The Morality of Police Checkpoints (VIDEO)

10858466_10205132943070436_8182409903346420840_nThe video above was made by Chris Voluntaryist and is of him discussing the morality of police checkpoints. This video caught my eye not only because I’m friends with Chris, ever since he won CopBlock’s Video Contest, but because DEO and I recently CopBlocked a checkpoint. Chris’s video, which is the first of a new web series, starts by explaining the laws (those silly words on paper called the constitution) and expands into the ridiculous statements of, “If you have nothing to hide” to explain why overbearing police checkpoints are neither constitutional, rational or justified. From the video:

“While there are so many reasons to oppose checkpoints, the most concerning reason is the fact that we’re supposed to be treated as if we were innocent until proven guilty. Suspiciousness checkpoints have completely reversed this concept. Police checkpoints reminiscent of certain other times throughout human history, are nothing more than detention, interrogation without cause, where they will hold you as long as they want, for whatever reason they want…. [so] If every police officer swore an oath to uphold the constitution, yet, they constantly violate that oath, then tell me…. what was the point?”

If you liked this video by Chris then you’ll probably enjoy his “Police Accountability” playlist (posted below) or visit his Youtube channel PurpleHat1991.


Ademo Freeman

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