“His name is Pat Oborski”

His name is Pat Oborski, an Austin TX Police Department officer who is getting a lot of notoriety lately, not because he arrested over 300 people in 2010 for dwi for which M.A.D.D. recognized him as a hero, but rather Officer Oborski is the man who assaulted Antonio Buehler.
Just after 1 am Sunday morning at an Austin TX gas station on the corner of 10th Street and Lamar Blvd, Buehler had stopped for gas on his way home from a New Year’s party where he was the designated driver. He heard a loud scream and noticed a young woman being “violently yanked” from a car by a cop, which turned out to be Officer Snider. The woman had been a passenger in a car stopped for possible dwi. Pat Oborski assisted his partner by throwing the woman to the ground on her knees, cuffing and dragging her. Buehler took out his phone and started photographing the incident when Pat Oborski approached him asking “what the hell” he was taking pictures for. Buehler informed Oborski he was a public official in a public place and photography was permitted. Oborski claimed Buehler was interferring with his investigation and shoved Buehler’s chest, pushing him against a truck, before arresting him. Oborski claims Buehler spit in his face, which Buehler denies. Buehler was charged with 3rd degree felony harassment of a public servant. Strange, since spitting in a cop’s face usually gets a person an assault charge.
“I would not get involved in police action,” says Buehler, “unless they were doing something heinous such as man-handling a woman who was no threat to them. There are two criminals on the loose; they are looking to get into fights. They wear blue, are armed and wear badges,” Buehler added.




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  • Shigman

    Actually what they are forgetting to mention in the video, from what Antonio put ON A FB POST TO COPBLOCK, was that he walked up to the officers and yelled to leave her alone. Which is the truth Antonio? That you were just recording from a distance or that you walked up and screamed at officers? Nice try, maybe the Iraqi violence got to your head

  • Shigman

    Antonio Buehler: Here’s the story, this girl was the passenger in a car that was pulled over (for DUI). While the driver was being given a field sobriety test, this girl yelled to her friend to not submit to any tests. At that point thug #1 goes to her door, opens it, and begins talking to her. Soon, the cop is violently yanking her out and tossing her around, and thug #2 joins in. They cuff her and take her to cruiser. She was later cited for “public intoxication” (because being drunk in the passenger seat of a car is obviously public).

    While this was happening, I yelled at them to stop abusing her, reminding them that she was hurting no one and was a threat to no one.

    So whats the truth buddy? Seems she deserved to be arrested for trying to start problems between the cops and you huh? You are just another average everyday troublemaker from the looks of it.

  • Hassan Hussein

    thank you for supporting over zealous policemen shigman

  • JoeBlow

    Unjust arrest made by domestic terrorists. Suppression of freedom of speech. He took him back to blow for intoxication just so he could possibly add another scratch to his wall of DUI DWI and public intoxication arrest record. He (officer) made it his personal goal to operate on his own and construct his own arrest goals.

  • Austin Guy

    The officer who assaulted the female is named OFC Snider.

    Shigman, are you Oborski?

  • Anonymous

    OFC Snider is the name of the cop who assaulted the female in this episode.

    Shigman, are you related to Oborski, or are you Oborski? What’s wrong, upset because now you’re going to be going to jail?

  • Anonymous

    He never claimed to walk up to the officers, Shigman. You are lying. Nice try though. Do you work for APD?

  • r3t0dd

    The proof is in the pudding. These cops were out of line and deserve to be officially reprimanded (if not fired) for it.

  • Nick Jensen

    Hey Shigman,

    I’d ask that you be man enough to own up and post your name. Otherwise your a coward. I also ask you to be able to grasp simple acts of satire.

    Being Drunk in the passenger seat of your car is not Drunk in public, that is a huge mis-understanding of the law, one that displays your outright ignorance to how proceedings go and defeats the purpose of having a Designated Driver, or even public bars. (Considering Antonio was the DD and the man with him was drinking yet he was not arrested for being “Drunk in public”)

    As far as another average everyday trouble maker ?

    He yelled at cops telling them to treat the lady nicer, and took pictures of them.

    IF thats what everyday trouble makers are then I’d like to honestly know your name, and pick your brain to understand what in the heck you’ve experienced in your life as to what would be a everyday trouble maker.

    But judging by the fact that you’ve decided to remain anonymous I suppose we can further assume you will be taking the cowardly role.

  • Richelle

    This is what a police state looks like. All across the country police are becoming more and more militarized and are given a free pass to trample the Bill of Rights. And with idiots like Shigman cheering the goons along and claiming that an individual calling upon the officers to desist in their abuse of power is being a “troublemaker” we can only expect things to get a lot worse.

    These pigs, sorry *police officers*, were completely out of line in taking aggressive action against the woman trying to advise her friend of her right to refuse to submit to a search. They were also completely out of line in taking aggressive action against Mr. Buehler for documenting the incident and calling into question their violent treatment of the woman in the car.

  • Chris Mallory

    A person should never be arrested for words or “failing to follow orders.” Anyone who thinks different must be a thug or be cursed with a micro penis. Which is it Shigman?

  • that guy

    His home phone # (512) 695-915

  • that guy

    (512) 695-9152 sorry


    This makes my blood boil!Buehler you are a courageous man.Thank you for being a true patriot.I hope you make these vermin pay with their jobs,and their liberty.Those cops need to be caged!

