Road Pirates in West Virginia Tow Car via Ohio Valley CopBlock (VIDEO)

Larry Freeman has been a busy guy these past couple of weeks. He met up with a group of us in Zanesville for some CopBlocking, came to Cleveland last weekend to CopBlock and recently recorded the video below of a traffic stop. He’s been a busy guy and I’m sure more CopBlock videos like this will start rolling in as winter eases its grip and summer approaches.

Along with the video, Larry added these comments:

ohio valley logoOn April 3, 2015 at approximately 2:50 pm, I was traveling on Main Street in Wheeling, WV when I saw flashing lights ahead. I decided to pull over to record the stop. I’m showing this video because this is how cops should react when being recorded. The driver left on foot and was visibly angry, so I did not get a chance to interview him as to why he was stopped and why his vehicle was towed.


Though I believe what these cops did, by having the vehicle towed, was theft they remained courteous and professional during the stop. They did not react in any way to my presence with a video camera. Someone in Wheeling must have gotten the memo about the constitutionality of recording public servants in the course of performing their duties.

– Larry Freeman

Ah, polite, courteous and professional thieves, what a treat. I recorded a similar video, where a car was jacked by cops from a mother with her children, and the cop in that video laughed at me while trying to intimidate me. So, I agree with Larry to a certain extent…. sure, I’m glad these cops didn’t freak out about recording or give him grief, for crying out loud LEOs should get it by now, but stealing is stealing and you can never be courteous or professional when you’re stealing something from someone. These guys merely masked their evil with politeness – though who knows what the cops said to the guy who left angry, I wonder what his take is on this – but that doesn’t take away from, nor justify, the action.

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