Ademo’s Sentencing and Overview of Chalking Incident

For those that have been following this blog, you might remember that myself and eight others were arrested while protesting the Manchester (NH) police – after four of its officers were cleared of wrong doing in the Strange Brew incident. It took about 6 months, considerably shorter than ‘justice’ for others, and to no surprise the judge (this was a bench trial) ruled in favor of the state.

Refusing arguments that I was engaged in Free Speech and Peaceful Assembly – as protected by that worthless paper known as the Constitution (seriously, when is the state going to recycle that shit) – stating Free Speech does not allow me to damage property. Yet, at my trial I wasn’t allowed to ask witnesses if they thought, or had proof, of me damaging anything. In fact, I wasn’t allowed to say the word damage at all because that is a legal conclusion for the court – who?  yeah the ‘court’- to decide.

Above is my over arching video on the matter. Stay tuned for an update, as I’m still unsure of what I’ll do (appeal, take my sentence or whatever), after my Jan 9th sentencing hearing.

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  • Rob

    I hope you’ll appeal, assuming that you can afford to or can find a good lawyer willing to do so pro bono. If you had been using something like paint there might be a point to claiming that you damaged the property, but common sense tells us that ordinary sidewalk chalk would not “damage” anything (other than the “authorities” feelings.)

  • Icaticus

    For once I have to say a lawyer would be helpful. I bet you could get one to take it probono. Even though at this point it would be an appeal.

  • Shigman

    Yet another thing for your arrest record. Keep building it up, maybe someday you’ll be lucky to get a worthy job that doesn’t rely on lawless donations :P

  • clc

    There are way too many cops in society if they have nothing better to do than arrest these guys for this. We need to get out and vote down any raises or additions to law enforcements in our towns. They real cops are in the big cities actually fighting crime, the whimps are in Manchester arresting innocent people for freedom of speech violations. When is it going to stop??? Stop hiring cops, our towns could spend the money in much more beneficial ways.

  • Sheldon

    That be awesome if you got the whole two years plus the fines.


    Ademo,how were you convicted? Did a jury convict you? What an outrage!
    Oh,and I tried to call you today brother.

  • You got no jury trial right? No chance of your actions or the law being judged by your peers.

    What then differentiates us from North Korea, Red China, or Cuba?

    Not a damn thing it seems! Welcome to Amerika. The land of the serf home of the slave.

  • Cory

    Should start a site called “Firefighters Welcome”. They are the ones who “serve and protect”. The populace should swarm to the Firefighters for protection. Don’t call 911, call what emergency number goes directly to Fire Dept. 911 will only bring cops who will arrest (and of course beat) you even if you are the victim. I teach my kids to avoid anyone in blue (now black) uniform, and its only the firefighters who have our best interest at heart. I’m not a firefighter, but they are our only public servants who make it their business to protect and save human lives.
    Everyone knows the political hatred between the two forces, but the Cops have been hoisted on their own petard.

  • Cory
    Most doctors are not very fond of cops either. Perhaps because of the various intrusive reporting laws that create a conflict in patient / doctor privacy and the threat of jail time if they slip up.

    I don’t know but it’s there big time according to people I know in medicine.

  • Sheldon

    Cory, your a scumbag

  • t.

    Ah..sweet accountability. Guess it’s good for the goose but not so good when your the gander eh?

    You always demand accountability. Guess you found some.

  • Dan

    I’ve given some thought to the “chalking” incident, Adam and Peter not only are you a waste of time, you are racking up expensive bills for the taxpayers of America. I’m not happy that my tax dollars are being spent cleaning up after your childish acts.

  • Shigman


  • Ian

    @Dan If you are so worried about taxpayers money being wasted on these guys….let have their demonstration, send them a bill for the cleanup and if they don’t pay it, put on tax lien on them. Why waste so much judicial system time and money on them???? Most of the posters are correct…If the cops and courts have this much time and resources to worry about these guys, then we have too many cops and courts to begin with.

  • Ian

    @sheldon….yea cory if you are not a LEO cheerleader and don’t believe that they are always right, you are a scumbag.

  • Pete Malloy

    No, having a criminal record makes you a scum bag. Congrats though, you set out to get arrested so you could feel vindicated and you succeeded. Now, own up to your actions and accept your punishment like an adult. Police Officers should be responsible when they make a mistake, and jobless bigots should be held to the same standard. Not having a badge doesn’t grant you extra rights lol.

  • I disagree Pete. I consider getting arrested a badge of honor myself. It means you got off the couch and actually tried to do something to change an evil society.