  • I no longer recognize this country. Ruby Ridge and Waco were high-profile incidents that got lots of press. But how many times in a day does stuff like this happen? I’d bet more than any normal person would be comfortable with.


    Thank God another citizen had the courage to start filming! This just goes to show…we should all ways have our cameras with us, and no matter how routine a police action may seem, record anyway!
    You just might be a fellow citizens guardian angel.

  • Carlos

    “In the U.S., a cop with a gun can commit the most heinous crime and be given the benefit of the doubt.”

  • Cory

    Th. Jefferson: “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”
    Just a quote from one of our Founding Fathers.

  • SFCRetired

    I would have expected no less from a West Point graduate. I hope you hand both those JBTs their heads on a platter.

  • Mike Suttles

    Remember kids, being a cop means:
    1) You are armed
    2) You are in control
    3) You get a pretty costume
    4) You are not accountable
    5) You have no competition <===

    Go get 'em, tiger

  • Ian

    It is so sad that this is becoming commonplace and typical and we are suppose to shutup and turn our heads. We never learn from history. This is how Germany and Italy turned into facist states back in the 20s & 30s. The slow erosion of civil rights in the name public safety and good order. Then there are these stupid laws that make you a criminal for looking at a LEO in a manner that he may find offensive.
    In a way it is unfortunate, but society is starting to fight back in good and bad ways. I mean unfortunate because of the bad ways. Last year the death rate for LEOs on the job increased. The good way is we have seen an increase in the numbers of people like Mr Buehler who have the courage to take a stand against police abuse.

  • FA Cpt.

    Shigman…..You are so effin feeble. Punk

  • kouhei iwamoto

    @nick jensen his real name is shane smith

  • Chloe

    He might have the highest DWI arrests, but I bet a week’s pay that his DWI’s have the highest dismissal rate too! I’d heard about this guy way before this incident. He’s a complete tool and disgrace to the badge!

  • Anonymous

    I suggest the next time any of you are in need of help, forget about calling 911 and call the hero Mr Buehler… yea! He will be right there to help you! These guys risk their lives every day to protect this city and keep us all safe. And who knows it could have been YOUR stupid life they could have saved when her drunk ass hit you the highway! Guess you might have forgotten about that! People are violent when drunk and not thinking…you and see the picture but you don’t know what she was saying to the officers, or exactly how much she was resisting! Its easy to be critical…. put that hat on for one night…. and then add another comment!

  • Mark

    I attended college with cops like these two punks and they always scored the lowest grades. Muscle without brain on an ego trip. Too bad Buehler (an Army ranger) could not let loose and show these woman-beaters how real men fight.

  • Richelle

    The girl they were man-handling was the passenger, so her “drunk ass” wasn’t a threat to anybody’s “stupid life” (a little callous to refer to the lives of those you disagree with as “stupid”, don’t you think?). As far as her behavior, I trust Mr. Buehler’s explanation of the incident in that she was being a threat to no one. I suppose you’re one of those fools who believes the cops should be able to slap cuffs on you if you question their actions instead of licking their boots. Additionally, even if the girl was being unruly that is still no justification for their aggressive actions against Mr. Buehler.

  • Anonymous


    I doubt that either of these two are “punks” as you call them! And any Army Ranger I have ever met should not be set free in society after being released from the military. They certainly are a “special”.

    And Rachel: Take a look at the show on TV called Jail…. and see how the Travis County Sheriff’s dept handles these people…… if you think Austin’s Finest were aggressive! And yes, you are correct she was the passenger, and should have kept her “drunk” mouth shut. If the driver had not been drinking there would have been no reason for a sobriety test… Right??? Were you there? Probably not, and neither was I so…. you have no right to be accusing these officers of doing something wrong…. And if Mr. Buehler spit in an officers face, he deserves to go down for that… that is an insult and he as a ‘supposed” Army Ranger, West Point Graduate, law abiding citizen of this country, should have more RESPECT for those protecting the people of this city then he obviously showed us on New Years Eve… What a low life he is!!!

  • No Bacon

    Anonymous=Shigman=Oborski=Punk Pig

  • Voice-of-Reason

    Anonymous tried to make a valid point (i.e., being a Ranger does not necessarily equate truthfulness) but then proves he/she is a merely a boot-licker by automatically assuming – w/o evidence – that Buehler is a “low life” who must be lying despite the fact that (1) Buehler’s history (West Point – Rangers – Bronze Star – MBA from Stanford, etc.) would tend to imply (but not prove) a his healthy RESPECT for authority used properly; (2) no evidence or previous history of Buehler confronting police; (3) reasonable minds would agree there must have been a REASON for Buehler to take photos; i.e., even if he allegedly hated cops and liked spitting on them, he still wouldn’t be taking photos of cops acting properly; (4) if Oborski is the type of guy who will use excessive force on a small woman then he might be exactly the type to falsely accuse someone of spitting to teach them a lesson; (5) Oborski requiring breath-a-lizer on 100% sober Buehler implies (but does not prove) that either Oborski has poor perception (impeaching his credibility) or that Oborski was improperly attempting to intimidate Buehler (also impeaching his credibility). I like good cops and suspect that Buelher does too, but perhaps Anonymous loves cops a little too much. They are public servants given extraordinary power, but power corrupts, especially when some citizens refuse to scrutinize police actions.

