CopBlocking the Indianapolis Police (VIDEOS)

Last weekend – March 21st & 22nd – I traveled from Cleveland, OH to Indianapolis, IN for a CopBlock focused weekend. However before we get into that, let me explain how I met Pete Sandage, who manages Bulletproof and the Fool (Chris Johnson and Keith Ellerbee), a popular hip-hop group in Indianapolis. It starts with this video that Pete sent via’s submission tab that I just so happened to edit/publish. I had a few follow up questions for Pete, so I reached out to him for additional comment. That led to us connecting via email and then via our social networks, where I had asked my Facebook friends if anyone could help with a photoshoot for the new CopBlock gear. Pete said he could and the ball was set in motion for CopBlocking Indianapolis.

IMG_0348Friday was Taco Night at Chris’s house and not only were the tacos the bomb but, we got some awesome shots of the new CopBlock gear (seriously, check it out here). A special thanks to Ashley, Gracie, Libby, Laura and even Brett Perry, one of the original CopBlock contributors, for coming out and helping with this project.  An additional thanks to Keith and Rick for providing their skills, gear and time as the photographers. It was a blast too, as you can see from my photo bomb picture from that evening.

IMG_0130Saturday was another busy day, but I did find a few hours to sneak in a tattoo session with Adam, owner of Mystic Images Tattoo and, a believer that “Badges Don’t Grant Extra Rights.” Adam also posted one of the coolest signs I’ve ever seen in a business. It reads, “WARNING: There is nothing here worth dying for.” This sign and the statement from Chief Hite – to come later that evening – highlights the importance of responsibility when it comes to freedom. Adam relies on his own actions, taking the responsibility out of the hands of the police, when it comes to protecting his life or property. Even just posting this sign, as well as having cameras and proper locks, probably helps deter criminals and I’d even argue that the sign is more effective than a police officer, but I’ll spare you that for now. The point is, with freedom comes responsibility.

On Saturday night about six of us met up just outside of Indianapolis and convoyed into the city. We decided to walk the bar area considering we had a smaller group, it was Saturday night and the police are known to use pepper balls to clear the bar crowds. On our first pass around the area we planned to cover over the course of the evening, we encountered Richard Hite, the chief of police, and had a short discussion (video below) about victimless crimes, policing ourselves, and filming the police.

After watching the video, I wish I’d asked the chief to elaborate on his responses/statements. Maybe asking more about how he envisions people policing themselves or if there’s any law he wouldn’t (or wouldn’t order those under him to) enforce? I know I mentioned discretion, but I let him pass that off to easily. Maybe I’m just a little rusty, since I haven’t done on the street CopBlocking – other than the spontaneous opportunity –  in almost two years? It was also early in the night, too. So I was eager to keep moving, to familiarize myself with the area.

Have you ever seen a bigger CopSucker than the guy that came out to the chief in this video? “You guys [the police] are the reason this world is the way it is” he proclaims. Yet, he doesn’t mention what’s so great and how the police play a role in making that happen? I wish I wasn’t in shock and had asked him more questions too.  What could he have said? That the police keep him (us) safe? That they have a tough job? They’re just doing their jobs? All of these can easily be debunked. So it might have been interesting to inquire about what he’s so proud of when it comes to police. Sadly, this wasn’t the only CopSucker we ran into that night. You can see them both in the overarching video at the top of this post. I’ve been thinking of a video I could do about CopSuckers, or possible a contest, so I’ll be discussing this more in the future.

The night continued on as most CopBlocking adventures do, plenty of walking, some interactions with bystanders who were curious about our cameras and the usual sarcastic cop(s) with CopSucker supporters. Yet, I’d have to hand it to the Indianapolis Police Department for this evening, in particular. There were a few snarky cops, but for the most part, they kept it cool. At one point, about four or five officers took off running down an alley and though “The Fool” sniffed out that the police were attempting to punk us, I went down the alleyway after them anyways. It was a weak attempt at a prank, but I’d rather see the police trolling CopBlockers than harassing people for victimless crimes. It also lightened the mood a bit between us and a few of the officers, one even talked to us for almost 20 minutes as the night winded down – see video below.

This was the end of the evening for us. As those who came out to the bar/club scene headed home, the police kept their pepper balls in their guns and we kept the cameras rolling. It appears everyone did their jobs tonight (LOL). I want to give a shout out to BulletProof and the Fool (check out their “Call the Cops” video below) again for hosting me and Indiana CopBlock for the on the ground knowledge. If you’re within 10 hours of Cleveland and want to do some CopBlocking, contact me here. I’m hoping to travel to at least one place a month to CopBlock with folks.

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  • JC

    Ademo making an ass out of himself again. The officers were great. People appreciate the police. You just went down there to party. It’s funny listening to you trying to twist questions around. Typical copblocker BS.

  • Mike TheVet

    People appreciate “good” police. There’s a difference, JC.

    And cops “twist” the story all of the time. But you knew that.

  • jimmyt

    that drunk sheep was begging to be fleeced though


  • ymygody

    copsuckers appreciate police, the rest of us don’t care if they died in front of us. I would personally piss and spit on their dead bodies.

  • JC

    More violent rhetoric. You really have anger issues.

  • ymygody

    unbelievable, you used the correct words.

  • Dana Lo

    The difference that EVERYONE must understand is there are POLICE OFFICERS , and COPS. Noone has issues with a police officer, . BUT , COPS, well , they ARE the issue. They tarnish the officers in which they work beside.
    The fallout is when the officers DON”T hold the COPS in their department to the same standard they would hold a person/civilian.
    i’ve had long talks with persons i know that are officers. Luckily , where i live the departments are decent…….still……….actions have been taken against the COPS in this area. But , like everything , if it isn’t corrected throughout the USA, soon enough will be departments full of COPS around here.

    What i didn’t like about this video , is some of the comments the talker says…….. talking “down” to the officers that at this time , doing nothing but standing there, and respectfully answered questions.
    “You get what you give” comes to mind.Maybe instead of being a 22 year old jackass talking down to them, doing nothing but hurting the “cause”. How about sit behind your computer and write a list of questions respectfully to be asked , instead of “BSin” stupid condescending comments to them if you expect any kinda respectful response.
    You acted “respectful kinda , while talking down to them…….. SMH.

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