“F*** Your Breath” – Body-Cam Shows Unarmed Man Killed By OK Police

Body-cam footage has emerged of a fatal April 2 shooting of an unarmed man by police in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

73-year-old Reserve Tulsa County Deputy Robert Bates was assisting other officers who were trying to take Eric Harris into custody after the man fled during a sting operation, police say.

Police say Harris, who was unarmed, had ran from officers who were trying to arrest him for selling a 9 mm. pistol and ammunition to undercover cops earlier this year.

The footage shows officers pulling up to the scene as Harris attempts to make his get away.

Officers emerge from their vehicles and pursue Harris on a short foot chase before Deputy Bates pulls out his gun and fires a single shot into the man.

“He shot me! He shot me, man. Oh, my god. I’m losing my breath,” Eric Harris says as he lies dying on the ground.

“Fuck your breath,” one officer can be heard saying. “Shut the fuck up!”

“You shouldn’t have fucking ran!” another deputy screams, as Harris is held down by his neck and head.

Watch the raw footage:

Bates claims the ordeal was an accident and that he meant to pull his taser. He can be heard on the video shouting, “Taser! Taser!” before pulling the trigger on his gun.

“I shot him!” Bates says, dropping his gun. “I’m sorry.”

Officers called paramedics and firefighters to assist Harris, bu the man was pronounced dead about an hour after the shooting.

Tulsa Police Sgt. Jim Clark defended the deputies actions. “[Bates was] absolutely a threat when going down,” he said at a news conference.

Sheriff’s Capt. Billy McKelvey also placated the situation calling the shooting an “inadvertent mistake.”

Sgt. Dave Walker said that police “would not investigate the death unless the sheriff’s office asked them to, and they have not asked us to.”


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  • Shit for brains doesn’t know his taser from his pistol.


  • Rogue cops cost us money

    He can be heard on the video shouting, “Taser! Taser!” before pulling the trigger on his gun…… I never heard it at all…..Just gun shot.

  • Herbie Versmells

    It is audible. Listen again.

  • Herbie Versmells

    Accidental death of a criminal. Maybe they’ll make a movie about this scum bag too. Just like Oscar Grant. BUT I will say maybe a 73 year old shouldn’t be responding to calls with a weapon.


    Right. Just say you don’t like black people, so they should be shot sown like dogs in the street, without due process.

  • Rogue cops cost us money

    Well this 75 year old is a part time idiot pig is an Insurance executive. Lawsuit $$$$$$$ I see
    Tulsa Police Sgt. Jim Clark defended the deputies actions. I guess shooting a man already on the ground with 4 cops on top of him is still a threat?
    A pretty poor response to cover up a total fuck up.
    Where did this P/T idiot get his training? If this is the result, you better start retraining the whole force now.

  • Common Sense

    Whoops, looks like grandpa’s gonna need to talk to an attorney.

    Had Eric on submitted to arrest, he’d be breathing. Flight and fight has its risks.


  • Herbie Versmells

    Right away with the race bullshit… Gotta love it

  • t

    Yeah, of course his best defense–that a 73 year old reservist wasn’t the best candidate for assisting in a manhunt–implies that the sheriff is responsible. My town has a police volunteer program for retirees, too, but they sure as hell don’t send those guys out armed. Should be interesting to see how this turns out.

  • Common Sense

    The one here, the reserves aren’t cover by insurance, have to buy their own gear etc. Here, he’d be done (termed) and would be charged with reckless use causing death (2 yr felon).

    One account said that officers present didn’t realize it was a gun shot but the taser being deployed.

    I’d suspect the family will dig Tusla for the civil suit but since grandpa has no money, I’d be interested in seeing how the civil side plays out, Harris’ past not withstanding. I’d suspect a quiet settlement and non-disclosure agreement. Tragic and completely preventable.

  • Eric

    You would think at his age he would have plenty of training under his belt


    You mean you love being a racist?


    This insurance salesman wanted to take down a big criminal so he would have something to tell his grandchildren that night.


    He was a reservist for their department, therefore, they are also liable.

  • t

    I’d agree.

    BTW….that first post wasn’t me.
    My city doesn’t have a reserve program.

    Btw…..my imposters are WAY ahead of yours and 31’s.
    It’s funny though….when they start writing things that make sense….it’s not making fun of me.

    I love it. It’s winning without even playing.

  • Herbie Versmells

    Lol and again

  • ymygody

    just keep saying it over and over. the only good pigs are dead pigs. fuck police, they all deserve a heinous death.

  • ymygody

    that’s because you’re just too stupid to see below the surface.

