Is I.C.E (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) going too far

First, some recent ICE headlines illustrating what they should be doing with their time, before I start in on what they are about to do to an innocent college kid.

  • ICE arrests 5 for conspiracy to commit bank fraud and aggravated identity theft in Puerto Rico
  • ICE special agents and officers arrested a Belgian man in Ocala who is wanted in his home country for child rape and extortion
  • ICE arrest Mexican murder suspect captured in northern California returns him to Mexico

I personally support the three examples above, and believe that in these cases, ICE is serving their purpose by removing dangerous persons that need to be returned to their home countries to face trail for actual crimes, crimes that have victims other than the state.

What I don’t believe is fair is what they are doing to college student Steven Li. His parents were born in China but ended up leaving their home because of the communist state’s one child policy. They moved to Peru where Steven was born, but eventually left for America when he was only 11. After growing up in the United States for the last 9 years, attending college to become a nurse so he can help other people, ICE arrested him and his parents on Sept. 15th and locked them up in a federal detention center.

The law he broke was for staying in this country too long, since his visa ran out in 2002. Now if my math is right he should have been 12 years old when he committed this horrible crime. How can the geniuses in our government figure that a 12 year old knowingly broke a federal immigration law?

He has now been locked up for 50 day awaiting deportation on Nov. 15th to Peru, a country where he has no family, no friends and knows absolutely no one. Meanwhile, his parents are being deported back to China, their birth country, despite the fact that their “crime” has no victim whatsoever, and doing so will tear a family apart. Even if the parents are to be held responsible for breaking this stupid law, their son Steven was not of legal age when they immigrated, and should not be treated as a criminal for what his parents did as his legal guardians when he was all of 12 years of age. After all, what was he supposed to do? Save up his milk money for a ticket to China or Peru?

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Sen. Dianne Feinstein has asked immigration authorities to halt the deportation of City College of San Francisco nursing student Steve “Shing Ma” Li while she considers introducing a bill that would allow him to stay in the United States temporarily, her office said Sunday.

The California Democrat’s effort came as Li’s attorney said his removal flight to Peru would no longer happen today, as initially planned. The lawyer, Sin Yen Ling, said the immigration officer that told her of the change of plans did not give her any more details.

Dream Act supporter

Feinstein’s office noted her support for the Dream Act, which if passed would grant undocumented immigrant children citizenship if they entered the United States before age 15 and were attending college. In a statement Sunday, Feinstein said it would be unjust to deport Li before the bill can be voted on.


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