“If You Don’t Comply Your A$$ is Grass” – Cop FLIPS Out on Kid (VIDEO)

Gerry Croarkin
Gerry Croarkin

[UPDATE (3.18.15 – 11:25pm)]: After posting this to the CopBlock.org Facebook page, it seems that the first officer in this video could possibily be Gerry Croarkin, of Merrillvill, Indiana. Here’s his Facebook page and the website for the Merrillville Police Department. 219.769.3531

Today I received an email that said, “Merrillville police harassing a 17 y.o.” and nothing more. After viewing all six videos (embedded below) I made this single video to sum up all six videos submitted to me.

I have reached out to the person who emailed me for more background on this story. At this time, I have not heard back from that person. It seems that the off duty “Merrillville” officer was out hunting. At some point, he came across the 17 year old kid and the Merrillville cop became upset that he was out there. In one of the videos you see that the officer’s truck is stuck, so I assume the officer attempted to box in the 17 year old, which is where the videos below pick up.

Maybe the kid was trespassing maybe he wasn’t, that I don’t know, but what I do know is that this kid deserves an award. For someone who is only 17 years old, he remained calm and respectful, though he was getting none of that in return. The kid even offered to help pull the guys truck out of the mud! Talk about taking the high ground. Of course, his calm manner and kind gestures aren’t reciprocated, they are met with more egregious actions.

I assume this was a pretty scary encounter for the 17 year old and his passenger. I’d also be willing to assume that they were probably relieved when the other officers showed up on scene, too. That comfort probably didn’t last too long, as the young adults quickly learned the meaning of the “Thin Blue Line.” One officer (in the black shirt) says, “We have a police officer who saw you commit criminal mischief, OK, you can go to jail right now.”

In the last video, as if these officers haven’t provided enough one liners and jaw dropping remarks, the kid inquires about the off duty cop pulling his gun on him and his friend. His inquiry is met with the cold response of, “you know what, when you get home, call the police.” The kid asks why he has to call the police when they are standing right there. He’s then told that, “Police officers have the right to pull a gun when necessary.” Then he’s forced to get out of his car and the videos end.

Again, good on this kid for not only staying cool, but also for filming the parts of this interaction.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Part 6:

This is what a police state looks like. If you have any information about this video and/or the officers involved please contact me via Ademo[at]copblock.org.


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