Zanesville, Ohio Police CopBlocked (VIDEO)

UPDATE: This was the day before my caging on a contempt charge by Judge Joseph in Zanesville Municipal Court.

Read the arrest post here and my release post (thanks to the call flood to the judge) here

Thursday, while staying with a friend in Zanesville, OH, I noticed a Zanesville police cruiser just down the street. When I went to investigate further, I noticed two cops walking up to a house and heard dogs barking. Knowing that people in costumes that wear shiny badges and carry guns are capable of shooting dogs (and people – let’s be honest) I decided to start recording. Below is the video I recorded:

In all honesty, if the first officer would have said, “We were called to do a wellness check” I probably would have left to get back to other tasks. Instead, the first officer meme1goes into cop mode and asks if I live there, while the female officer starts talking about how cops have no rights. Which I found interesting, because this is my first interaction with these officers. I wonder if she was referencing CopBlock’s tagline, “Badges Don’t Grant Extra Rights?” As I crossed the street to get closer in order to better catch the audio (since I was recording with my iPhone 6), Officer McElhaney starts to yell that if I come any closer I’ll be interfering with her investigation.

As I planned, I stayed on the sidewalk, but now I wanted to wait so I could get her name and badge number. I walked to the other side of the house and started live streaming – using Bambuser; see video below – but that was pretty uneventful. Since the McElhaney’s (oh yeah, these officers are married – I discovered later) seemed to have calmed down, I decided to switch back to standard filming to conserve battery and data. That’s when I tried to get her name and badge number.

Not only did she decline to comment, but they both made a comment about if I was employed, which was cute – again, since they’re married and all, and that’s when I felt the need to point out the slight difference in McElhaney’s employment and mine. See the people who pay me do so voluntarily and I can say that with 100% certainty. McElhaney can not confirm that everyone who is forced to chip in on his salary is doing so voluntarily. Of course, his only response to this was to dismiss me to the sidewalk and say, “no you are (basically)” when I noted he’s a “sh*tbag.”

I guess my job here is done or should I end this post with, “All in a days work.” Until next time, remember “Badges Don’t Grant Extra Rights.”

Feel free to visit the Zanesville Police Department website or Facebook page. I know I have a post/video to share with them.

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