Florida Judge Punished For Reprimanding Prosecutor

Injustice SystemA video has surfaced of a scene in a Florida courtroom of a heated exchange between a judge and a prosecutor. In the video the judge admonishes the prosecutor for allowing an officer’s false testimony to the defendant to affect her drivers license and legal case. The irate judge ends up over-ruling the juries guilty verdict as a result of misconduct by the officer and prosecutor. As a result of his actions, he has been reprimanded and will only be allowed to preside over civil cases.

It is a shame when a judge is punished for standing up for a citizen in the face of crooked law enforcement officers and prosecutors. Judge Frederic Schott should be praised for his valorous acts, not removed from situations in which such valor is so desperately needed in this time of crisis in our legal systems. One by one the system seems to be scrubbing out any member which does not withhold the status quo by contributing to an all out war on the rights of Americans and protecting those who violate them.

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Alia Atreides

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