CopBlock the Austintown, Ohio Police

youngstwn logoLast week, I wrote about Jason Morrison, who was arrested when he failed to ID himself to an Austintown cop while filming a traffic light. (See the video below.) He told me it was because a friend of his got a ticket for going through a yellow light, so he was trying to record how long the light stayed yellow. That way his friend had his own evidence in court and didn’t just have to roll over and take whatever plea deal the state offered.

Jason decided to take a stand for his (and your) rights by refusing to identify himself to police when he wasn’t suspected of a crime. For his bravery, he’s been charged with a crime. That’s why Ademo and I are headed to Austintown and we’d like you to come out and join us as we support Jason’s bravery. This will be Youngstown CopBlock’s first ever CopBlock. So help us make it a memorable one. We’ll be in Austintown – April 18th 9PM EST – details on Facebook event.

Until then, remember that, “Badges Don’t Grant Extra Rights!

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Chuck U Farley

currently lives in Parma, OH where he started CopBlocking in 2012 after his arrest at police checkpoint. He's the founder of GreaterCleveland CopBlock, admin of OhioCopBlock, Store manager and contributor. ____________________________________________________________________________ If you'd like to support DEO's work consider joining the CopBlock Network and/or the Store. ____________________________________________________________________________ You can also keep up with DEO on Facebook and YouTube