    Let me ask you Pete… Where are the victims of Ademo’s actions? Where are the victims of the cops actions? One group exists the other are imaginary.

    Are people really this dumbed down? I guess so….it’s even scarier that they vote and get on juries.

  • Bob

    @Joe in Missouri – just because you wear a badge of honor doesn’t give you extra rights. It just shows how dumbed down you really are.

  • Bob I thought that people smoking crack did not post on this thread.
    WTF are you trying to say?
    As I asked: Are people really this dumbed down?
    Well you answered that question.

  • Bob

    Answer the question that was asked. Is that all you can do – knock someone else without answering a question? You make the copblock people look worse each time you do this. Just because someone doesn’t agree with you doesn’t mean that they smoke crack or are dumb. However, that seems to be the method of most copblock people on here. Waiting for your next smart aleck remark. Grow up!

  • Bob the questions I asked were not meant to be answered by anyone with a mind — as the answers are obvious.

    I think your comments speak for themselves.
    I could not make you look any worse than you do to yourself.

  • Bob it’s called a rhetorical question I know that is probably beyond your comprehension. Could we get back on topic?

  • Pete Malloy

    I personally hold going to college, getting a job, and doing something more productive than harassing the police to be a step above getting arrested. You guys are honestly no different than the law enforcement officers you so strongly despise. You have devised your own set of laws that you believe should be upheld and you go out to enforce them. You insert yourself into situations where the opposing side doesn’t believe you should be, and you instigate conflict. The problem is the rest of civilized society doesn’t agree with your fabricated laws, and as a result you face legal consequences. Grow up guys, real change comes from educated decision making, not tantrums on the street.

  • t.

    PETE: Not having a bad be doesn’t grant you extra rights! (Love it, just mad that I didn’t say that first, you should make website about that)

    JOE: Wrong. The first amendment does protect free speech. It doesn’t protect hate speech, it doesn’t protect inciting riots or calls to violence. It doesn’t protect pronograpgy and things the violate ‘the community standard’. It protects the right to ‘peacably assembly (ademo even quotes that part although he gets it wrong because he wasn’t)

    A liitle research should show you that the founding fathers clearly meant for ‘political speech to be protected. That unfortunatelynwasn’t laid out so clearly and it has now been polluted.

    Ademo and the ass clowns writing “fuck the police’ on the police station I don’t believe will past constitutional muster. But he can take his chance. That what he wants and now he’s crying cause he is being held accountable. Appeal it.

    But if being arrested is a badge of honor and courage to you for your act of civil disobidenc, OK. (Heckmcome tomwhereninworknand I’ll gladly help you). But when you do get arrested, don’t be a bitch like A demo was. Get up and walk to get your badge of honor.

  • Bob

    I have tried to carry on a normal conversation with people like Joe in Missouri but have found that they don’t know how to do that. They resort to their name calling and such. Therefore I just bait them with something so they can make another stupid quote and show who they really are. It’s so much fun because Joe in Missouri always grabs the bait. It just helps in making this page have less and less credibility. Maybe I shouldn’t have said that as he didn’t have a clue. Love it!

  • Mr. T. it is precisely objectionable speech that the 1st amendment was meant to protect whether you call it hate speech or what ever.

    Protecting speech everyone likes would have been sort of pointless don’t you think?

  • t.

    Joe: OK. Again, just don’t be a bitch when you get arrested. Walk proud on your way to get your badge of honor.

    And as I’ve said before, tell the intake offices I said “hi”

  • T. dish up some more non sequiturs. I really think you are just clueless as to what this is all about.

  • Pete Malloy

    Free speech is protected. Writing on your local police station is not. There is a difference. Talk all you would like to those who will listen, but don’t deface a building because you want to taunt law enforcement. He wanted to get arrested so he could whine about it, because at copblock accountability is a one way street. Passive resistance is still resistance. Six year olds who don’t get their way in the middle of the grocery store throw themselves on the ground, not self respecting grown men. Keep up the fight though, you do more to discredit yourselves than the rest of us could ever hope to.

  • Shigman

    @pete malloy good sir you pinned the nail on the hypocrites head. Thank you for the hope of people of good sense are on here.

