What would YOU do?

I have read story after story about how ALL Cops are not only bad, but also above the law and bad decision makers who get dressed for work and wonder just how many of your rights they can violate and get away with. SO now comes the time to take on the role of a Cop and decide for your self what the best course of action is. Keep in mind that the camera is rolling and you’ll at times have to make a split second decision that EVERYONE else will have months to rip apart. so here goes the drama coppers. You are on Patrol when a call goes out that 3 men robbed a woman behind a gas station. The Officer taking the complaint give out a description of the suspects and the victim stated one of the men has a gun. You come around the corner and there are 3 men matching the description walking down the alley. As you get out of the car and they see you approaching one of the men reaches into the area of his waistband that is hidden by his coat. WHAT DO YOU DO?. Your dispatched to a Domestic in progress. Your 2 minutes away but your back up is 10 mins away. As you approach the house you hear screaming and the sounds of glass breaking. YOu cant see into the house and therefore dont know where anyone is or how many are involved. as you get near the front door you hear a gunshot and the sounds of atleast 3 people screaming for help. WHAT DO YOU DO?. Here’s an easy one for ya rookies. Your on patrol in a residential area when you observe 2 men pointing guns at eachother and screaming. One of the men involved is a Felon and has made it known that he’ll kill a cop before he’ll go back to prison according to his neighbors. you get out and as you approach he starts to turn towards you. WHAT DO YOU DO?. Ok Video slueth’s, educate me on how to handle these situations while not violating anyone’s rights or killing someone for no reason and at the same time stay alive yourselves.


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