Nevada Officers Violate Rights and Proceed to Assault Two Women

Department: Carson City, Nevada P.D.

In the video below, we have two women who seem to know their rights, but as you’ll see that will not matter. This is a complete embarrassment to law enforcement and the State of Nevada.

Traffic violations are one of the most common contacts between law enforcement and the public that lead to police brutality and bully behavior. It is a War On The Poor!

Badges Do Not Grant Extra Rights!

Unless of course you are a cop that is ignorant of his own lack of authority, and these officers demonstrate that from the get go. This Nevada officer wants the window to be rolled down all the way to issue a citation. Apparently, more than halfway down just wasn’t sufficient. Of course they intermingle the terms “I’m ASKING you to” and “I’m TELLING you to” in the whole of the contact. See, there is a little grain of understanding that pops out of their mouths now and again when they use words like ASK and PLEASE. Unfortunately, it is generally accompanied with “because I said” and some physical force, of course.

Let me fill this part in for the critics, “if she just would have complied then…”.

He reaches in her car, opens the door, and tells (asks) her to step to the back of the car. When she asks “why”,  the officer responds, “so I can give you your citation.” Over and over, she asks why she needs to exit the vehicle to receive the citation. The real answer, “cause I told you so!” When she questions the legality of being forced to get out of her car to receive the citation, the officer makes this claim:

“It is Legal”, “There is a law, you are mistaken, I’m sorry, but you’re mistaken”

Let me quote an unknown author here, “Ignorance is bliss till you open your mouth, then it’s just evident.”

The officer claims he is trying to be nice. I suppose violating rights and breaking your own laws, not to mention the assault, is considered being nice.

Mollie, one of the ladies in the car says “we had to spend two days in jail, they took all of our money, and we had to get lawyers bond out for 5000 for me and 7500 for Karen”.

Officer proceeds to assault and man-handle this young lady while another officer grabs at the passenger.


KNOW YOUR RIGHTS! ALWAYS RECORD! You never know when an officer will violate your rights.

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  • Jason O

    Tour Israel? Fuck Off CopBlock

  • ymygody

    this is directed to the officer in this video. you deserve death, I will pray that somebody skins your children in front of you. you deserve to be shot directly in the face without warning. and to the officers that try to protect you, may their families be burned alive.

  • bigmike

    you need to take a breath and calm down.

  • Pat Warren

    why weren’t they both executed for disobeying the *Police*!!!

  • Ears

    Shut the fuck up, dumb shit

  • keepitreal

    A cop can ask (tell) you or any passengers to exit the vehicle during the course of a traffic stop. Period. They do not have to give you a reason. And the only reason they need is because they are allowed to. Arguing with them won’t change the ruling that allows it, it will just allow them to arrest you. Pick your fucking battles, folks.

  • keepitreal

    What are you talking about?

  • keepitreal

    And I’d be willing to bet that Sgt’s all over are telling cops, “If they won’t roll the window down enough to make you happy, yank them out of the car”.

  • JC

    Another bunch of idiot copblockers who think they are in charge of a traffic stop. Yes, the officer can pull you from the car. If she would have just rolled down her window she would have been on her way. She did it too herself.

  • JC

    More threats. More paperwork.

  • charlie

    Holy shit, ymygody. The arrogance that it takes to commit violation after violation, as the victim is stating those violations and asking questions designed to force an explanation as to why. With the police responding with phrases like ” because I told you too” “because I said so” or “because you need to do what I say”. All while knowingly being recorded by at least two different devices. Displays that the cops have no fear of retribution from superiors for blatant abuses of power, nor do they care, contrary to what they claim to be important when giving press conferences, about the way the citizenry perceives them as individuals and as a department.

  • t

    Didn’t watch the video.
    From the authors description…..the officers were right and the women were wrong.
    And that’s from his bias description.

  • QuantumVirus

    How dare she not do what a police officer tells her to do!

  • Anon

    This is the illusive sarcasm in its natural habitat, dumb shit.

  • Michael Westen

    The passenger sounds like OITNB “Pennsatucky” (Taryn Manning)

  • ymygody

    get to it then fuck boy. posting on here ain’t going to get it done.