  • Anonymous

    “And if Mr. Buehler spit in an officers face, he deserves to go down for that… that is an insult and he as a ‘supposed” Army Ranger, West Point Graduate, law abiding citizen of this country, should have more RESPECT for those protecting the people of this city then he obviously showed us on New Years Eve… What a low life he is!!!”

    And what if it was the punk cop who made up a claim of spit in order to send an innocent person to jail? You moron, wake the hell up, stop licking boots, you coward!! What should happen to the low life cop???

  • Anonymous

    Where were the cops when Esme Barrera was killed in Austin on New Years Eve? Oh right, they were busy arresting peaceful citizens.

    Oborski and Snider are scum.

  • Anonymous

    No Bacon= WRONG!!!!! I just hope that soon you need help, and there is NO one there for you! And the next time you hear of someone getting killed by a drunk driver… just be thankful that there wasn’t some damm Punk pig around to stop them! Gosh you are just one great example of mankind!

  • that guy

    When you start dragging out the old chestnuts like, oh it’s a hard job, next time call a hippie instead of a cop, you already lost the argument. They took the job voluntarily, no one forced them to take it. And while a badge does not give you extra rights neither does getting angry. The best thing to come from this is the knowledge that these bad cops just don’t seem to realize video is everywhere now. They can’t hide from the light any longer. RUN ROACHES, RUN!

  • Anonymous

    Oborski and Snider are more honorable than you will ever be! You are a obviously the lowest of low, in this city! But one day you will realize how wrong you are and how sorry you will be for all the things you have said.. all I have to say

  • thatguyinaustin

    Anon wrote “But one day you will realize how wrong you are and how sorry you will be for all the things you have said.”
    I’m guessing the day you refer to is the day my rights get violated by criminals posing as police officers?
    Your statement would have more impact if you posted just one bit of evidence.

  • anonymus

    Those cops are a disgrace. My father was chief of police for 15 years and cop for 30 years. I grew up respecting the work of the police in serving the public and maintaining the peace. Those two scumbag bullies need to be fired, as well as all those who brutalized people, especially when people are exercising their right to free speech. They are traitors to their oath. There is no excuse for what is happening all over the US where police is used as a tool of oppression against the people.

  • Justice

    Even if Mr Buehler spit in the police officers face, what does that entitle the police to do? The correct answer is arrest the individual for the crime using the lease amount of force necessary to get control of the situation. The video clearly shows Mr Buehler not the aggressor in this situation. The officer pushed Mr Buehler back into a vehicle and then proceeded to throw Mr Buehler to the ground. Clearly on tape, Mr Buehler had his hands up in a position of surrender. Clearly assault by the cop on a person who could have just been handcuffed. Lets have both take a lie detector test for the spitting incident? I bet Mr Buehler would gladly take the test,and I bet the officer will use every excuse to avoid it. I hope Mr Buehler’s lawyer has his guy take the test and reveal it to the news. Lets see if the DA lets the grand jury have this, or try to bury it like normal.

  • Greg

    I was arrested by officer Oborski a few months ago for sleeping in my car. I watched his dashboard recording of the incident and realized what a pro he is about manipulating his camera and microphone. He has a way to put his hand over his microphone when he says inappropriate things so it won’t be recorded. After being asked where I was coming from and admiting it was a gay bar i could tell he was determined to arrest me and was willing to lie, cheat or whatever it took to do so. I also blew and nothing registered so he then cleaverly erased the portion of the tape that showed me blowing. His partner asked what I blew and he said “oh he probably didnt’t blow hard enough” He also lied and said he followed behind me while I was driving and that I was weaving but didn’t decide to pull me over??? If that was true why would he not pull over someone weaving in and out of the lines?? He decided to go on another stop and then come back to investigate me 30 min later? That doesn’t even make sense. If he doesn’t like the way you even look at him he will make up things and it will cost you $5,000.-$10,000. to prove him wrong so he wins either way. Oborski has been getting away with lieing under oath and manipulating the system for his own prejudices so long that now he is getting very sloppy with his own misconduct. It is time, he needs to be fired immediately! Anyone who thinks oh he’s just doing his job is very mistaken and you will feel differently if your paths ever cross! He is over the top!

  • Anonymous

    Oborski and Snider are the scum of the earth! They are obviously the lowest of low, in this city! But one day they will realize how wrong they were and how sorry they will be for all the things they have done.. all I have to say

  • Liberty

    Shigman—a troublemaker?? right, an Army Ranger Captain and a MBA from Stanford? Wonder what these slimeballs are rocking…

  • Hashtag


    He’s already taken down his facebook profile – maybe he’ll resign from the APD as well.

    What a tool.


  • Artie

    Shigman: where’s Dawn? Did the bitch fall off the bike?

  • that guy

    The stupid cop’s wife even had to take down her Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/cathy.oborski I feel so sorry for her being married to such a lowlife as Patrick Oborski. I’m sure he mistreats her just like he mistreats the public he is suppose to server and protect. I read a comment on a bad-cop video on YouTube the other day that was right on the money.
    “The government keeps warning us about terrorist.The only terrorist that the average American will ever see or encounter is the American law enforcement.”
    Well since he took down his Facebook page send him a letter at:
    Patrick Oborski
    2749 Mirasol Loop
    Round Rock TX 78681

  • Gary Johnson

    Or you could always call Oborski at (512) 695-9152. It’s public domain information.

