Allen, Texas Police Ignore Citizen’s Rights

Date of Interaction: March 25, 2015

Police Employees Involved: Officer T. Booth

Police Agency Contact Information: (214) 509-4200

An anonymous Cop Block contributor shared this video of his Fourth Amendment rights being violated, and he describes his experience:

Surprise, more police abuse of the public!

My friend and I were stopped March 25th 2015 around 10:30pm. The cops said they saw a light out on his vehicle, but that was just a ploy to cover up the fact that he stopped us on a whim of circumstance, commonly known as “profiling.”

As the police interaction continued it became clear my friend would be arrested for an old ticket. As they were searching the vehicle the lead officer advised me to call a ride. As I was doing so, Officer Booth seized my phone OUT OF MY HANDS while I was speaking to my mother and hung up on her, then told me he has the right to treat me however he wants.

I chose to exercise my rights as a citizen at this time in the video and will be using this video evidence to get another bad cop off the streets. I believe had I not been recording I would have been pushed around like I usually am by cops. Know your rights, the police state is real.

While not a life-threatening encounter, the police attitude of “I can do whatever I want” has resulted in many personal injustices at the hands of police officers. I wish I could see a cop on the street and feel safe but I can honestly say they make me feel just the opposite. That’s unacceptable. Add your voice, help make America the free country it is supposed to be.

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