Toronto Transit Special Constable Assaults Man In Union Station

An incident which occurred in January is just now coming to light as the Toronto Transit Commission has asked Toronto Police to investigate. The incident was captured on video and shows a Special Constable for the Toronto Transit Commission assaulting a bystander. Nothing in the video indicates the victim of the assault was not in compliance with any regulations or laws. The attack is seemingly just personal aggression by an out of control psychopathic bully.

TTC Chair Josh Colle responded to initial reports of the assault after having watched a video online.

“You ‎have a greater responsibility when you have certain powers and you’re in uniform and you have that role. And for that reason I find it hard to fathom what context could make that [behaviour] acceptable.”

Shortly after Colle’s comments, the TTC released it’s official response to the matter, making a statement that justifies an action that has not even yet been investigated internally or externally.

“The TTC wants to ensure any use-of-force by its officers is justified and that approved procedures are always followed.”

In the video another man who is being detained by police is being punched by an officer, although the context of that situation is unclear. The bystander shouts at the constable to “Relax” and is then immediately punched in the face by another constable. After several punches a second bystander helps to break up the assault while the victim responds.

“I didn’t do anything. I fucking paid my fare. What the fuck is going on here?”

The constable then tells the startled victim that he is under arrest, but provides no proper reasoning, while continuing to restrain the man. Scared and in pain, the victim struggles against the restraint and the constable quickly begins a fresh round of punches on him. In time the crowd separates the man from the constable, but as more constables show up he is eventually subdued and arrested. Although I am not sure what the charges are I am going to guess ‘Interference with Officially Sanctioned Violent Acts of Aggression’ and ‘Impeding Fist Investigation With Face’.

You can see another camera angle of the incident in the video below.


Alia Atreides

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