CopBlocking the Zanesville Police: Can You Talk to the Police This Way? (VIDEO)

Last Friday I was held in contempt of court for saying, “Motherfucker” in a courtroom. Deo blogged about my arrest – HERE – while I shot a quick video upon my early release and a post later that day; see HERE. Since I was supposed to be in jail over the weekend, a number of Ohio CopBlockers – a term meaning, “people who live in Ohio that believe Badges Don’t Grant Extra Rights”, had decided to spend the weekend CopBlocking the Zanesville Police. Lucky for me I was released early and could join in the fun instead of being caged. We planned to meet up at the police station before heading out but I never made it there because we encountered two cops sitting in a parking lot on the way. It turned out to a good location for us to meet up at, after the cops drove off, and we got the night kicked off, see video below.

CopBlocking the Zanesville police was a great time. It was the largest number of folks I’ve seen out for a single night of CopBlocking since coming to Ohio and I had a good conversation with Officer McCoy (see video below) while having a couple of laughs as well (even the police were smiling). There was most certainly alot of diversity amongst the group too, not just in age and genders, but in terms of experience filming the police as well. There were people in the group that had never filmed the police and people like myself that have been doing it for years. Yet, before I get more into that, watch the video below of me and Zanesville Police Officer McCoy. This will highlight the some of the differences others have, and may, point in the future.

As seen in both videos, Herb – life long resident of Zanesville – is outspoken, direct and, at times, rude when talking to the police. Is this the best way to CopBlock, probably not. Is there only one way, or a best way, to CopBlock? No. What I do know is that Herb is his own person and he’s responsible for his own actions. I also know Herb’s had a much different experience than I have with police. They’ve cost him years of his life in prison, raided his home without a warrant and, less than a week ago, arrested him for filming the police (which is why I went to court and ended up with a contempt charge). Of course the cops claim he was interfering but we’ll let the video tell the truth, if the police will ever give it back.

Does any of that justify verbally attacking someone, most the times no, but in some of these cases – as shown the my bambuser video – the officers who’ve taken Herb to jail or that have gotten rough with him are in these videos. Herb talks about McCoy slamming him against a pole one night while filming the police and you hear McCoy say for himself that he took Herb’s cousin to jail too. In an attempt to make it look less like the police were harassing Herb, which is what they were really doing, but to which he calls, “being fair.” Again, this might not be a justification for the actions but, for me, it provides a better understanding of where Herb comes from. Larry Freeman, founder of Ohio Valley CopBlock, submitted a blog to in regards to Herb where he said:

I too believe we have a right to say what we want and what he did was his First Amendment Right. We are all responsible for our own actions and words. By my observations of his actions, I believe he deviated from the Non-Aggressive Principle that I had read in the about section of “Those of us volunteering at do not condone violence, though we recognize it is morally acceptable when used in self-defense of self or others. As a general practice, we do not enforce intellectual property claims of any sort, and encourage everyone to use Cop Block information, logos, graphics, etc. to join the fight and contribute to activism in their preferred manner. However, we dissociate ourselves from those who encourage initiatory violence to further their ends, or otherwise do not adhere to the non-aggression principle.” (quote from A brief summary of what the non-aggressive principle can be found at

I did not video the second group interaction we had with police that night, but several others did. During that second interaction, there seemed to be a pretty courteous debate taking place between Ademo and a Zanesville officer. That was until Herbert again stepped in shouting and taunting the officer. I walked away from the scene and waited to leave. While waiting for my ride, I could hear the shouting from over 50 yards away and heard Herbert make a comment to the affect of taking a baseball bat to the cop.

I most certainly don’t think it’s a good idea to threaten anyone who hasn’t initiated force against you (or another). To say it to an officer will land you in jail faster than anything, with the key thrown away and all your property destroyed. Plus, this officer didn’t deserve that. Herb was riding in my car most of the night and we definitely discussed the topic and I’m sure he understands this, yet, it brings me back to something I said earlier. We’re all united by the idea that Badges Don’t Grant Extra Right but we’re still responsible – as individuals – for our actions. I can only hope that by more people coming to the idea that Badges Don’t Grant Extra Rights that it will merely provide us more opportunities to learn from one another. Whether you’re the best CopBlocker, poorest CopBlocker or somewhere in the middle, there’s value in simply being active.


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Ademo Freeman

was born and raised in Wisconsin, traveled the country in a RV dubbed “MARV” and is an advocate of a voluntary society, where force is replaced with voluntary interactions. He’s partaken in projects such as, Motorhome Diaries, Liberty on Tour, Free Keene, Free Talk Live and is the Founder of

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  • t

    Sir….I applaud you and give you all the credit for posting this video.
    A very professional officer….explaining to you exactly what I’ve also,explained to,the CBers. Stand back and record. But when you involve yourself….well….now you’re involved.

