Drunken Ohio Cop Beats Man After “Salute To Our Heroes” Police Fundraiser

A drunken Ohio cop faces charges for beating a mans eye shut and breaking his ribs after attending a Cleveland police fundraiser, police said Monday.

28-year-old Akron rookie police employee Adam Campbell was off-duty and in Cleveland for a March 29 black tie, “Salute to Our Heroes,” charity event at the Wyndham Hotel at Playhouse Square when he encountered 31-year-old Steven Crupp.

Crupp told reporters he was at the hotel bar where he met two female friends after attending the Kentucky-Notre Dame basketball game at Cleveland’s downtown basketball arena.

Officer Campbell was in the bar after attending the event, and tried to “sweet talk” one of his female friends, Crupp says.

Crupp says the other woman made a joke at the Campbell’s expense and they all three laughed, before Campbell angrily left.

After Crupp escorted the women out just after midnight, he said Campbell, who was joined by two friends, approached him.

“I started walking west on Euclid, and I could feel him coming up on me,” Crupp said. “I turned around, and he swung at me.”

Crupp says as the other two men held him down, Campbell reigned heavy kicks and punches upon his face, head, and body.

Crupp was hospitalized with six broken ribs, a cracked pelvic bone, a bloodied face, and black eye, his lawyer says.

“Steven just wanted to enjoy the night with his dad and with his friends and have some good memories of the basketball game,” attorney Ian Friedman said. “This should not have happened.”

Officer Campbell was described by a valet who saw the trio fleeing the scene after the incident as “highly intoxicated.”

“I really don’t see why this had to happen,” Crupp said. “I didn’t do anything to provoke the guy. The security footage will show that.”

It’s unclear how police were able to identify Campbell as the attacker, but officials say he has been place on unpaid leave and could be fired pending the investigation.

Campbell, a rookie, was just hired by the Akron Police Department on Nov. 3, a police spokesperson said.

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