Josie the Outlaw Video: Questions & A Message for Police

In the video above, Josie the Outlaw from has some very important questions for law enforcement officers. Of course the questions are rhetorical, as they beg for critical thought rather than direct answers. Josie goes on to explain why her questions are relevant and why it is becoming more important than ever for LEO’s to ask themselves these questions.

I'm not sayin' , I'm jussayin'.
I’m not sayin’ , I’m jussayin’.

Is there anything the politicians could enact into law that you wouldn’t enforce?

Is there any order you would refuse to carry out or would you do absolutely anything your bosses tell you to?

Is there any point at which you will draw a line and say, ‘No, that will not do.’?

Do you have enough of a spine to draw that line?

What sort of questions do you have for LEO’s, both direct and rhetorical, that you think it is important to ask? Post those questions in the comments section below and if I receive enough good questions I will post them in another article. Or go the next step and make your own video asking LEO’s questions and email them to me at joshua[at]copblock[dot]org


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