  • ingr8

    @pete malloy: So civil disobedience is childish and unmanly?
    If anyone truly resisted you would likely call them a traitor and un-american.
    It takes far more cahones to be a peacefully disobediant protester than it does to be a live action role playing thug.
    Brown-nosing authority on the other hand, is for those who seek the path of least resistance and a pat on the head from mummy and daddy.
    A blue costume does not turn murder, home invasion, highway robbery, extortion, torture, or any other crime into heroism.
    Teach your children to never wear a uniform. Teach them to get real jobs in the private sector. Public sector jobs for dole-collecting moochers who serve the fascist corporate regime.


    Insure your legal representative preserves your US Cont 1st Amend rights and your New Hampshire Constitution Sec 1, Art 22 Rights of free speech, with proper Motions for a New Trial and Motion for Aquittal Not With Standing the Verdict raising your federal and state Constitutional defenses..
    Yes you have a whore for the mob running the court. but fight the free speech fight..on to the courts of appeals. You have to keep Swinging at them, plus New Hampshire also Constitutionally codified the right of revolution.. it would seem odd that a non-destructive communicative act like chalking which wears off like shoe scuffs a deminimus injury to public property not greater that normal wear and tear, would be criminalized in a state that constitutionally adopts revolution as the alternative answer for this oppression..

  • I would have more difficulty with the chalking the building, and would have to use a bit more thought on how to claim a “de minimus” injury to the building.. hmmm.. I like sticking with the sidewalks.. for 1st Amendment purposes.. but also recognize that posters sometimes require a “Post No Bills” warning.. New Hampshire’s own constitution recognizes that
    Zero Tolerance for dissent equals Revolution by force of arms.

  • Dear Ademo, I reccomend a lawyers for any case that you can serve more that 1 year in prison can demand a jury trial to the best of my understanding.. I semand them as a matter of course all the time on the multiple 1st amendment arrests I have had.. Fight the Power.

  • Pete Malloy

    I find myself only coming back to see the day when this over grown man child ends up in jail. He is going to get someone killed with this excessive desire to interject himself into every law enforcement related situation. All it will take is one potentially volatile suspect seizing the oppurtunity of distraction for someone to get seriously injured. I hope the camera is rolling when it happens so it can be used as evidence against him. Most states include a reckless/negligent culpable mental state for harm caused to others, and this exemplifies that. It is a total disregard for the well being of everyone for personal gratification.

  • Ghandi, Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King were all scumbags who racked up arrest records too!

    Rosa Parks knew it was illegal to sit in the white man’s seat but choose to make a show and got what she deserved. Good thing there were cops there to arrest her for violating the law!

    The tax payers had to pay to jail Martin Luther King. He should of found something constructive to do with his time also.

    See, anyone can think like a cop if you deprive your brain of oxygen long enough.

    If I was a little more brain damaged like an actual cop I could praise the NAZIs for their efforts in keeping those trouble making Jews in line.

    Badges don’t grant extra rights but they sure do remove the ability to think or have a conscience.

  • Total Resistance said: “See, anyone can think like a cop if you deprive your brain of oxygen long enough.”
    That says it all TR. :-) I thought for a time that a time machine had delivered a unit of Hitlers SS officers who were posting their illogical, evil views here.

    It is a relief to now know that it is merely brain damage caused by lack of oxygen.

  • Dan

    “If I was a little more brain damaged like an actual cop I could praise the NAZIs for their efforts in keeping those trouble making Jews in line.”

    I am almost certain that “chalking a building ” and “NAZIs handling Jews” ” are two totally different topics.

  • Dan

    @ Joe

    Joe could you please leave Hitler out of the “chalk” conversation. Why does his name always come up under all your posts,

    Let me guess because I am brain dead, and it’s because of my lack of oxygen

  • It seems he really is brain damaged TR.

    He thinks that Cops that beat a man to such a degree that he is permanently damaged for no reason and are let go is accountability, and a man that OMG chalks a building that he paid for should spend years in jail for the crime is accountability.

    It has to take damaged mind to think this is justice or accountability.

  • Dan when dealing with the brain damaged you have to use historical figures that will be recognized by such.

    Do you have an issue with the accuracy of my metaphor?

  • Dan

    “spend years in jail for the crime is accountability.”

    If he even spends time in jail it’s not because of the chalking incident, It will be based on his record.

  • Dan

    “Do you have an issue with the accuracy of my metaphor?”


  • Dan judging from your posts and the evil and perverted logic that you spew you are either a cop or a psychopath. Perhaps both.

  • Dan


  • Z

    Hey .t

    “The first amendment does protect free speech. It doesn’t protect hate speech, it doesn’t protect inciting riots or calls to violence.”

    Ever heard of the westboro baptist church? They do both, and we are told it’s their right.

