Police Brutality As Ex-Wife and Cop Lover Conspire Against Man

The video above was sent to us by a reader from Martinez, California who did such a great job recounting his tale that I will let him explain in his own words just what happened.

The incident occurred on Oct. 3rd 2011. At the time I owned a large Durable Medical Equipment company in the Bay Area. I was grossing about $1.2 million dollars per month (all verifiable thru tax returns). I owned a million dollar home, and drove a brand new Bentley Continental Convertible, life was good, all except for my marriage. We had actually only been married 6 months at the time, but were together for almost 10 years with 3 children. We always had issues throughout our relationship, so I never wanted to marry her, but once I got rich, she demanded I marry her or she was going to leave with the kids, and I made the biggest mistake of my life by marrying her. Throughout our relationship, because I was unhappy, I always had “side chicks” but didn’t want to end my relationship with her, because I felt it would be too expensive and I would lose custody of my kids (big mistake). So what started everything in motion was an argument we had in May of that year.

She found out I was cheating on her thru a relative of one of my “side chicks” and she was drunk at the time (she is a raging alcoholic); she went ballistic, and started breaking everything in the house and taking all my clothes out of the closet and throwing them off the porch into a puddle. I approached her on the porch and we began to struggle over some items of clothing. She slipped and fell (she was drunk) and claimed I pushed her. I left the house, she called 911, and some officers came out to take a report. At the time they felt there wasn’t enough to charge me, but one of the officers took an interest in my wife, and started a personal relationship with her (we have text records to prove this from a private investigator I hired). They became sexually involved, and the two of them together conspired to plant evidence, falsify reports and have me arrested so they could financially benefit from my arrest and conviction. So fast forward 6 months later in October, they built a case, got the DA to pick it up, and have a judge issue an arrest warrant for felony domestic violence, all of which was false allegations.

Rico Rossi However, when the lead detective is having sex with your wife, they can be pretty convincing of my guilt. I was completely unaware of the warrant or the criminal charges, and as I was leaving my office on Oct. 3rd, 2011, I stopped to get gas, and was surrounded by unmarked police cars. Initially I thought they were doing a civil assist and serving me divorce papers from my wife, but when they drew their guns and started screaming commands, I realized it was more to it than that. As I got out of my car, I obeyed all of their commands, I backed up with my hands in the air, got to me knees, and within seconds I was completely immobilized, I had no idea what was going on, I just knew that I was in excruciating pain.

They continued to yell commands while they were still delivering the electric shock from the taser gun, but I was unable to move, so I couldn’t do anything. Once they released the taser, an officer shouted “get his gun, get his gun” trying to imply that I had a weapon, for the bystanders that were watching. But obviously I was unarmed, and never even gestured as if I was armed. Then they cuffed me with the 2 taser darts still embedded 2-3 inched into my back, and picked me up off the ground, then forcibly put me into the back of the cop car and slammed my back into the back of the hard plastic seat in order to drive the darts in even further (and they all laughed and joked about it).


I was taken to the hospital to have the darts surgically removed, then I was taken to the police station for booking, and was charged with “resisting arrest” (they didn’t realize they were on camera). The judge set my bail at $1 million dollars, and I posted bail immediately and was out within 4 hours. The following day I hired a private investigator and we obtained the security footage from the gas station and started surveillance on my ex-wife, thats when we discovered the affair and the plot to “set me up” and harm me. I retained the best civil attorney in the bay area, Michael Cardoza, and we aggressively went after the officers, the department and the city. The case dragged on for 3 years, and finally settled last year, the officer was removed from the force, and I was awarded a substantial about of money (I cant disclose the exact amount), but because of the conspiracy with the detective and my ex wife, I was unable to beat the criminal charges of domestic violence, so I took a deal for probation, rather than risk a trial and get 3-5 years in prison.

The officer who conspired Rico’s ex-wife is Glenn Walkup, whose Facebook page lists his occupation as ‘Retired Bum’ rather than ‘Fired Dirtbag’. At least he isn’t perfecting his clumsy corruption trade in a new jurisdiction somewhere. As for Rico, the situation nearly ruined his life. Rather than let it do so, he is now transforming his experiences into a career in music.

I lost my business because of all of this, and decided to pursue my life long dream of a career in the music industry and recorded a song that details some of the events that I went thru during this experience, the song is called “Take Everything”, and now music is my only career, and thats how I make a living.

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