  • Jonnie Camarari

    I don’t buy the “I thought it was my taser” BS for one second !
    They don’t even fell the same in your hand. The guy was already on the ground subdued. There was no reason even to use a taser on someone with cops already holding him. Why hasn’t the reserve deputy been charged with murder ?
    There’s no covering up this one !
    He was unarmed and running away he was no threat to anyone !
    It’s a natural instinct to flee danger.

    ROGUE COPS are costing taxpayers millions of Tax dollars every year !
    Prosecutors/States Atty’s unwilling to bring charges should be FIRED !
    This is a national disgrace and a nation wide problem.

  • ymygody

    and he’s probably the smartest cop there. they don’t hire the people that set the curve. they hire the people that couldn’t write their name on the test.

  • Common Sense

    They have to write something that sometimes supports the police – odd isn’t it.

  • Joseph Murray

    Even of it WAS an accident, whey tase someone already on the ground? Want to see his hands? Tasering will pretty much guarantee he can’t produce them.

  • na_resident

    I love how the police apologists make excuses like “no due process for criminals” as if only “innocent” people deserve professional treatment from Law Enforcement. Isn’t that the point of the justice system, to get due process? Police handing out heavy handed punishment is unacceptable under any circumstances

  • Gratis Banks

    How was Oscar Grant a scumbag?

  • Gratis Banks

    I love how you don’t mention the sociopathic behavior of the police officers who says “fuck your breath”.

  • csbubba

    Cops I know always use to tell me “a dead perp/victim is less paper work”

  • t

    Makes me smile

  • Common Sense

    Turns out Mr Quick Draw is a retired cop (from somewhere) but is now an insurance executive. The 1% are hunting blacks!

    The PD states he will not be charged (or they are not seeking charges) but the case will be reviewed by the local DA and the FBI.

  • Common Sense

    Foul language is not a crime, remember. You’d think that you’d defend everyone’s 1st Amendment rights.

  • JC

    The guy was trying to sell an undercover officer a 9mm. He gets caught and runs. Why did he run? He did it too himself.

  • WD!

    Guns don’t fire themselves dumbfuck

  • Herbie Versmells

    drug dealing. illegal weapons. need i say more.

  • dan gregor

    @”common sense”
    when a man is mocked while dieing by a sociopathic “public servant” it clearly not just “Foul language” or “1st Amendment rights.” that are the issue here you disingenous dirtbag!

  • Leon Bonta

    Pure killers

  • dlo

    So i guess shooting him is ok cause hes running from you. Gun should only be fired if the officers life is in danger or someone else. And that wasnt the case here

  • Hvacrpro

    He shot me.. I didnt do anything to warrant being shot! that is what I heard. and the Public Safety Officer said, FUCK Your Breath. WE have the right to shoot anyone who runs from the Police in any situation… Is what I heard.

  • keepitreal

    Really? Right there in the BART station? Funny, all the news reports missed that. They all say he was just sitting there waiting for a train. Fucking douchebag moron.

  • Herbie Versmells

    Lol what an idiot

  • John Williams

    The 73yo is being charged with 2nd degree manslaughter.

  • JAB58

    Robert Bates chasing people wearing Depends get that old fart off the streets

  • Gratis Banks

    Selling drugs doesn’t make you a scumbag. Are tobacco dealers and alcohol dealers scumbags? How about sellers of prescription medications like opiates?

    Illegal weapons! He never used a weapon to harm anyone, ever. Having a gun that the government doesn’t like because you didn’t get a license/registration doesn’t make you a scumbag.

  • Herbie Versmells

    well spoken. my point was merely that he put himself in the situation that led to his death with the altercation that he was involved with and the drugs he was taking and the people he ran with. now of course im not saying he deserved to die. of course it was a terrible accident and the police officer was in my opinion dealt with appropriately. and also the movie made of him shows made up scenes to glorify someone who was by all accounts not such a good person.

  • Herbie Versmells

    also there is something to be said about where the moral ground lies in selling any harmful and addictive substance.

  • Common Sense

    You’re mean!

    Sorry, protected, fuck off.

  • Common Sense

    Lots of caps, someone’s serious

  • Bob

    “you should not of ran” does not give a legal right to SHOT A HUMAN BEING DEAD!

  • Bob

    so not blinding submitting = right to be shot? Can you show me that law that allows the right to slay other people if they do not submit instantly? With cops flight OR fight equal death to them……so either way you are dead the instant they interact with you and they no longer value your life.

  • Bob

    acts that would be a crime if non police commit the act ( due process of course) seems a free pass if one merely has a shiny badge and a neat costume? Right?