    Of course….if I was Ofc. McKoy….I’d be sharpening up my pencil and setting the stage for the lawsuit that I’d be filing. Now….if “Herb” has filed any false complaints…which he likely has….I’d sue him. Heck…..the accusation he made that are recorded here….I’d think about it, but it’s probably enough to get a judgement against him.

    But I do give you credit. The officer made you guys look silly and still you posted it.
    Golf clap
    Golf clap
    Golf clap.

  • WD!

    “Which he likely has” typical t adding in his bullshit with zero proof. Isn’t that something you accuse Ademo of frequently?

  • Dave

    After seeing this video (it is of my opinion) so care for it if you like otherwise oh well, but I think you have done more harm for your cause than good. I was on the fence and can now say that this is not the way to go after the police. If they are doing something wrong than be the bigger person and go after them in the right way. The police officers brought up a very valid point that he works for the city and that he enforces the laws that are on the books. You then promptly spoke back saying you don’t care about anybody else. This again in my opinion is one of the biggest issues in our country we have far too many people who are self-centered and only care about themselves. It’s not just about you. If you choose to make it only about what you want and don’t be surprised when others care nothing about your cause. Again let’s hold lawn force meant officers accountable when they do something wrong I’m all for that. But put yourself in other people’s shoes for a minute it’s late at night and you guys are outside being loud/obnoxious. Families near you are most likely not wanting to hear your group screaming profanities and talking about sending emails of your nuts, especially if they have children.

    Again I applaud your effort however I feel that your biggest downfall is going to be acting just the way you were under the mindset of I don’t care about anybody else but myself! The only way you’re ever going to accomplish anything is with the support of others. And with a message as important as the one you’re trying to convey there’s no room for self-centeredness, you do not want to alienate people that you need on your side to make a change.

    Just food for thought, not meant to be condescending or disrespectful to you.

  • Junior Crusher

    You bring up good points, but most of the laws on the books are unconstitutional. It is called civil disobedience when you disregard such laws. I do agree that being loud while out at night is not cool, that is something that needs to be addressed more by Cop Block.

  • t

    I guess I took all of his “I’m gonna get your badge” as a belief that he must have done something of an accusatory nature to the officers superiors.
    I guess maybe he’s just a ranting idiot then.

    Either way.

  • WD!

    Either way what, you have zero proof of your claim? Well actually the idiot part could just be opinion so that’s fine, but adding in that he likely has done something without proof…… Yeah maybe leave speculation out if you want people to consider your opinion. I mean most people still won’t , but at least they can’t claim you didn’t do your homework.

  • WD!

    Did you read the article too? People have to take responsibility for their own actions. Saying copblock is this way or that way because of one person or even a few people is as ignorant as saying all cops are evil murdering bastards because some of them are in fact just that. I don’t buy into “us” or “them” stuff. Here in the fabulous copblock comment section ive been called a bootlicker and a cop blocker. I was called these things by people trying to polarize the arguments and discourage participation. this is how problems remain unsolved. I agree that the behavior of some people in “copblock” videos is out of line, but free speech is free speech. As far as an officer just doing his job, they take an oath to uphold the constitution, if they enforce an unconstitutional law they are criminals. Good on Ya for posting in a reasonable manner.

  • t

    “Likely”. Is that an”claim”?

    But you think as you’d like. I’ll always bet against and win as TOU track record is zip.

  • Lee Lopez

    Keep up the pissed off copblock!!!!!!! I love it!!!!!!!!!!! I would do the fucking same man!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t stop even if you are being taking to jail, even in jail FUCK THE POLICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pw4x3r

    “If you have a lot of freedom, you have a lot of crime….” LOL. Typical anti-constitutional pig mentality.

  • Pw4x3r

    “I guess I took all of his “I’m gonna get your badge” as a belief that he must have done something of an accusatory nature to the officers superiors.”
    You mean, informing a cop that he has been reported for some fucking bullshit and has it coming is now grounds for filing a lawsuit against said person? Wow. LoL

  • RAD

    “Why’d you get pulled over?”
    when you’re copblocking you really shouldn’t ask people this. It’s just like when the cops ask “Do you know why I pulled you over?” The question is likely to lead someone to say something they probably shouldn’t and while miranda protections might keep the police from using answers to THEIR questions against “their” “suspects”, it doesn’t shield statements “suspects” make in response to YOUR questions. So really, I think it is actually really important to not do this if you want to be an effective advocate.

