Largo, Florida Police Bullying Children At A Park

Date of Interaction: April 6, 2015
Police Employees Involved: Largo Police Dept.
Contact Number: (727) 587-6730

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This video was shared by Eric Huffman, via’s Submit page:

Caution School PoliceFirst off, I apologize for the video being so shaky. I am in a wheelchair with hip, pelvic and ankle injuries and also have nerve damage from being hit by a car and had to stand with my cane to record this on my cell. Also, this happened so fast…


I was sitting in Largo Central Park watching a movie on my laptop, enjoying the afternoon, when I saw first one and then another police car drive through the middle of the park field where little kids were playing (this is something they do all they time, not caring about safety, but being too lazy to get out of their cars.) I took a still picture to add to the personal collection I have of them doing this stuff.


I soon heard someone yelling and everyone looking where the two cars had stopped. I grabbed my cell phone and hit “Record” on it and got up on my cane to hobble for a better view. I saw this older cop with stripes ( Corporal or Sergeant?) order the preteens to sit on the ground in a loud yelling voice. I finally got a clear view and watched him yell a bit more at these preteens, until he saw me recording him standing there with my cane. After that, it ended very quickly with the two cops leaving and the preteens going the other way. I did get a thank you from the group of teens, who got yelled at, for filming the incident.


Five minutes after the police left, one of them in the sedan car came back through and “eyed” me sitting in my wheelchair, but didn’t stop. I’m sorry I didn’t get that on video, as I wasn’t expecting it and had my back to the field he came through again.


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