Why would an Active LEO disclose the “Tricks of the Trade”?

I have been an Active LEO since long before the existence of this website and many others like it. I have said in previous posts that I am an Advocate for filming the Police and all Government Officials at work.  While I may not agree or understand with everything I have read here or in conversations with people, I respect their opinions and their right to demonstrate against what they believe is wrong. In fact I support some of those demonstrations.  I am also ON THE RECORD now as saying that whether or not I understand a persons position, I respect it and support their right to protest. I have also read and heard some things that warrant my saying something.

It’s been said that” all LEO’s are corrupt and criminals”. To that I say we forget that while Police,Judges,Meter maids, and politicians are LEO’s, so is the Defense Attorney that represented you in your own cases before any court.  If you have traveled the country for business or pleasure you may have noticed that while all marked law enforcement vehicles say “POLICE” on them, they also say what city,town, or state in which that particular vehicle belongs to. with that in mind how can the LAPD Officer that was killed while engaging the  bank robber who came out shooting wildly be treated the same as the Fullerton Cops who beat a man to death? or the Miami Officer that took a bullet in the spine and is now paralyzed because he threw himself on top of a 5yr old who was playing in his yard when a gang shooting erupted be held in the same regards as the the “COP” that shot the guy in the bar over a dart game? I understand the contempt for the system and Law Enforcement in general but to lump all LEO’s into the same category and to say things like ” all cops should be killed” or “The better idea is to kill the officer’s family because it makes a bigger impact” is mind blowingly stupid. to refer to all LEO’s children as ” Demon Spawn who will eventually become Demon’s themselves” is equally stupid.  but here I sit, at the ready to protect those same individuals from being killed or abused and while I dont WANT to take a bullet for anyone, I will if need be to save them just like I would those that think we are good people.

Now your probably wondering after that last statement why I would want to expose the tricks SOME cops use to get “Business”. Well the answer is simple. Despite my occuaption I am still a citizen and tax payer afforded the rights and protections from harm and abuse just like you are. I dont agree with alot of what others in my profession do and say and I think giving you some insight into things falls under the blanket of my Oath.

Ever gotten pulled over and the Officer claims he “Clocked” you going “X” amount of speed and you knew there was no way you could have been going that fast?  well here’s how.

on the Dash of the Patrol car there is the Radar unit that has 3 boxes. 1 marked “YOUR” speed which is the speed in which the patrol car is going. “Target Speed” which is the speed of the vehicle caught in the beam of the radar, and “LOCKED” which is what the target speed is when the officer hit the “LOCK” button on the remote. Depending on the RADAR Model, There is a Button for “Stationery” and “Moving” located either on the Remote or the box itself. In order for the RADAR unit to compute how fast a car is going it has to know what the patrol vehicle is doing hence the “Stationery/Moving” button or switch. If the officer is sitting still and running radar he is in “Stationary” mode and if he is running radar while driving down the road “MOVING” is the mode his RADAR unit should be in.  Now let’s say Officer Jackboot is bored and isnt getting any speeders. He see’s a car traveling about a mile ahead and moving away from him. Officer Jackboot puts the RADAR unit in “Stationery” mode and kicks the cruiser into overdrive. while the cruiser is in motion with the RADAR in “Stationery” whats happening is the “TARGET” window mentioned above is now registering the Speed of the cruiser and not the speed of the car he is chasing down.  So Officer Jackboot gets his cruiser up to a speed over the limit, hits the lock button and BAM your busted.  You can ask to see the radar and he is most likely let you because what your going to see when you look at it is he locked you in at “X” MPH. fighting the ticket is futile because he is going to bring the dash cam video where it “clearly” shows he is behind you and the Camera isnt showing you what the RADAR is reading at the time he is behind you.  Do ALL LEO’s use this trick?  NO but it does happen.

Another “Speed” trick. The Radar is calibrated with 2 tuning forks.  Bang the first one on the dash and hold it in front of the Antennae ( thats the round box either on the dash and rear window or hanging on the side windows ) and the Radar should lock at 44MPH depending on what the fork is set to read. so, Officer Jackboot is sitting on the side of the road in a school zone. Car goes by going 20MPH, He bangs the tuning fork and hold its to the antennae and YOU are now going 44 in a school zone. again fighting the ticket is futile for the same reason as before.

Common Interrogation trick is what I call “Sugar Coating” the Miranda Warning.”  The Law provides that before being questioned about a Felony investigation or after a Felony Arrest you must be given the Miranda Warning. You’ve all heard it 1000 times on TV or maybe you’ve been read the Miranda Warning. Under the Law the Officer giving the warning does NOT have to read it verbatim. As long as the whole warning is read it CAN be broken up with other things. Example: ” You have the Right to remain Silent but we are just talking here. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law but if you didnt do anything wrong then you have nothing to worry about, you have the right to an attorney but I’m not going to ask you tough questions so why would you need one, if you cannot afford an attorney one will be provided at no cost but I gotta tell you I have seen judges order people to repay the state for that attorney and its expensive” see how I gave the WHOLE Miranda Warning while not only minimizing it’s importance but also making a person afraid that they MAY have to repay the services regardless of guilt? and it’s all legit under the law. I dont agree with doing any of these things and I personally dont do them. I dont do traffic work anymore but A LOT of Felony/Federal Investigations and I ALWAYS encourage suspects to avoid talking to me without an attorney and read them the Miranda Warning in the manner in which it was intended. I have the burden of proving your guilt and should be able to do it without any help from the accused.

I would love for someone to show me where in my Oath or in the Law it states that I am only obligated to enforce the laws I agree with. I hear time and time again about “Victimless Crimes” and while I believe those type of Crimes exist, and I also believe there are victimless crimes that shouldnt be crimes at all. I also believe that when it comes to traffic law that if the PC isnt a ticketable offense then it shouldnt be PC to stop the car. But if someone can show me or point me in the right direction where it says anything about only enforcing laws I agree with it would help me greatly.

I hope this edition of the vyper report aids you in some way. as always I welcome your questions and comments.

Til Next time…


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