“His name is Pat Oborski”

His name is Pat Oborski, an Austin TX Police Department officer who is getting a lot of notoriety lately, not because he arrested over 300 people in 2010 for dwi for which M.A.D.D. recognized him as a hero, but rather Officer Oborski is the man who assaulted Antonio Buehler.
Just after 1 am Sunday morning at an Austin TX gas station on the corner of 10th Street and Lamar Blvd, Buehler had stopped for gas on his way home from a New Year’s party where he was the designated driver. He heard a loud scream and noticed a young woman being “violently yanked” from a car by a cop, which turned out to be Officer Snider. The woman had been a passenger in a car stopped for possible dwi. Pat Oborski assisted his partner by throwing the woman to the ground on her knees, cuffing and dragging her. Buehler took out his phone and started photographing the incident when Pat Oborski approached him asking “what the hell” he was taking pictures for. Buehler informed Oborski he was a public official in a public place and photography was permitted. Oborski claimed Buehler was interferring with his investigation and shoved Buehler’s chest, pushing him against a truck, before arresting him. Oborski claims Buehler spit in his face, which Buehler denies. Buehler was charged with 3rd degree felony harassment of a public servant. Strange, since spitting in a cop’s face usually gets a person an assault charge.
“I would not get involved in police action,” says Buehler, “unless they were doing something heinous such as man-handling a woman who was no threat to them. There are two criminals on the loose; they are looking to get into fights. They wear blue, are armed and wear badges,” Buehler added.



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