  • Sweethope

    “Anon-Oborski and Snider are more honorable than you will ever be! You are a obviously the lowest of low, in this city”

    Hey guys honor is roughing up a hundred pound girl for speaking! who knew?
    I guess for him to be the lower than that he’d have to move from roughing up a girl to roughing up a veteran…. oh wait

  • Nick Jensen

    Please, DO not send anything to Oborski’s house, do not involve his family for his shortcomings as a man. No need to scare and terrorize his family.He will get his day in court and he will be found wrong or we will start the peaceful disobedient revolution in Austin Texas.

    As far as Antonio spitting in his face….. He didn’t, you can see in the video he didn’t, when someone spits in some ones face, their neck goes forward, the police officer didn’t react like someone spit in his face, slight moving of the face, no wiping of the spit. IT was a fabrication because he needed something to Arrest Antonio with after he poked Antonio to the back of the pickup truck.

    Been sometime now APD… Longer you go the more guilty you look.

    And to address the Anonymous comments about the officers doing their job, for arresting the Passenger for a DWI.

    ARe you daft or Did you read the article ? At what point do you think a passenger is guilty for the actions of their friend ? And why is she being arrested for a Speech crime, you mean to tell me during a traffic stop, it becomes a “One-way” where only the cops get to talk ? Are you kidding me ? This isn’t Iran.

  • Justice

    You nailed it Anonymous, what has our country come to when you are arrested for telling someone what their constitutional rights are. Apparently this same cop did the same thing to a passenger of another car he stopped, and it was a lawyer who was the passenger. The lawyer told the driver what to do and the cop arrested the lawyer. That same lawyer is defending the passenger who was arrested in this case. Do you think maybe she is motivated to get justice!


    lol so why was the woman yanked from the car? Guess none of us care about that part. Nor does anyone seem to care about what it in the police report, or on dashcam. My guess, is that paying the 25 bucks to get all that would simply damn the 1 sided bs story by bueler.

  • that guy

    PSOSGT why are you still posting on here? Read the comment two up from yours. We do want to see the dashcam. You should read the other comments before you post in support of your fellow blue criminals. “You know how to recognize a gang member in Austin? Look for the badge.”

  • Carmen Llanes

    Well said, Nick Jensen. This is a public debate about a public matter. No one needs to go into this officer’s private life or harass his family. Let’s stay on the high road here and not become the bullies we are up against.

    On another note, I find it interesting that every news station omitted the ethnicity of the women, and police. I’m not one to “make it about race” every time, but unfortunately, the APD makes it about race constantly, and violently. It’s difficult to explain to white people who haven’t experienced it first-hand, but being a person of color and dealing with police in this town is often perilous. This is crucial to take into consideration, especially with the recent rise in APD violence against women.

  • Mark Are

    Hey shitman, sorry shigman…are you simply a psychopath defending your buddy psychopaths? Just curious…

  • Anonymous

    Everyone except the Austin Police Department wants the dash cam to be released to the public!!

  • FreeTheDashCam

    PSOSGT, are you kidding? WHY are the Mayor and APD stonewalling on the Dash Cam???? IS, I SAY AGAIN IF, the Dash Cam (or 7-11 Videos) in any way backed up the bullshit APD Version, it would have been on every TV Station in Austin before you had finished your morning Beer on New Years Day!!

    And just what is a PSO Sgt

  • FreeTheDashCam

    shigman, you obviously are Oborski, another APD Cop or a friend. And just as obviously other scum are posting for you. I especially love the threats from some of you friends to get people!! Police Abuse is profoundly wrong! And you are a part of the problem. Good Luck in Court!! NOT!

    And to that idiot that talks about Rangers not being let out on the Streets: Are you an uneducated oaf. There are tens of thousands of Rangers on the streets, idiot. Many Classes at West Point send 500 or more people thru Ranger School. 84 of the Ranger sof them are on the Ranger Memorial Wall at Ft Benning where they went thru one phase of Ranger. They were KIA in Iraq and Afghanistan. And thousands of non-West Point Rangers went to ROTC, OCS or were Enlisted Rangers. They were heroes, asshole. You abusive, sociopathic cops were not. You aren’t good enough to lick the sweat off the balls of men like that! So FOAD!

    A Proud Ranger and West Point Grad

  • Lurker

    If the woman was interfering with the DUI investigation and was told to get out of the car becuase she was under arrest, then they had eveyr reason to yank her out of the car.

    And as for the witness- There’s nothing wrong with taping the police, but when you start screaming at them and interfering with them then it becomes a problem.

  • Oborski is a bitch

    Oborski you punk ass bitch, how many innocent people have you sent to prison? Looks like you came across the wrong “victim” this time.

  • FreeTheDashCam

    Lurker, the Cop turned on Buehler and asked in a loud voice why he was taping. The he (THE COP) ran over and got in his face, finally pushing him, then taking him down. Buehler had his arms in the air in a totally submissive surrender gesture. The Cope was out of control. He di not even bother to tell him to turn arounf and put his hands behin=d his back to cuff him. The raging Cop just took him down. AND, Buehler DID NOT spit in his face. That is plain ludicrous and demonstrated by the 3d Party Video. That cop needs to be fired. He’s a psycho at best…

    And for the APD Cops posting their bullshit here, Do you really want a dirty Cop on the APD? Think about it!