  • Bob

    Innocent until proven guilty, unless due process gives you a bad taste in the mouth. Zero right to shoot a criminal either in the back pinned in a knee lock on the ground based on an allegation…..so yeah there is that.

  • keepitreal

    Really? And how’s that? Am I incorrect? Was he carrying a gun? No. Was he selling dope in the BART station? Also, no. So exactly where is it that I’m an idiot, moron? The entire world really would have been better off had your parents recognized that they should not breed. Inferior genetics and all that. Fucking douchebag waste.

  • keepitreal

    You’re a punk ass bitch, homer.

  • Bob

    Did he have due process, get charged, go to court, trial by jury and all the rest…….then it is a allegation. Allegations does not= right to be shot dead at the pleasure of a psychopath with a shiny badge and a costume…..

  • JC

    He was busted trying to sell a 9mm to an undercover police officer.

  • JesseMace

    you know what else, did you hear the pig screaming at the man to stfu, this azzhole should not be on the force. the suspect has a bullet in him and he’s dying and the fckhead pig can’t handle a the victim’s bemoaning. that mfer should not be wearing a badge.

  • Gratis Banks

    There is no moral ground when it comes to engaging in a voluntary arrangement with another person. Selling drugs, both illicit and licit, is perfectly fine.

  • Herbie Versmells

    Yea that’s why the cop got fired and went to prison for a year

  • Herbie Versmells

    Stop it you’re hurting my feelings

  • Herbie Versmells

    These were accidents caused by a couple of idiots. One a fucking senior citizen.

  • Herbie Versmells

    Go tell that to the addicts families who can’t do anything but watch a loved one die from their addiction/disease

  • Herbie Versmells

    Like I’ve said before. Oscar grant put Himself in the situation that led to his death. Not saying he deserved to die but unfortunately mistakes happen. And the cop and city had to pay for them.

  • Gratis Banks

    Okay, so you think that tobacco producers and alcohol producers are responsible for the negative effects of their products? How about making soda manufacturers and cookie producers responsible for heart disease?

  • Herbie Versmells

    That’s not what I said. Merely making a point. And cookies and soda is a big stretch. You don’t have seizures or get dope sick or possibly die when you stop eating cookies and soda. And how many people are stealing cheating and lying to support a cookie and soda addiction.

  • keepitreal

    And I’m asking how he put himself in that situation? By sitting in a BART station waiting for a train? I’ve done that about 500 times or so. So I put myself in that situation as well?

  • keepitreal

    Not trying to. You just put yourself in the position of being called a punk ass bitch.

  • Herbie Versmells

    lol the police got called there because of an altercation he was involved in.

  • Herbie Versmells


  • keepitreal
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  • CorruptAmericanGovernment

    Welcome to your FREE COUNTRY America!! These dirty pigs are nothing but tyrants!! We ‘think’ we’re free because someone else told us we’re Free and we’ve been indoctrinated to believe that THIS is freedom!! Wake the fcuk up America!! The tyrants are all around you. None of this will stop until we put our petty differences down, walk away from them and come together and unite for the common good of us all, regardless of race, religion or ANY OF THAT CRAP that divides us. You’re not as FREE as you think you are!! You’ve just been told you’re free and have chosen to believe it, rather than critically thinking and seeing they government control, militarization of our police and absolute tyranny we see unfolding all around us!!

  • CorruptAmericanGovernment

    OBEY OR DIE AMERICA!!! OBEY OR DIE!!! Yeah, we’re Free!! Uh huh!! Free like the Germans under Hitler’s rule!! Tyranny is here until WE decide to throw it off. Read the Declaration of Independence!! READ IT!! READ IT!! Read your Constitution!! READ IT!!! DAMN IT READ IT!!! Then compare what you read to what you see ALL AROUND YOU!! Our Constitution provides us the means to ‘deal with’ this shit, but we’re all too scared, or is it we’re all too comfortable, fat, lazy, drugged up, entertained and fcuken mind controlled. We have become a nation of sheep and we are being slaughtered by wolves!!

  • steve

    73 year old deputy?

  • Morgan Morris

    First off if your that dumb you should lose your job. Second he knew he did wrong! That blows my mind! “I shot him!” Bates says, dropping his gun. “I’m sorry.” But i bet he’ll still get away with it even though HE KNOWS HE DID WRONG!

  • Lorraine Noriega

    The story says he got shot while running. They shot him when they had him down. MURDER. And i seen this animal on the Today show..!! This was no accident..!!

  • fats

    The deputy said he was sorry, what more do you want, gee. When the elected officials get reelected they may promise that it will not happen again. Where will you be election day.