What Do College Kids Think Of Police?

*Chris Monko shared this post via CopBlock.org’s submit page. In this video, Chris gets the scoop on local college students’ views of the police.*

I went around campus at West Chester University in West Chester, PA with a camera asking students how they felt about police and whether they really keep them safe or are up to something else, like using the magic powers of their shiny badge to shake students down for money on petty crimes.

Routinely on campus it is shown that police continually harass, intimidate, and arrest students who are intoxicated or who are smoking a joint, both victimless crimes. Meanwhile, sexual assaults run rampant and robberies are on the rise. Students are constantly witnessing countless victimless arrests while rapists and robbers roam free.

Because of the actions of police, and their apathy towards actual violent crimes, students have taken notice and no longer feel safe on their campus. They always have one eye looking over their shoulder for an attacker, the police, or a private individual.

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