Your Car Might Get Racially Profiled by the Cops in Gresham Oregon

Racially Profiling Cars in Oregon
It’s sorta like this when the cops see her car…

Our friend Dax, of Gresham Cop Block in Oregon, got this interview with a girl who had just been pulled over for a traffic stop. During that interview, he finds out that this woman, Ashley Marie Zenner, has been profiled for the type of vehicle she drives. The reason given? Her car looks Hispanic with its tinted windows. Wait! What? It looks Hispanic? How does an inanimate object have an ethnic look?

In the video below, she describes the harassment of being pulled over several times by the same officer.

In this video, they tow her “Hispanic looking” truck.

We have seen videos like this from Chris Ponte of Oregon Cop Block many times before. Now since Dax has started Gresham Cop Block in Oregon, he has some support out there filming the cops! To the victims of the ridiculous police actions, do not be afraid to speak out against these people and practices. Without you being able to tell people about what happened to you, no one is going to know.

In Oregon, please continue to show us what’s going on out there!

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Chuck U Farley

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  • JC

    The author has no argument so he goes for the “racially profiled” bit. Give it a rest. Obviously there isn’t enough drama in your life so you try to create some.

  • simpleton

    Obviously there is not enough drama in the officers life, so he creates it.

  • t

    Uh huh.

  • Superior

    You support racism. You are a piece of shit.

  • keepitreal

    Drive with a suspended license and presumably no insurance and your shits going to get towed. No matter what color you are.

  • ThirtyOneBravo

    I’m not so sure I buy this story at all. I find no violations or criminal cases against a person identified in this story.

    I see this as Cop Block doing some race baiting…

  • jake

    Ya she looks like an up-standing citizen

  • BigGaySteve

    This sounds like the white guy Ryan Sweigart who had a rough trade felon on probation living with him who thought someone narced him out for drugs when the probation people did an inspection. His place had black plastic trash bags over all the windows, had pot posters on it, high times magazine subscription laying about, & his place either smelled of incense or Bob Marley’s a-hole. He thought the probation people couldn’t come into his bedroom despite there being 5 guys there in the morning in a 2bedroom apt. Obviously that was racial profiling as well.

  • BigGaySteve

    Not if you are in Kalifornia.

  • BigGaySteve

    Mexican President Calderon said “Where there is Mexicans there is Mexico” , after being to Mexico I think he is right based on litter, corruption, crime, rule by drug dealers, acting like the age of consent is 13, but I have not seen anyone yelling out ads for rooster fights or woman/male donkey shows.

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