Ademo Arrested in Zanesville

Ademo Freeman. CopBlock Founder, blogger, and motherfucker was arrested today for contempt of court in Zanesville, Ohio. He was there to see about a Zanesville CopBlocker, who was arrested for obstruction for filming last night. The bailiff in his Bambuser video challenged him to show him where he had walked in the courtroom with a hat on. This created an argument about filming in the courtroom to which Ademo responded, “I sued the last mother fucker who told me I couldn’t record in a courtroom, you wanna be next?”

The shitbag bailiff then went into the judge and told him Ademo called HIM a mother fucker! The judge found Ademo in contempt and told him he was sentenced to 10 days. After an apology, the judge relented and lowered the sentence to 5 days. People we know in Zanesville are worried about Ademos well being when he gets out, as they know how Zanesville cops are.

I am on my way down to Zanesville right now to lead the protest to “Let That Mother Fucker Ademo Go!” I have made several signs and am going to be joined by as many people who read this and give a shit that we are not allowed to express ourselves under the First Amendment any longer! Come out tomorrow to Zanesville police department where we will protest the arrest of Ademo and others for filming the police!


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Chuck U Farley

currently lives in Parma, OH where he started CopBlocking in 2012 after his arrest at police checkpoint. He’s the founder of GreaterCleveland CopBlock, admin of OhioCopBlock, Store manager and contributor.
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  • whoopsydoodoo

    Mothers everywhere gettin some

  • ymygody

    looks like another judge that should enjoy the moments that he has left.

  • JC

    Hilarious!!! It didn’t take long for Ademo to get himself arrested. His behaviors clearly show why he has 3 felonies after his name. Ademo was trying to make up the rules as he wanted and the people who work at the court house followed the rules and educated him. Ademo doesn’t make the rules. He found that out. He is a big baby with behavior problems. I wonder how long it will be until he is back in another jail.

  • JC

    More threats and this time towards a judge. More paperwork.

  • ymygody

    you’re really reaching. but I guess that’s what insects do. you should stop and smell the roses JC, who knows how long they will be blooming for.

  • Aaron Marshall

    I would like to know what the felonies are for, are they for violent crimes? Also, how do you know this? Are you abusing the AEGIS system?

  • Just M.

    Lol, more tax parasite shitheads putting chains on the necks of the people who call them out. Fuck these scumbags. I hope Zanesville taxpayers like blowing money on defending their tax parasites from 1st Amendment exercisers’ rightful lawsuits.

  • Aaron Marshall

    Dude. Stop trying to police the internet. I don’t need your permission to fantasize about violence. When you act upon it, that is when a crime occurs.

    Also, why are you posting on this site other than to antagonize people on the edge? Everybody who comes here already has their mind made up about their opinions on police. No decent cop would escalate a situation. It’s just more of this warrior cop, I’m a sheepdog and I need to save you from yourself mentality that has caused a site like this to exist in the first place.

  • keepitreal

    You’e a lying douchebag, goat raper.

  • Jason Michael Little

    jc shut the fuck up no one really cares about your fake cop ass

  • Jim Pfaus

    Insanesville, if you ask me!

  • chris

    I like Ademo. I like to feel that I am on his side. I wonder if, tacitly, these arrests are worth it? When you directly challenge the state you tend to lose. That said I fully support Ademo. I hope all of this pays dividends down the road.

  • wildman

    fuk the pussy bailiff and the cocksucker judge

  • Wendy

    Seriously? I can’t stand up for this type of crap. Antagonizing is not a valid stance.

  • Foodforthought

    I shouldn’t have to explain to my young child what “motherfucker” when I’m out in public. And nobody else should either. And before you say that your right to speech is greater than my right not to be offended I ask you this: What if I were to hold a sign in front of your home and your wife and kids saying something like, “fuck the welfare recipients” or “get your fucking lazy ass to work already”, or something similar? Is my right to speech greater than your right not to be offended or embarrassed? Would you try to take my sign away? Could you? What if I came to take your sign from you? Believe it or not, laws that protect decency protect the copblockers also. It’s not what you say, its how you say it. And some things are better left unsaid.

