Ademo’s Sentencing and Overview of Chalking Incident

For those that have been following this blog, you might remember that myself and eight others were arrested while protesting the Manchester (NH) police – after four of its officers were cleared of wrong doing in the Strange Brew incident. It took about 6 months, considerably shorter than ‘justice’ for others, and to no surprise the judge (this was a bench trial) ruled in favor of the state.

Refusing arguments that I was engaged in Free Speech and Peaceful Assembly – as protected by that worthless paper known as the Constitution (seriously, when is the state going to recycle that shit) – stating Free Speech does not allow me to damage property. Yet, at my trial I wasn’t allowed to ask witnesses if they thought, or had proof, of me damaging anything. In fact, I wasn’t allowed to say the word damage at all because that is a legal conclusion for the court – who?  yeah the ‘court’- to decide.

Above is my over arching video on the matter. Stay tuned for an update, as I’m still unsure of what I’ll do (appeal, take my sentence or whatever), after my Jan 9th sentencing hearing.

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