  • leomomma

    First and foremost, the name calling isn’t helping anyone. Secondly, what ever gave the officer the right to push Antonio? He had his arms out as a sign that he was not going to reach for a weapon or attack anyone. If being intoxicated as a passenger in a car is grounds to be arrested for a PI, then why wasn’t the passenger in Buehler’s vehicle arrested? Obviously he was intoxicated since Antonio was his DD. It doesn’t take two officers to detain a woman of her size and stature. Antonio was simply doing what any decent citizen should do. As for the officers simply doing their jobs and Antonio needing to respect them for serving the public, he has respect for those who serve and protect our streets, as a member of our armed forces he too protected the citizens of our country. Just because an individual has a badge and a gun doesn’t make them right in every situation.
    The officers need to be held accountable for their actions. Peace officers do NOT have the right to attack someone for utilizing their rights as a citizen of this country. The pictures taken by Antonio show the officer walking up to him, not the other way around.
    Please do not involve the officers families in anything you choose to do. They are in NO way responsible for the actions of these officers.

  • paschn

    All those with the ability to think critically still intact, by no means htink you won’t be mowed down in waves by the sycophants-in-blue


    This is representative of the simian gene pool they are extracted from.

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  • Veritas

    1. It is obvious from the public video that Oborski had lost his temper because a citizen stood up for his 1st Amendment rights and did not “Respect His Authority” /Cartman voice.

    2. No evidence that Beuhler spit on the officer, it looks more likely that the officer, who was the aggressor, spit on Beuhler from that video.

    3. The woman in the car does not have to hold her tongue just because the police say so, refer to 1st Amendment again. Her advice to her friend is a legal option a driver under suspicion of DUI can avail themselves of (and a smart choice).

    4. There is witness testimony that the cops tried to prevent a 3rd party witness from sharing information with a victim of police abuse of power.

    5. The next time I’m in need of a cop I won’t call 911 because when seconds count the cops are minutes away and only show up after the threat is over. I’ll call the cops after the immediate danger is over so they can come write a report.

    6. DUI enforcement in Austin is about money not safety. They arrest everyone they can and then have >30% dismissed by the D.A. because of lack of evidence and then make those people have to take legal action to preserve their driver’s license even though they weren’t drunk.

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  • Snakeeater

    Antonio Buehler is not a Ranger. “Ranger Qualified” is a big difference.

  • Ryan M

    Does posting fake crap make y’all feel better or what. This is dumb. I have known him off and on for a long time. Pat Oborski is a good man and a good family man. Get your drunk asses of the road is his job whether you like it or not. He is saving lives by doing so. Grow up and how about not drinking and driving? I would like the video of yall’s drunken selves to show kids this is why you don’t drink and drive.

  • Bobcat

    Antonio Buehler was not a Ranger. “Ranger Qualified” is not the equivalent of serving in a Ranger Batallion. That does not impune his character or lessen his service, but it is inaccurate and I felt it needed to be pointed out.

    He still appears to be the victim here and hopefully justice is served.

  • ski2xs


    Too bad bud. . .looks like Captain Buehler is about to slip your favorite donut hole the mean green weenie.

    I do believe that shigman is a shagman for the pigman. Tell me shig, does it work like a corkscrew?

    The vids are out dude. And if the almighty dash cam would have shown anything other that could be used to implicate Captain Beuhler, do you think for one minute that APD wouldn’t be parading it around in front of the media like the will in so many other cases? Kind of interesting, eh?. . .That this vid is being witheld?

    No Shagman. . .Pat (kind of brings some old Sat. Night Live skits back to mind). . Pat is a little wussy, a SCARED wussy. He’s most likely always been a wussy, and being a little wussy is most likely what he’ll always be.

    Now, don’t you DARE get me wrong. I applaud good office. I’ll stand behind them, beside them and give them the utmost respect. . but for THEIR sake, we need to fire the bottom 1/3 of the barrel scum like ole Pat here, and use the money saved as an incentive bonus for the other 2/3 who are actually trying to make this world a better place.

    Get the hell on Pat. . . . no one needs a worn out ole wussy around.

  • Anonymous

    You jerks all need to get your heads out of your asses! When you watch TV you know you only get what they want you to see to make it interesting! When you watch a story about someone doing something good, you don’t pay too much attention. But all of you who have obviously been in trouble with the law, and have been waiting for some stupid story like this to come out. Well just wait till the truth comes out and see where your wonderful army ranger, Stamford graduate, or wherever he claims to have graduated from…. who is sitting with all the homeless, jobless downtown, doing the Occupy Austin thing…… yea… what a fine piece of work he is!

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  • that guy

    Ryan M I’d like to know what you think of ” I have known him off and on for a long time. Pat Oborski is a good man and a good family man.” now that Hippolito the APD spokemans says the dashcam, which he has seen and we have not, does not show any spitting by Beuhler? Getting caught in a lie that put a good mans freedom at stake, who did nothing wrong casts doubt on everything he has done in the past. How much proof do you need? And “Anonymous – January 14, 2012 at 7:56 pm
    You jerks all need to get your heads out of your asses!” For your information Beuhler is educating children as in educator. Who is obviously something you’ve never encountered in your life. The APD and you APD bootlickers are pathetic! Copwards standing up for cowards. I’m ashamed of the APD and feel sorry for you who can’t think for themselves. RICO needs to be enforced on the criminal gang for profit known as the APD.

