Troy Police Continue Attempts to Intimidate Capital District CopBlock

Less than a week ago I wrote a blog titled, “You Can’t Intimidate Capital District CopBlock,” highlighting how two Troy Police Officers attempted to intimidate Adam Rupeka, of Capital District CopBlock. Adam reached out to me again stating:

This happened right after I filmed Officer K. Spinnato harassing a guy for walking in the street. She didn’t like that I filmed her being a bully, so she decided to show me who is in charge. She was wrong in demanding my ID before she said why she stopped me but I learned to never argue with the cops; that’s what court is for. I also remembered CopBlock 101; stay quiet.  I’ve cut out the 22 mins of me waiting in the car but I will post the unedited video later. You can hear the dispatcher and officer talking over my scanner app.

Now 25 mins for a traffic stop when you already know me and know that there are no warrants means you took your time to further harass and intimidate me. Or you are incompetent in your job, I think a little of both because another officer had to get a cheat sheet. This only motivated me to find out how much of a bully Troy Police Officers really are. I continued to follow them for another 3 hours or so. In the next video a Troy Sargent (I believe) tries to intimidate me to leave public property. I tried to call and get names but they require a FOIA request for any information. So this week will be FIOA request week with Troy.

Adam has really gotten under the skin of the employees at the Troy Police department (518-270-4411), including Officer K. Spinnato here. She concludes her intimidation stop with, “Do you have any other questions?” Adam does and asks, “Do you feel proud of the job you’re doing tonight?” A simple enough question that most people would be able to answer without hesitation right? Spinnato not only hesitates but attempts to brush off the question entirely – by saying it’s not related – but Adam doesn’t let up so she has no choice but to retreat to her cruiser. Wouldn’t Spinnato, if she were actually happy with her actions, be able to respond to such a simple question? I know if someone would ask me if I’m proud of the job I’m doing I would be able to answer yes without hesitation.


Maybe Adam has started a trend here, where – at the conclusion of each traffic stop – people ask the LEO, “Do you feel proud of the job you’re doing?” It would be interesting to see what they would say to justify such actions, especially in cases where there was clearly no one in any danger? I’ll keep you updated as Adam keeps me informed, in fact, I’ve asked him to start blogging here directly, so hopefully he’ll post the next update himself. Until then, remember, “Badges Don’t Grant Extra Rights.”

First Video of Troy Police Harassing Adam:

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