Troy, NY Police Attempt to Illegally Enter A House On Easter (Video)

On 2nd Ave. in Troy NY, Easter morning I spotted three Troy police cars parked. I stopped to record and document what was going on. I saw them leaving a house and, after they noticed me, they decided not to stick around for comment and drove off. An occupant of the house told me that Troy PD “entered without a warrant and were full of attitude to them all.” Apparently, Troy PD’s attitude came from them claiming they could not understand anyone’s accent.

Troy PD has a training program that is supposed to help officers in situations like this one, but it seems that the message didn’t get through to all of them. I had a chance to complete the program and, if followed, it would cut down on excessive force and would improve community relations. The man in the video was told that a neighbor called and made a complaint. Cops seem to find any reason to have attitude and search your home/car.  Police need to realize that they are entering someones home and then to insult them makes people get defensive and shut down. The old saying is that you catch more fly’s with honey than vinegar. We all want change in how police interact with us, maybe if they thought how it would feel for us to go through their home or car.

Be informed check out Cop Block’s Know Your Rights Section for information on many situations you may come across.  The ACLU also has a good flyer on what to do here.

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