  • that guy

    Also the fact that two weeks after the incident they bring additional bullshit charges against the passenger is so blatant intimidation it makes me want to vomit. A dog turd is worth more than the APD. From Acevedo down, nothing but scum. SHAME on the APD!!!!! Free the dash cam so you bootlickers will know that you’re fools!

  • that guy

    I’m starting to think no matter how much evidence of Beuhler’s innocence and Oborski and Snider’s lies is presented some idiots just won’t get it. Why? Because that would mean you’d have to develop critical thinking skills and then apply them, and it’s obvious you are incapable of that. Plus your ignorance will be exposed as well as your inability to judge character. I feel sorry for you, your family etc. How bad it must be to live in your skin.

  • that guy

    “But all of you who have obviously been in trouble with the law, and have been waiting for some stupid story like this to come out” <—- This is what the police think of every citizen they serve. The cops think all citizens are criminals. That allows them to rationalize their own criminal behavior. What a shock that must have been to find out the man you unlawfully arrested and lie about turned out to be a far better man than you dirty cops are.

  • that guy

    And for those of you with your head buried in the sand here’s the proof your upstanding officer is a liar. “Corporal Anthony Hipolito tells KEYE-TV while the dash cam video shows inconsistencies to Buehler’s story, he admitted it does not show Buehler actually spitting on the officer.”

  • No Bacon

    Ski2xs really said it all. It’s hard to add anything to that. Oborski could not be a “good family man” if that is how he treats people who are his equal (which everyone is whether he likes it or not). If he has kids, they’re going to be worthless psychos as well. Count on it.

  • Ryan M

    Ok, y’all really need to grow up. You don’t post someone’s number on a website or there address or call there kid or kids name unless you are a immature kid. People tend to grow out of this by high school but apparently it takes you a little longer. Whether you think he made bad judgement or not it’s still not worthy of posting these immature things on here. Fight it another way don’t sit behind a computer and post personal things. He is human just like the rest of us and case by case he has to approach things differently. I tend to believe that these are false accusations and you are just angry about the outcome. Just let it go and don’t put yourself in a predicament where you get pulled over. Act mature and responsible, not like a child with name calling and giving out phone numbers and addresses. Just move on cause while you think you are cool doing so your really not. Be the bigger person.

  • that guy

    Ryan M you do realize a good man who is innocent is facing 10 years in prison over this? Because of a lying cop?

  • minusthewhale

    ok….so, i find it interesting, all of the back and forth, when it simply comes down to this…clearly, there was a situation that unraveled counter to how most expected it…..unfortunately for all of our peace of mind…a cop LIED in order to intimidate someone who didnt do what he wanted, despite the fact that he was out of line with his request in the first place…it is absolutely legal to film the police. simple fact. having grown up with officers in my family, and having a cousin in the DEA and another as a narc officer, i adore cops who remember their humanity in AND out of uniform….regardless of our feelings about oborski, LEAVE HIS FAMILY OUT OF THIS….involving them makes anyone who does so a BIGGER POS than many of us believe him to be…..i ran bars in DT austin and have encountered him…..i feel him to be an over zealous jerk on a power trip and ive personally seen him go off on people where HE was out of line, but the fact is that this childish bullshit and all this stone throwing is ridiculous and imprudent..come on guys, would ANTONIO be posting silly little name callings…??? i think not


  • Jordan Tanner

    Cops should be called “100s” because that is their IQ range. Any higher than that and they are not allowed on the force.

    They pick brain-dead idiots ON PURPOSE.

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  • Pingback: Our Founding Fathers Were Belligerent To Tyranny: List Of 55 Traitorous Senators That Unconstitutionally Included ‘Americans’ To Be Detained Indefinitely Without Charge Or Trial: Your Constitutional Right To Refuse Arrest! | Political Vel Craf()

  • that guy

    For those saying that it’s wrong to post Odorski’s mailing address it took all of 30 seconds to find that information on the web. Anyone can easily find it.

  • Ledge

    Hey guys just confirmed it, Shigman is actually Pat Oborski!!!

  • Ryan M

    It may only take a short time to get his address but you don’t see anyone else doing it. Who cares if pat is shigman or if he isn’t. If it is him and I don’t have the slightest idea does it really matter?

  • that guy

    I think the people who are being threatened with 10 years in prison because of your lying buddy officer Patrick Oboroski might care Mr. Ryan M. I’m sure there’s a place in this world for people who don’t care about their neighbors or anyone other than themselves. Austin’s not that place.

  • CE

    These two scumbags with badges need to be strung up. I’m about fed up with these dirtbags abusing citizens because they think they can get away with it. I’m a taxpayer, and as far as I’m concerned, you’re all fired. Every citizen should cease to recognize any authority on the part of these hoodlums. If you’re a good cop, you’re in the minority, and I suggest you find another line of work, because the current trend in police behavior is going to cause a backlash that hits ALL of you.

  • Oborski is a bitch

    Ryan M., your friend Oborski (Shigman) is a thug who needs to hide behind his uniform. Your friend Oborski is a scumbag who LIES to send innocent people to prison. Your friend Oborski is a pussy who needs to beat up on women and every day heroes but can only do so because he has a gun. Ryan M., what are your values that you are willing to stand up for this scumbag Oborski?

