CopBlock Radio: April 8th, 2015

cop block radio graphic CopBlock Radio Show is on every Wednesday night at 10:00 P.M. EST on LRN.FM. Spreading the message that “Badges Don’t Grant Extra Rights” over the Liberty Radio Network ( airwaves. Your hosts Derrick and myself talk about the most recent cases of police abuse we can find.

We have been doing a new segment where we talk to the newest contributors each week. Last week we talked to Asa Johnson about his most recent post entitled, “Police murder man with screwdriver”. Last night we talked to Josh Hotchkins, whom you may remember from his posts last week exposing drug dealing in both the Fresno and Philadelphia police departments. On last night’s show we talked to him about his most recent post, “Stop Being an Enabler for the Cop in Your Family”

Streamed live on Apr 8, 2015

April 8, 2015 – Do you shoot cops (with your camera)? DEO & Derrick J share this week’s stories of police abuse and accountability. The game is changing thanks to video cameras.

Contributor Josh Hotchins His blog about drug dealing cops to talk about.

Stop Enabling Cops in Your Family

Jason Morrison was accosted by Austintown police in Ohio for filming traffic lights. The official charge is not showing his ID which he is not legally obligated to do in Ohio.

Officer Brelo in Cleveland will not face jury trial in the Timothy Russel and Malissa Williams case

Update to this from CCN

Importance of dash-cams!!!!

Killer Cops: How to Cover Up a Murder

(More) South Carolina Man Shot 8 Times in Back, Cop Plants False Evidence

Man Imprisoned After Filming Eric Garner’s Death, Refusing to Eat, Rat Poison Found in Jail Food

The Onion – Nation Hopeful There Will Be Equally Random Chance of Justice


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