Yet Another Shooting of an Unarmed Teenager by Police in Cleveland, OH

Another Shooting in Cleveland

Brandon Jones was killed by Cleveland Police last night, when they responded to a call of a youth stealing a pack of cigarettes and some change. I don’t condone stealing, but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t carry the death penalty. In spite of that, there was yet another killing in Cleveland.

Brandon Jones ProtestThe people of Cleveland are tired of the police killing people in our streets. This afternoon, those people took to the streets to voice their grievances. They want the City of Cleveland to STOP PROTECTING KILLER COPS! As per usual, the officers involved in this shooting are on “Paid Administrative Leave.” In reality, that means they get a paid vacation while yet another killing by police is swept right under the rug, again.

One protester had this to say:

“It take months for them to convict one of us for killing someone. It takes years to convict a cop, and then they don’t convict em!”

Another one of the protesters brought up an interesting point:

 “It’s the same prosecutors that prosecute the cops as prosecutes us! That has to be a conflict!”  

The City of Cleveland sent a councilman out to try to talk to the crowd and calm them down, but the crowd wasn’t havin’ it and chased the councilman away! The people of Cleveland have had enough of the excuses and lies from the police department and all their apologists. I think they are tired of it being that every time someone is killed in the hood, the city leaders just want the protesters to calm down and disperse and let the corrupt courts decide. They are tired of the lip service, in which there is an excuse for every cop-involved killing. I think they are tired of the cops getting away with murder. reports:

“Police at first said the shooting happened about 15 minutes after officers entered the store, but in a release sent out about 4:30 p.m. Thursday, police said Jones walked out of the closed store carrying a bag and a struggle ensued as officers tried to arrest him.

During the struggle, an officer fired his gun once, hitting Jones, police said. Officers called paramedics, who rushed him to MetroHealth Medical Center.”

Even if Brandon was involved in this robbery, did he deserve to die? Ademo just blogged about the Ryan Giroux case, here on This man went on a killing spree, barricaded himself in a house, while armed, and was still taken alive. Yet, the Cleveland Police seem to kill everything that moves?! It doesn’t make any sense! If the police can take an armed gunman alive, who has already killed 6 people, why do they have such a hard time taking unarmed teenagers into custody without killing them?

Check out my video of the protest.

Here is a collection of vines from the protest


Chuck U Farley

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