  • Craig Storms

    He is his own worst enemy …… When will he learn ….. The guy he went there for is out and he is in ….. Not very smart …

  • ymygody

    Not to worry, There will be legal ramifications for his pursuit of falsely claiming to be a police officer. he has threatened me countless times.

  • ymygody

    I see you like to follow the ideology of the Nazis. heaven forbid something upsets your delicate feelings. freedom of speech is not limited by whether or not it will offend somebody. I don’t think you really understand what the freedom of speech is and what is protected.

  • Yankeefan

    Dude, Slappy, please stop! Your threats were cure for a season but they are just pathetic. You are not filing any paperwork. You are nothing but a foul mouth piece of shit. I can’t wait to see what names you come up with next to troll this site, loser!

  • Tom

    “It has long been the established law of the United States as expressed in In re Oliver(1948), 333 U.S. 257, 275, that constitutional procedural due process “requires that one charged with contempt of court be advised of the charges against him, have a reasonable opportunity to meet them by way of defense or explanation, have the right to be represented by counsel, and have a chance to testify and call other witnesses in his behalf, either by way of defense or explanation.” See, also, In re Green (1962), 369 U.S. 689, 691-692; Culberson v. Culberson (1978), 60 Ohio App. 2d 304, 306 [14 O.O.3d 265]; and R.C. 2705.03.”

    This is clearly a criminal contempt charge because Ademo doesn’t hold the keys to his release an open and shut violation of Ademo’s right to due process. Unfortunately, judges have absolute immunity but it doesn’t mean one can’t file a bar complaint.

  • whoopsydoodoo

    I’d have a much easier time explaining “motherfucker” to my child than trying to explain to him your odd belief that it is acceptable to assault and cage a man for using offensive language

  • PabloKOh

    Why would you explain what a motherfucker is to a young child? Try telling them the truth on how you feel about it. Tell him you don’t feel comfortable explaining to him what the word means and when you are comfortable you will sit down and explain it to him. Parenting is not hard. 3 rules. No hitting, no stealing, no lying. I wish the baliff’s and judge’s parents had taught them the same.

  • SovereignDirt

    I don’t care for Ademo’s dickish ways, but atleast a “mother blocker” is doing something and he looks good with a beard.

  • TaxCattleKiller

    Shouldn’t you be sucking that cops dick from SC that is going down for murder? I thought you fucks in blue always defended each other?

  • gregoryheiman

    Maybe he can film himself being shot for trying to escape.

  • Pw4x3r

    Ademo’s rights have been clearly violated. Please use all the power at your disposal to bring whatever justice can be brought against this corrupt organization. FUCK THESE MOTHER FUCKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pw4x3r

    Did you know, if you ever stopped lying and actually filed anything of a threat against anyone here, we would have your name? Did you know that if we have your name, we find out you actually are or are not affiliated with law enforcement? If you are a liar and are not, then we will find that out. If you are, then you are losing your job for racist comments, etc. etc. etc. Let’s do it, you fucking pussy bitch mother fucker.

  • Pw4x3r

    Fuckin right there will be. Or he will lose his job if he’s actually affiliated in any fashion. Both of these are fantastic outcomes for this little cunt.

  • Common Sense

    Seems that didn’t turn out the way you thought huh sport. Thinking you know something and actually knowing it are two different things. Teachable moment.

    Enjoy the food.

  • camelman91

    will for them fucking pigs fuck u yes I said that . I am a cop blocker and I am the one that he was there to film because I was filming them pigs and they did not like it because I would not turn cameras off

  • Kasbohm

    This looks like a bailiff crying to the judge like a little 5 year old about someone calling him names. The judge without any other facts or evidence to prove the bailiff’s claims throws Ademo in jail after Ademo points out he never called the bailiff a mother fucker. When the judges and courts start making up absurd rules that involve who can wear hats, record proceedings, ect. It allows the judges, prosecutors and cops to hide unlawful activities. Once a person decides to act on behalf of the public as a public official they have chosen to allow all their activities while working to be documented by the public for public safety and interest.

  • Pw4x3r

    Probably so. If he is actually affiliated with law enforcement and not lying, he has more evidence against him to lose his job than any other cop ever who has lost their job due to social media reasons. He’s clearly a VERY STUPID mother fucker no matter how you look at this.

