do though, and will take every opportunity to tell them so! This is just another case of a government intervention costing far too much money to justify itself. It’s business as usual, though, in the U.S.S.A. and an expensive business, at that.


 “If they want to police tinted windows,” Wolosky said. “I’m going to police them with OPRA until we get them to stop.”


Wolosky still requests weekly reports of all tickets issued under statues 39:3-74 and 39:3-75 for tinted windows, and said his records show several hundred tickets per year, with a $54 fine going to the township for each one.


Below is a pic of Jesse’s car and a pic of an Essex County Sheriff’s car. Seems like the Roxbury police could make a fortune off their own vehicles! Their windows are tinted far darker than Jesse’s are.

Essex county Sheriffs carB9316623639Z.1_20150317175123_000_GQCA8CP26.1-0

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