  • ymygody

    I’m perfectly calm, all of my statements are opinions and should never be taken literally. anything I say should be taken as sarcasm. people have a right to voice their frustration, but their rights end where others rights begin.

  • Common Sense


  • WD!

    I love how you call anyone that records the police or doesn’t agree with them a cop blocker, I don’t love how unapologetically stupid you are.

  • ymygody

    now prayers are threats? are you the thought police? if you had your way there would be no horror movies or suspense books. god forbid somebody has an opinion different than yours. fucking bigot.

  • ymygody

    there is no accountability, and that is a huge problem. obviously the things I say are designed to stimulate a response. but I don’t believe anybody thinks that my statement should be literally carried out. frustration over their conduct is building nationwide, and they don’t seem to see it or don’t seem to care. we can’t expect change to come from their side, as they have shown that corruption is systemic throughout the justice system. there are rules for them and rules for us, until each officer is personally held accountable for their actions this situation will not be rectified. does this mean we need to go to privatized security? I’m curious to see how it will work in some of the cities that have disbanded there police forces and have gone this route.

  • t

    Hey now boys…..easy.

    dy: why don’t you man up and settle it once and for all?
    Why don’t you get a buddy to go with you down to the courthouse and right in the middle of court….jump up, interupt, and start spouting the “prayer” you just wrote about. And post the video of it here.

  • t

    It’s somsucks when that idiot gets one right.

  • ymygody

    Lol, don’t taze me bro. most definitely a video I don’t want to be a part of.

  • wodensday


  • wodensday

    what a fool.

  • IP attorney

    I miss this difference of opinion between “JC” and “ymygody”. Anyone care to fill me in?

  • IP attorney

    Can’t we start posting the officers name, address, telephone number, email, family member’s name, address etc etc?
    See when this gets personal, this is where they get slammed. I am overseas in a country that won’t extradite. I have literally hundreds of “eager” kids waiting to wreak havoc on these abusive cops. Let’s do it.

  • IP attorney

    I think he only wanted to see her “tush”

  • IP attorney


  • IP attorney

    Please disregard my initial question. Mr. JC, which precinct do you work out of?

    Does the term “Norrmalmstorgssyndromet” mean anything to you?

  • keepitreal

    Well then you’re sucking all the time, for I am right far more than you will ever be. That’s why you end up lying so often.

  • keepitreal

    Threats? For saying you want to blow somebody? You bone farm animals, slaps. You’ve abused countless numbers of sheep and goats. I’ve even heard a rumor that PETA is thinking about doing something about it. Better run out and file one of those reports of yours. LOL. I’m going to make a donation today to Winter Park Farm Animals Against Slappy.

  • keepitreal

    In an opinion written by Chief Justice William Rehnquist, the Court ruled that an officer making a traffic stop may order passengers to get out of the vehicle pending completion of the stop. Already, under a 1977 Supreme Court ruling (Pennsylvania v. Mimms, 434 U.S. 106), police have the right to arbitrarily order a driver out of a vehicle, in the interest of officer safety.

  • keepitreal

    adjective ar·bi·trary ˈär-bə-ˌtrer-ē, -ˌtre-rē
    1. Not planned or chosen for a particular reason : not based on reason or evidence.
    2 Done without concern for what is fair or right.

  • keepitreal


  • SovereignDirt

    Good job “trying” not to comply!!

    Practice! practice! practice!!!

    1. Pardon me(.)(?)(!) REPEAT OFTEN
    2. What is the emergency and how can I help? ESTABLISHES “CRIMINAL” STOP
    3. Am I being detained?/ arrested?/ free to go? ESTABLISHES YOU “ARE”
    UNDER ARREST(Don’t think so? Run.)
    4. I “BELIEVE” I am in a custodial arrest “BECAUSE” I am not free to
    leave; If I give you anything (ID, INFO, CONSENT, pizza, Bieber tickets,
    herpes) will you use it to further a legal charge against me?
    him anything? If “no”, why give him anything?)

    MARCSTEVENSdotNET for the win/damage control:
    “What facts or evidence do you rely on to prove YOUR OPINION Bob Blob
    Law applies to me?”

