Calling All Cop Critical Celebrities

Our goal here at is to spread the message that ‘Badges Don’t Grant Extra Rights’ to as many people as we possibly can. In trying to bring these issues into greater focus, we welcome the involvement of anyone who has something to say about the issues. Yet, we are not blind to the fact that there are voices who carry more weight and have greater impact than our own. Those voices often belong to celebrities, people whose talents and success have given them the public’s attention and respect. In recent times, we have seen these celebrities begin to speak out against police abuse, corruption and misconduct; as well as attending events to raise awareness. As the police issues worsen and more lives are being lost or wasted, it is critical that celebrities take advantage of the public attention and respect to help highlight the issues for those who are still undecided or uninformed.

CelebrityismSince we have worked hard to construct a network of activists, writers, web designers and other incredibly talented people to discuss these issues; we think Cop Block would be the perfect place to bring celebrities together with activists to discuss the problems. That is why we are reaching out to all celebrities and high-profile personalities to take part in a Cop Block interview series. The marriage between activists and celebrities could help to save lives. Through discussion of the issues in this interview series we can spread our message much further into the mainstream and effect a greater change.

If you are a celebrity or high profile personality, who is concerned about what is happening with police in our country, we would love to hear from you.

If you personally know somebody with fame and a following, help us to get into contact with them.
Use your social media accounts to contact your favorite media personalities and suggest they discuss these problems with us.

Whether or not you appreciate celebrity, it is a major part of our culture. Reaching out to cultural icons to discuss the matter will undoubtedly help to highlight the issue and reach more people. Deconstructing the excessive machinery and violence of the police state is our work and we can use every tool we can get our hands on.

You can contact me at joshua[at]copblock[dot]org to discuss this project or set up an interview.

Here are ten celebrities I have tried to reach and would love to talk to. Perhaps if you join me in reaching them on Twitter, we can get a response. Just tell them you want to hear what they have to say on the issues and let them know how to reach us.

Serj Tankian

CBN-network-bannerChris Rock

Samuel L. Jackson

Neil Young

Marilyn Manson

Joe Rogan

Doug Stanhope

Ron Paul


Tavon Austin 


Alia Atreides

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