  • Shigman

    I find it hilarious that people think I am Pat Oborski. Really funny. What proof do you people have that I am him? People who follow cop block know I am their #1 troll so I am eager to see this proof lol. You are all a bunch of sorry little fucks.

  • that guy

    Whoa Shigman don’t think we give a shit about you in any fashion. Eat shig and die brother!

  • Ryan M

    Obviously I wasn’t there so I don’t know what happened but it would surprise me if what your are saying is true. If you have the evidence shigman is pat, post it.

  • Oborski is a bitch

    Who cares about the trolls. Oborski and Snider are the bitches we should be focused on.

  • that guy

    Exactly. Oborski has been found out to be a liar. That’s the truth. The fact that his lie is being used in an attempt to put a good man in prison for 10 years is also the truth.

  • JR

    ‘Roid rage much on APD? Seems like these cops are power-tripping. There should be a law criminalizing false arrests on knowingly false premises. We need to reign in our public servants.

  • Anonymous

    Wow! seems our “hero” Buheler has himself involved in everything there is in Austin to get some attention! Occupy Austin, filming and causing problems for the police, now he is holding up signs on the corner for Ron Paul so he again can get on TV.. dammm he will have his own TV show soon… and when he is not in front of the camera does our fine West Point Grad stand on another corner with a sign ” will work for food”? What a LOOSER!!!! And you all are dumb enough to defend him… but that shows your mentality!!

  • Oborski is a bitch

    “… and when he is not in front of the camera does our fine West Point Grad stand on another corner with a sign ” will work for food”? What a LOOSER!!!! And you all are dumb enough to defend him… but that shows your mentality!!”

    Yeah, he’s a loser (you can’t spell) and you’re a bitch. What have you done with your life other than defend cops who abuse women?

  • no respect

    ZOMBIES! Everyone

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  • Dustin

    Why not involve the Officers’ Families? Hit ’em where it hurts. We have no other recourse. They do it to us. He who stoops the lowest, wins. They should fear us, that’s the whole point of how our government is supposed to work. What puts fear in you more than wondering if you’ll ever see your family again? That something you did ended them? The Cops know exactly what that is, because they do it every day. Feed them their own medicine. There is not one damn thing wrong with making your attackers suffer what they do to you. Cops attack family to silence witnesses as a matter of daily business. If it started happening to them, maybe they’d think twice about crossing the line.

    As long as you’re too civilized, you lose. Someone has to do it, be condemned for your benefit… Ridiculous. Why must history be repeated by people who think “It’ll be different this time! I believe in my Country!” You are not special. Your country is not special. You will lose if you don’t fight back. PERIOD. That’s how it works, read a book. You aren’t changing the laws of nature with your belief that it’ll be different this time… Thugs respond to one thing: a fist that hits them back harder than they can hit. There are no exceptions. If you’re too good to do it, you’ve already lost. Tell your kids they have no future, and it’s your fault for being a coward with high-minded excuses.

  • marine86

    It’s so funny all of yall are talking so much crap about the cops until you need them. none of yall know eactly what happened or what was said. And who cares if he was a west point grad he looks like a douche bag.

  • Oborski is a bitch

    Marine86 is another bitch who thinks that we should worship cops because they have the power to beat us up and falsely imprison us because they have badges and guns. That jealous bitch is probably an over-weight, donut-grazing, tool with an ugly face and haircut to match.

  • that guy

    MAGGOT86 you remind me of a police officer named Wiley Willis. He enjoyed pounding his fist into innocent women’s faces. I bet 8 year old girls are more your speed.

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  • Ryan M is a pig

    Do not stop posting corrupt cop’s phone numbers, addresses AND ANY AND ALL PERSONAL INFORMATION ABOUT THEM YOU CAN GET!!!

    They are scared of the spotlight and exposure, and that is why they have showed up in this forum in force to try and persuade the resisters to drop it and go back to being oppressed, like good little sheeple!

    They show no mercy in the streets with guns,clubs and tasers, we show them no mercy with the truth, and exposure.

    And lol at the “Oborski is a human being bullshit…”

    Yeah I’m sure that scumbag’s first consideration is to make sure he treats people like “human beings.”(When he’s not too busy fabricating and falsifying his most recent victim’s statements, and police reports that is…)

    So lets all rally around Pat Oborski and treat him delicately??? lol

    Gotta love it when people (like Pat Oborksi and his friends) who show no mercy or tolerance for others demand mercy and tolerance from the very people they’d love to continue to abuse and oppress…

    Keep them under the hotlights!!!

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  • Pingback: NEW WORLD ORDER ‘BULLSHIT BUBBLE’ Federal TSA Agents Under A COLOR Of Justice In Texas: Face Arrest By Citizens ~ The Constitutional Right To Resist A COLORED Duty To Submit! « Political Vel Craft()

  • Pingback: NEW WORLD ORDER ‘BULLSHIT BUBBLE’ Federal TSA Agents Under A COLOR Of Justice In Texas: Face Arrest By Citizens ~ The Constitutional Right To Resist A COLORED Duty To Submit!()

  • john b

    This is nothing. I dont know if any of you people heard about the rcmp tasering to death a man at the vancouver airport.
    A polish man that didn’t speak english was lost in the airport for like five hours. Wasn’t helped by airport security or customer service.
    eventually he started behaving badly and throwing things due to frustration. The police were called and when they arrived they tasered him numerous times within a few minutes or less of arriving.
    There was an inquiry into it ( with no mandate to press charges) and the cops lied about how they were threatened by suspect with a stapler. Yes a stapler.
    Watch the video shot by a person at the airport. They confiscated his camera and he had to go to the press to pressure cops into giving phone back. They had already submitted report when this video became public. it totally contradicted what the cops said.