    Other helpful questions:
    If I give you power to limit my choices, will you use it against me?
    Am I obligated too __? Can I see the obligation?
    Do we have a contract?
    Please, (fill_in_the_blank) (.)(?)(!) (can be a question or statement –
    who decides?)
    Is it ok if I (fill_in_the_blank)?
    Can I choose to (fill_in_the_blank)?
    Who am I to….?
    Who suffered a loss?
    Am I obligated to have such a thing?
    Did I not?(No, you did not or yes, you did not?)
    What is a “state”?

    Safe travels.

  • todd

    The case was Dismissed according to email!!!!!!!!!!! if you guys were wondering

  • Common Sense

    And remember, the flag has a fringe.

  • Common Sense

    …and a hush falls over the crowd.

  • SovereignDirt

    What does that have to do with the applicability of a law?

  • Mike TheVet


  • t

    He did good.
    Missed Maryland v Wilson in which SCOTUS ruled that we can get all the passengers out too

  • t

    Always you and the gay sex.

  • t

    Oh…so cowardice then. Ok.

  • ymygody

    quite a difference between what’s legal, and what corrupt individuals will do to people who express their legal opinions.

  • ymygody

    nothing wrong with happy sex.

  • whoopsydoodoo

    Under the guise of his feelings of safety, an
    officer can do whatever he wants. We are slaves NOT only to how safe the officer actually feels, but how safe he CLAIMS he feels or felt following an encounter with members of the public.

    As institutions created and employed by the State, courts will almost always side with their government cohorts. Courts add the appearance of legitimacy to the government bunco game.

    Rare are those rulings that actually side with the individual. One cannot but help think that those are little more than a few rare bones thrown by a master to his lowly mutt

  • Steve

    What sad, horrible logic you have. If only your side could find someone with the slightest bit of intellect to make a point, maybe you’d be somewhere. Instead there is only sadistic narcissists like yourself who insist that people deserve abuse for not obeying orders that are outside our rights. Don’t worry, when one of your loved ones gets harmed by a cop and the cop gets away with it because of people like you, people like us will still accept you with open arms despite your foolishness.

  • JC

    Your response said absolutely nothing about the article. You are the stupid one.

  • Common Sense

    It’s cornerstone in the sovereign mentality. You know, the legal stuff that’s never worked….ever.

    Please prove me wrong, cite any criminal case, with citation, where it’s worked.

  • Common Sense

    Bring it on!

    Oh wait, you want that to happen but you don’t want to be the one to get your hands dirty. It’s like the lion meme, everyone wants to be a lion, until it’s time to do lion shit.

    And what county are you in? Please, prove your claim by making a personal death threat against the officer of your choosing, since you know, no extradition.

    (I’ll wait for the excuse)

  • SovereignDirt

    You haven’t been proven to be correct yet, so it would be premature to prove you wrong.

    Have you been hanging on to this fancy fringe phobia since 2008?

    What is the “sovereign mentality”?

    I don’t know “legal stuff that’s never worked…ever”.

    I do know that if one should pretend to be knowledgeable, it’s so nice when everybody else pretends to be less knowledgeable. Ain’t it?

  • Common Sense

    Nope not since 2008.

    No, seriously – please cite a case, a criminal case where the sovereign ideals prevailed.

  • SovereignDirt

    Exactly what are the “sovereign ideals”? And why would I cite cases? What determines “prevailed”?

    It’s your point to make not mine. Do you not know how this works? You make a claim -You back it up, don’t make a claim and then expect me to back you up or fight you because – you think – I am on a particular side. This still has not been proven only assumed, and constitutes the main reason I judge your arguement as flawed. Too many assumptions thus far.

  • Pat Warren

    go suck yo mama! you cave beast

  • IP attorney

    Threats are a universal sign of weakness. Give me a name and address and I’ll show you what will happen.

  • IP attorney

    I said give me a name and address and I’ll do the rest. They just deleted this post. What a bunch of p……………

  • keepitreal

    Which part of ” the Court ruled that an officer making a traffic stop may order passengers to get out of the vehicle pending completion of the stop” was it that you couldn’t understand?

  • Common Sense

    You are the IP wizard, you have the internet, you do it pussy.

    Once again, all talk.