  • Pete Malloy

    Don’t trivialize one of the greatest atrocities of the last century for your petty argument. The reality is man childs arrest and the attempted extermination of an entire people aren’t fit to even be called comparing apples and oranges. Officers may show acts of aggresion that you don’t agree with, and I will respect that. However, I’ve yet to see a department round up people by the hundreds of thousands and execute them. I like an intelligent debate on the issue as there is much to be learned from different perspectives, but there is a level of respect that should be kept for mankind, especially those who have seen horrors greater than any of us could imagine. Millions of lives were torn apart by the holocaust, show some respect and stop making it a cheap talking point.

  • Pete Malloy

    Ghandi, rosa parks and Martin Luther King Jr. Didn’t whine about being arrested. They did what needed to be done to effect change and took the consequences of their actions. It comes back to apples and oranges. I personally find it annoying that someone would draw on a public building for no other reason than to antagonize law enforcement. I take pride in my community and I want that reflected in clean profesional looking buildings. Man childs not fighting for the right to deface buildings, he just wants to bait law enforcement. There is no goal here other than to be a pain in civilized socities ass. Like I said, a lack of a badge doesn’t grant extra rights to be a pain in the ass.

  • I trivialize nothing. In many ways Hitlers concentration camp guards were of higher character than most of today’s cops. These cops and many like them assault and even kill American citizens against the law and they not even punished.

    While you may not agree with the laws in Germany, the Concentration camp guards at least followed Germany’s laws which is more than can be said for most of today’s cops.

  • Pete said: “I personally find it annoying that someone would draw on a public building for no other reason than to antagonize law enforcement. ”

    Glad you find it annoying Pete. I find it great. This incident shows what these criminal cops are made of. That they lack integrity and character, and engage in criminal behavior at the drop of a hat. I think Ademo did the world a great service getting these thugs to show their true colors.

    Do you think the jack booted thugs will face jail time for fabricating the assault charges against Ademo? A Badge offers no special protections after all Pete.

    A public official using his position to lie and frame a citizen ought to at the very least be fired, lose his pension, never be able to work in law enforcement again, face a civil suit and loose his home and all of his possessions, and that is before they begin serving a LONG jail sentence. And as a convicted felon never be able to own a weapon or vote or run for office or work in many professions. The above would IMHO be treating these sick animals in a humane manner.

  • Kenny

    While the young people involved may think that defacing public property is OK and merely a form of expression, it is not.

    As for the original protest, the Strange Brew beating was justified. People here complain about police brutality, but when a Strange Brew employee is attcked and verbally assaulted and then a police officer is struck, all bets are off. It’s time for people to star taking responsibility for their actions, not inviting violence and then complaining when it arrives.

  • Pete Malloy

    Joe, you are a fucking moron. I hate using name calling, but you are just that stupid. You really are. Thank you though, because you did more for my anti cop block than I ever could. copblockblocked!

  • DeadlyFoez

    ‘Ademo’, you sir are a true fucking idiot. I hope Bubba teaches you a nice little lesson in jail and you learn why you should just shut the fuck up and quit with the childish behavior. Seriously, grow the fuck up and get the god damn sand out of your vagina.

    Little bitch.

  • DeadlyFoez

    Kinda ironic that on a site where you are bitching about freedom of speech, when I go to post a comment I get a “Your comment is awaiting moderation” message.

    And you know what you cop block morons, even if you were judged by a jury of your peers you would still go to jail. As you can see that the majority of the people posting in here are telling you guys that you are idiots. So face the fact and the truth that you are real idiots.

  • Thank God Pete. Don’t let the door hit you in the you know where. Your illogical posts won’t be missed

    People that use name calling because they can not defend ANY of their ideas would be better posting on a cop admiration site.

    Perhaps this would be to your liking:

  • Philip

    WHY DID YOU NOT PLACE ON THE RECORD A COPY OF THE JUDGE’S OATH OF OFFICE. was there a verification of the complaint, did an injured party or fist had witness swear under penalty of perjury. and them go after him with a title 18 USC sec 1983, or a title 42 claim against his bond.

    Sic um

  • Pete Malloy says:
    January 9, 2012 at 4:07 pm

    Don’t trivialize one of the greatest atrocities of the last century for your petty argument…..
    Pete you do not know your history Stalin and Mao killed many more people than Hitler even thought about. Hitler are a piker in the eugenics business.

    I bet you have never wondered why it is a crime in Europe to do any research on the Holocaust while there is no other event in the history of mankind where it is a crime to do so. Does this tell you anything?

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