  • john b

    Here is another story of Vancouver police pushing a disabled person to the ground because she got in their way on the sidewalk.


    She has M.S. so she appears drunk when she walks due to her disease.
    they later apologized but nothing happened to them

    I want to trust cops
    but I dont

  • Fretpeeler

    The practices of the Police has changed drastically over the last 30 years. Suddenly, they are sacrosanct and above any sort of scrutiny or accountability to the people they serve.
    I remember the Southern Police practices of the 60’s. Arresting a subject, taking them to the top floor in the elevator where they would stop along the way and perform what they called as “a tune-up”. The subject walks in the elevator at ground floor and has to be dragged out on the top floor.

    Stigman, I don’t know if you spit or swallow. I would guess you probably swallow as you seem to be a mind-numbed zombie who eats whatever crap these thugs and criminals spew.
    Must make your knees hurt though.

  • john

    fuck the cops. they can all die pieces of shit fuck them all. they will all burn in hell

  • johnthecophater

    fuck the cops. they can all die pieces of shit fuck them all. they will all burn in hell

  • holls

    Oborski and Snider should do society a favor and do jumping jacks with a plastic bag over their heads.

  • just me

    Damn he just build a 42,000 pool!
    Crime does pay!!

    Permit Number Site Address Status of Permit Application Date Issue Date Valuation Total Fees
    Contact Type Contact Name Contact Address Phone Number
    ISSUED 11/01/2011 10/31/2011 $42,000.00 $233.00
    SWR1110-0007 New Swimming Pool
    SUB EL Sierra Electrical Contractors 6404 DAVIS BLVD, N. Richland Hills, Tx 76188 (817) 577-8808
    APPLICANT Anthony and Sylvan Pools 13343 HWY 183 #295, Austin, TX 78750 (512) 258-1232
    SUB PL JK Plumbing 13403 COPPER HILL DR, Manchaca, Tx 78652 (512) 844-7935
    CONTRACTOR Anthony and Sylvan Pools 13343 HWY 183 #295, Austin, TX 78750 (512) 258-1232
    OWNER Pat & Cathy Oborski , , (512) 695-9152

  • Plank

    I don’t get how it’s hard to believe that Oborski and Snider are bad cops when I went school I had good and bad teachers in work good and bad bosses we like think that people with power somehow deserve that power but the police are people and all people regardless of the badge they wear or don’t wear have the potential to do the wrong thing Oborski is a prime example watch the video and tell me this isn’t a bully cop in the video he almost pushes Antonio into the trick bed… And while you watching that part (wich is the moment Oborski clams he was spit on) tell me if it looks like Antonio spits on him… It does not Oborski does not even wipe his face! I know of somone spit on me I would wipe my face pretty quick… Out watch the video…..

  • Hey Shigman, your just another coward cop you douchebag piece shit. Do the world a favor…pull your gun out and blow your f-ing worthless brain out. You suck and I’m sure you love to suck your cop buddies dicks.

  • Dan C

    I find it interesting that Shigman, Anonymous and a couple other posters so adamant in defending Oborski and Snider have gone silent….better yet have not made any comments denouncing the cops for being liars….so after all the defensive rhetoric where is the now deserved condemnation?????……so let’s get this straight….a cop lies meaning an innocent man may face years in jail not to mention the cost and time needed to esponge his records not to mention that the federal government doesn’t have to honor the expungement, nor does an expungement of a conviction necessarily relieve a person from having to disclose it in an application for public office or on some professional license applications etc etc etc…….

    ……so still an innocent persons life can be essentially ruined and in debt beyond repair because…..and here it comes….hold on…..wait……waitttttt……..because Pat Oborski LIED

    …..and we have writers here defending this criminal….it’s his job to be honest and diligent at all time throughout his career and the LIAR is—–was—–would always—-and is today of free will to leave the PUBLIC SERVANT job of Police Officer ( Oath Taker ) and move on if he has issues with being honest or sucking lots of crap he has to deal with on the streets…..but it’s ok to essentially destroy an innocent person’s life…..

    …..with that thought in mind….how about Anonymous and Shigman ( presuming Shigman is not Oborski ) really show us some balls sweating bravado and go jerk around with a cop and insist they trumph up a charge of say……yeah…why not….spitting and suffer the same ordeal as Buehler went through and impress us all….put your bravado where your mouth spits BS here and impress us all.

  • saywhat

    shigman, what a pant load you push! You posted on Jan 5th, “Which is the truth Antonio? That you were just recording from a distance or that you walked up and screamed at officers? ”

    You are an abject liar and likely Oborski. The 3d party video available just hours after Oborski and his partner violated the rights of Citizens clearly DEMONSTRATES and PROVES that Buehler DID NOT “walk up and scream at Officers”! The video shows he was at all times with a few feet of the bed of his truck. On the contrary, Oborski “walked up and scvreamed at” Buehler and provoked the action, and then lied about spit. Shame on you Cops. You are truly the anti-thesis of a good citizen and person!

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