Tyranny at Traffic Stops in Topeka, KS – Making Life More Dangerous on the Road

Submitted by Midwest Tri-State Area CopBlock (MO,KS,OK) on March 26, 2015
Department Involved: Topeka, KS Police Department – 320 S Kansas Ave, Topeka, KS 66603
Phone No.: (785) 368-9551

Unacceptable Treatment of Drivers

Topeka KS Police VehicleThe Topeka, Ks Police Department has now declared a “procedure” is  in place in which every person involved in a traffic stop, passengers included, will be treated as criminals as soon as their vehicle stops. In a video provided by WIBW News in Topeka, Kansas, Sgt Steven Block shows exactly what all officers will demand from you, the first being to put your hands on the steering wheel or in the air where they are visible, so the cop feels “safe” to approach your vehicle, which they chose to pull over in the first place. Block says all passengers will be required to do the same (hands in the air for the duration of the stop, passenger with hands on dashboard).

In the video it is made crystal clear that the TPD will be sure to view you as a violent, malicious person, not allowing you to reach for your identification, proof of insurance, and vehicle registration without telling them exactly where it is located before you give it to him/her. We all know this automatically causes cops to become leery and more swift to take dangerous action upon drivers and whomever happens to be in the car.  Sgt. Block tries his hardest to “reassure drivers” the TPD does not view you as “criminals”, but actions speak much louder than his words.

“This is something we do hundreds and hundreds of times a day and it’s the one time you let your guard down, officers have paid with their life. The intent is not to make you feel like a criminal. The intent is to make the police officer safe and the occupants and driver of the vehicle safe.”

Sgt. Block also insinuates the TPD’s expectation of obedience from you, toward the cops, stating, “… it’s about tone of voice; it’s about being polite and being courteous.”  Never does he mention the fact that it is not you who requests a voluntary traffic stop. This is an insult to all the good people of Topeka just trying to live their lives and travel from place to place without “fearing” an experience that is humiliating, forceful, and simply unacceptable.

With concerns already voiced by the residents of Topeka, my hope is that each of you will flex the rights you do have and demand the Topeka PD treat you with common respect, as much as is possible while extorting your hard-earned money.

Article from 03-26-15 by WIBW 13 News

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