City Auditor Alleges Police Union Intimidation Of Civilian Review Board

A City Auditor in Portland, Oregon has gone public with claims of police union intimidation of the cities civilian police oversight committee.

Mary Hull Caballero, who oversees the city’s Independent Police Review Division, which processes and investigates complaints against police, had attempted redress internally speaking with City Mayor Charlie Hales and the Portland City Council last week.

Caballero however, told local reporters Thursday, that she was dissatisfied with Hales’ response.

Caballero alleges that former Police Chief Mike Reese, leaked confidential information to the union from a 2013 police background check of an IPR applicant who was hired as an investigator.

Caballero also claims police union President Daryl Turner harassed and intimidated a second IPR investigator in 2014, and that the union has filed complaints against the IPR with the aim of hindering the work of investigators.

“It’s a pattern of behavior that appears to me to be meant to chill or obstruct the independent investigations,” Hull said.

The Independent Police Review Division, created in 2001, received power from City Council last year to conduct its own investigations, following a recommendation by the U.S. Department of Justice, which had concluded that Portland Police engaged in ‘a pattern of excessive force against people with mental illness.’

The Portland Police Association bitterly opposed that action.

A June 2014 department memo shared by Caballero Thursday, shows police officials refer to Turner as having “harass[ed], bull[ied] and intimidate[d]” IPR investigator Casey Bieberich on June 3 after she interviewed an officer about a complaint of misconduct involving police commanders.

Turner told the investigator multiple times that IPR should know “right from wrong” and cops believed the investigation “lacked merit,” the memo says.

Turner has demeaned the intimidation accusations as ‘personal attacks’ saying, “My statements and my speech are covered, not just under the First Amendment, but also under collective bargaining laws. I will advocate for my members’ rights, professionally and appropriately as I’ve always done.”

The IPR currently has eight open investigations into the department, including a controversial arrest case of a 16-year-old who was later acquitted, with the judge condemning officers use of force.

“I don’t know how you can have meaningful independent investigations when the investigators are being brow-beaten and subjected to investigations [themselves] for doing their job,” IPR Director Severe said.

City and police officials have not yet commented on Caballero’s claims. No word if a proper investigation into the allegations will be launched.

Turner made news some months ago for a controversial statement in which he blamed “the media, politicians and community activists” for fueling a “culture of hatred” against police officers.


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  • JC

    It should be interesting to see how this turns out.

  • Common Sense

    8 investigations out of 1100 officers (700 patrol) with 370,000 calls for service(2013).

  • Pw4x3r

    Why do you keep posting anything let alone totally useless garbage? You have said you do not care what people on copblock think of your opinions but you continue to share on every article, every day. You are a liar. Congratulations.

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    I think it would be interesting if you died of dysentery.

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    So will you continue holding on to your lie that you don’t care what people on Copblock think about your opinions while still posting here? Or you admit, you post here because you care what people think about your opinion? Really simple here for you.

  • Chicago Style

    Let’s check the profile of the accusers, as well. How about a little transparency?

  • RaymondbyEllis

    Which means what? This was about using intimidation, what, there’s a number limit? So if I only use my position to intimidate in one case, it’s all good?

    Now if I were an acountant I’d embrace you as lover. I only embezzeled from one account…but I have a thousand others I didn’t.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    That of course would excuse the accused? You did a tu quoque argument. Please look it up.

    You might also look up why we have whistle-blower laws. They are always guilty of something.

  • JC

    You are a crazy little monkey. You seem to be the only one who cares. You are an idiot.

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  • Den Flowers

    England has killed one person so far this year. We are steadily climbing to 200, and it hasn’t been 4 months yet. Police stations are incorporated into small business, alphabet agencies, are administrative, and have no subject matter jurisdiction. 14th amendment was illegally ratified, and the country has been in a state of emergency war power, since 1861. You crazy little monkey, keep licking the boot of tyranny. Crazy Monkey, your cops are just doing their job, just like in Nazi Germany, when they were just doing a job. I’m not telling you to wake up, I’ll just remind you it is my duty, to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America, foreign or domestic. This is to guarantee your rights, my rights, and the legacy, to come after us. The time will come, when you better figure out, which side of history your going to be a part too.

  • martymarsh

    Unions have been the workers intimidators since their inception, but, if you don’t play ball with them, they don’t have a problem harassing the workers as well. They can work whatever side of the street the money is on, corrupt as the day is long.

  • Tongo22507724

    asshole KillCop TRolls all over this comment section

  • Scott

    I have long been saying and am trying to figure out a way to get something on the ballot in my state that makes police unions financially liable for the cost of lawsuits against the city when police abuse cases result in a civil award. Its bullshit that when the police cause the city a lawsuit, the taxpayers are punished. These police unions who blindly defend all cops, even the bad ones. Its about time that they have a financial stake when the cops that they defend go rogue.

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