Wareham Police Harass Crime Watcher (VIDEO)

*The post below was submitted by Derren Reynolds via CopBlock.org’s Submission Tab.*

Derren States:

On the night of 4/2/15 at 1:52 AM, I was driving home with my cousin after picking her up from her house. We were Robert-Mclaindriving down Minot Ave, approaching the intersection at Minot Ave and Deport Street at the stop sign, where a fire station was on our left. Officer Robert Mclain was sitting parked in his cruiser at the fire station parking lot and glanced up at me as I came to a full stop at the stop sign.


I’m sure Officer Mclain recognized my vehicle, since the entire department is very familiar with my car. I proceeded to continue to make my way onto Onset Ave. A period of no more than 15 seconds passed when I noticed Officer Mclain had pulled out from the fire station parking lot, where he was parked, and began to follow me and was now gaining on me quickly. Mclain caught up to me and began trailing me. He was extremely close on my rear bumper and stayed on my bumper for a period of two minutes. That’s when he activated his blue lights to pull me over.


I turned on my police scanner to listen in on the police activity. Officer Mclain came to my window and asked for license and registration. I handed them to him and asked what the reason for the stop was. He replied, “your headlight is out!” I then told him “It’s not out it’s just slightly dimmer than the other one.” Mclain replied “It’s out to me!” Three other officers showed up almost instantly after Mclain initiated his traffic stop. My cousin and I both waited for about 7 minutes, until Mclain came back with my papers and a citation for a violation of Mass. General Law Chapter 90 section 7 (defective equipment), even though Officer Mclain originally said that the reason for the stop was that one of my headlights was completely out.

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The Wareham Police Department has been harassing and targeting me, because they have a personal vendetta against me for starting a private Crime Watch Patrol group in town. Of course, they don’t like or approve of it, but it’s not illegal for private citizens to band together and start a Watch Patrol group. The Wareham Police know they can’t stop or disband the Crime Watch and are mad about that, they harass me and other Crime Watch patrol volunteers instead. This issue has been going since the Watch group’s inception in 2011 and has not stopped.


Me, as well as other Crime Watch volunteers, have filed a lot of internal affairs reports in the past for being stopped and harassed for no reason by the Wareham Police and every internal affairs report comes back with negative findings for harassment. Wareham Police officers have stopped other Crime Watch patrol volunteers in their vehicle, while on patrol, to tell the new volunteers that they are not needed, not welcome and to go away, they stop us to ask us “Why do you wear Crime Watch t-shirts and jackets when it says it on your vehicle with magnets?” All Crime Watch volunteers do is patrol neighborhoods in town in volunteers’ own vehicles marked with Crime Watch magnetic vehicle signs, looking for suspicious activities and crime to report to the Wareham Police Department. Crime Watch volunteers don’t confront criminals, nor do they get involved with situations at all and we are NOT a vigilante group in any way, shape, or form.

The Wareham Police Department’s Phone Number is (508) 295-1212


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