Not All Police Officers Are Bad Cops? Or Are They?

The story below was sent to via the submission tab. I decided to share it, even though the author wanted to remain anonymous, because I feel they bring up a good point with a real world example.

Here’s the submitted story:

I have a friend, an all around good guy. He owns his own business and you WANT to do business with him. He is the most hard working, honest, and friendly guy you could ever know. Recently the two of us along with several other people were discussing absurdity of traffic laws. I gave my opinion that traffic laws are among the most ridiculous laws around. Everyone breaks them everyday. Is there anyone who actually signals all turns at least 100 feet before they turn? How many times a day do you break the speed limit? Despite this, you don’t see accidents all over the place. So I gave my opinion that traffic laws are not meant to prevent accidents, but as a tool to control other people’s behavior.

In the course of the conversation, my friend mentioned he had been a cop years before and he was once assigned to run radar in a particular neighborhood in town. One of the residents had complained about people speeding. Turns out the first person he caught, doing fifteen over the posted limit, was – yes – the woman who had complained. She wanted everyone else to drive slower, but not her. I thought that proved my point. Traffic laws are created from a desire to control OTHER people’s behavior. But that’s not the gist of this post.

I saw him a few days later and mentioned I didn’t know he had been a cop. He replied that he rarely lets people know because most people don’t like cops. Then he told me a few stories of how he was disrespected as a police officer. And in this amazingly off-hand, nonchalant way, he told me that whenever someone disrespected him in their attitude or language, he arrested them. He sat back, chuckled, looked up like he was remembering something funny, and told me that he knew the charges would always be dropped every time, but the people he arrested still learned their lesson. When I told him that it was corrupt to arrest people whom you knew committed no crime, he looked at me, shrugged and said in reply, and this was his only reply, he was considered the nicest guy on the force at the time.

Power corrupts and for the time he was a cop, this good-guy made it a habit of arresting people whom he knew committed no crime – just to show them his power. If this guy, who actually is a fantastic guy, an honest businessman and a wonderful family man, does those things, then are there really any good cops?

Great question and my simple answer to this is NO.

No, there are not any good cops out there because it’s impossible to be good when you work for evil. Some cops might be good people, or mean well, but the very nature of the job doesn’t allow that to be what shines through that badge everyday, the profession breeds bad cops. Every single cop has done the dirty work; the revenue generating, victimless crime arrest and protecting the ‘thin blue line’, more than they’ve ever protected or helped anyone else. Couple that with their ‘power’ to arrest, cage and demand compliance and it’s only a matter of time before they use that power to their advantage.

Good-badSome people reading this might be saying, “Ademo, isn’t this the case for ANY job.” That any boss can make an employee do something, or that an employee in a position of power (or responsibility) could abuse it? Yes, this is true, but in any job, outside of government, individuals are held accountable for their actions (at some point anyways and if not, then it only affects those in that business, unlike government, which affects us all). If the accountant at your job decides to steal the money they were responsible for, they’ll be fired. If the factory worker harasses and makes other employees feel uncomfortable, they’ll be fired. Yet, when cops steal or harass other people, they are protected or it’s considered part of the job. Commonly, all an officer has to fear for repercussions is being put on paid leave or transferred to another department. If an officer gets in deep trouble, the brotherhood kicks in and their legal team is funded or donations pour in.

Lastly, as I’ve pointed out in a recent video conversation I had with an LEO, ALL police are currently enforcing some law they don’t agree with. Whether that be marijuana prohibition, seatbelt violations, or whatever dumb thing politicians are asking law enforcers to do, the fact of the matter is that there are so many laws that nobody – not even Obama himself – agrees with them all. Therefore, how can any cop be considered a good cop when he willingly arrests people for things they don’t feel should be against the law? And don’t tell me police have discretion, because I know this, and even with it they still HAVE to arrest people for things they either disagree with or really don’t think is that big of a deal. Or, like the story submitted above, do it just to get people who mess with them back.

Needless to say, I want to hear someone sell the idea that not all cops are bad. If you seriously believe that, then I want to hear from you. Simply go to’s submission tab and fill out the form with your reasoning on why all cops are NOT bad. Or you can email it via the contact tab. The choice is yours and I can’t wait to read your submissions.

While we wait for the submissions to roll in, listen to this cop in the video below tell me he’d arrest anyone for anything, so long as it was illegal. Is that a good cop or a bad cop?

Ademo Freeman

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