  • Pw4x3r

    Nazi teachings in America? Prime example? Warped brain much? Goddamn………. your poor fucking children…

  • ymygody

    I agree let’s figure out who he is. what his full name is, where he lives, and what his occupation is. I’m tired of playing with kid gloves on. it’s time to put an end to this.

  • ymygody

    I believe you’re right, the time has come.

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  • Pw4x3r

    I think the easiest way to end this is to report him to San Fransisco or San Diego whichever place he was claiming to be from, police department. Include past racist quotes and all of his slanderous comments towards civilians. Disqus will be subpoenaed for his information and they will arrest him for impersonation, or fire him if he actually works there…

  • Guest

    you’re awesome. this is the best thing i’ve ever read on the internet. thank you.

  • SorryNotSorry

    this is awesome. you are awesome. best thing i’ve read on the internet ever. thank you.

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  • Matt Deaver

    Martin Luther King spent time in jail too. Not trying to compare the two, but sometimes sitting in jail is a necessary course of action when fighting social injustice.

  • JC

    No, I fill out the paperwork and it then goes to the high ups who pass it along to investigations.

  • JC

    Yes, I do fill out the paperwork. I checked up on you. You are disabled. You file that because of an accident a while ago. You are now getting SSDI Go figure

  • JC

    You must. You are responding to my statements.

  • JC

    He was convicted of two drug felonies in Wisconsin. HE was convicted of felony wire tapping in NH.

  • Foodforthought

    So I am guessing that ALL of those who replied would find it acceptable if I were to hold those afore mentioned signs in front of THEIR residence, in front of their kids and their spouse? So I would be correct if MY right to free speech and my right to offend overweighs YOUR right against being offended? Good to know. So if the copblock protestors get protested, they should be acceptable and gracious? Look out. It might be coming soon.

  • Yankeefan

    No you don’t. You are a troll and nothing more. You have no clue who I or anyone else is on this site! Nice try though Slappy!

  • Pw4x3r

    Looks like you have just had an epiphany of what it means to be an American. Holy shit. And, you might actually get off your ass to hold a sign, no matter what it means? Giddy up, there might be some patriot hiding inside of you as well. You’re so convoluted that you don’t even realize this?

  • Pw4x3r

    Don’t think C.S. can understand this logic. If you are behind bars you are a bad person, no exceptions what so ever. It does not matter the reason in any way shape or form. Let’s eat some donuts.

  • Common Sense

    Social injustice is one thing, what Adam thinks he does is another.

  • JC

    Yes, I do know who you are. But you believe what you want.

  • G eazy

    This guy is an idiot

  • Aaron Marshall

    Smoking pot and video recording? Is that what constitutes a felony these days? Do you think that someone who does these things should be kept from getting a job, because it is almost impossible to get a job if your a felon. You rag on the guy for not having a job, but what is the motherfucker suppose to do?

  • Aaron Marshall

    Dude. I ain’t in your jurisdiction. Do you think I’m gonna let someone from another state tell me what I can say and can’t say. Don’t you dare come to my town, you are not welcome.

  • JC

    It was felony drug possession. It’s a lot worse than misdemeanor drug possession. He made his own path through life. Making excuses doesn’t cut it. I believe he will try too coast through life not taking responsibility for his actions. I believe he will be arrested too many times to count. When he realizes he has nothing too live on at the time most people retire, He will fake a claim for SSDI, and also apply for SSI benefits which will not be enough to support his living expenses.

  • Herbie Versmells

    Good this means ademos dumb ass can’t post ignorance for five days

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  • Brian Reese

    jesus christ you are dumb

  • Brian Reese

    for the love of god hold the fucking sign lady

  • Brian Reese

    you have…zero balls mate

  • Brian Reese

    lol over 100 grams of pot is a felony, and that can be smoked in a week. fuck off you dumbass.

  • Brian Reese

    and while you ARE a dumbass. i fully support your right to be one and post here. you know. the first amendment. free speech and what not. people who live in glass houses shouldnt throw stones. just sayin bud.

  • JC

    You are truly an idiot. I’m sure you worked hard at it.

  • Brian Reese

    im sure you are some kind of saint buddy. get your jollies from picking on activists do ya?