  • RAD

    The point is it’s kind of obvious you are going outside of the article reaching into your imagination and making up details to fit into the story, which is fine. But to file a lawsuit based on this alternate version of the story you invented would be kind of taking it a little too far. This guy should definitely sue the police.

  • WD!

    You are adding opinion without any facts to back it up, again, something you accuse others of

  • t

    I’ve successfully sued 3 people for filing false
    Now luckily for me….in all 3 incidents there was a lot of evidence to show that the complaints were false.
    2 of them were “small claims” issues where it was more about the point than anything else. Now one of those….really
    Crushed the liar pretty hard as he had almost nothing at the time.
    The 3rd one was a different animal entirely.ots of money. In the end….that list offered to settle and I accepted. Funny thing though….he’s right back at it and I’ll end nakng him again.

    Read up on defamation. Your “freedom of speech” can have consequences. Those shouldn’t be criminal in nature (with a few exceptions) but there are very clearly civil issues.
    And unlike what some of the CB keyboard attornies like to say….just adding in “its
    Just my opinion” isn’t a shield.

    Now my bosses have hated me for suing when I did. But I’m far from the only officers that have. I heard about an officer….I contacted his attorney and followed up on my own case.

    There are lots of reasons to do so. People file thousands of complaints everyday against the police. Most of them are rightly ignored and rarely is one “justified”. But all
    Of those false
    Complaints sit their in a file. And if something happens in the future….the real press wo get a copy of my
    Personnel file….and report on all Of those complaints. While now….on at least 3 of them…along with the departments review saying that nothing occurred…I have court decisions and records attached to those files showing the the complaint lied about it.

    I openly encourage officers where there are serious complaints filed that aren’t true and whee there’s evidence showing that the complaint is false….sue that liar.

    Think of it this way….
    How often do you hear about people suing each other over false allegations that one of them made to the police. It happens all the time.

    So if this guy is out making false claims….and defaming the officer….it is what it is.

  • Pw4x3r

    Nice long story there, but all of it goes on your hopes that this guy has no valid complaint. Like you say, “if this guy is out making false claims.” Basically you could have said absolutely nothing, and nothing changes.

  • t

    I don’t have any hopes.
    It’s not me
    I’m just trying to educate you and the other CBers. You do what you’d like. Just be ready if it comes back at you.

  • t

    He’s saying it…not me dude.

  • WD!

    ? I was talking about your post?

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  • JC

    “Herb” a multiple felon representing copblock. Believe it or not, the word “copblock” is the beginning name of these “groups” of activists who go out and harass police and citizens. As you can see, it is easy to think all copblock groups are like “Herb”.

    Right now there is a group of people petitioning copblock to be taken off of facebook. They have two thousand signatures. They claim copblock is a violent, dangerous, group that harass PD and citizens. There is a good chance it could be kicked off of Facebook.

  • t

    I was writing about what he said

  • t

    I went to the video.

  • Mike TheVet

    Have a link to the petition?

  • Mike TheVet

    “I’ve successfull sued 3 people for filling false complaints.”

    Complete bullshit.

  • JC

    Go to Facebook. Type in Stop Freekeene. Look down through a couple of articles and you will see the petition

  • Starfilled

    Embarrassed that these people can call themselves American. They are professional idiots. I’m guessing all they’ve ever known is to go against authority (and personal hygiene), and now they can feel smart about something for the first time because they’ve managed to gather a little group out of it. Give yourself a round of applause morons. A camera and a loud mouth doesn’t make you right.

  • Christina_bdba

    Glad the photo and video are here. I live here so it is good to know WHO not to hire or WHO NOT rent to EVER. Being forwarded to landlord association.

  • Mike TheVet

    Just post the link that goes directly to it. You seem to have issues with doing just that….

  • JC
  • What would be cool is if these tools would put themselves in a cruiser, walk a beat, respond to a child abuse or domestic where she’s beat unconscious, bust a meth house where there are babies inside, respond to a drunk driving crash where the drunk driver killed some innocent person….THEN and only then talk shit about the cops. Instead of being the fucktard, worthless, reject lawbreaker, asshats that you all are! GET A JOB LOSERS! Must be nice to follow someone around while they’re doing THEIR job and sit there and criticize them about things that you know NOTHING about!!! arm chair attorneys! Maybe if you guys had less unpleasant interactions with law enforcement (i.e. getting a DUI, public intox, caught with drugs, resisting, being thrown in jail for being a DICK, etc.) you wouldn’t have such a bad opinion about law enforcement.

  • Dianne Myers

    If you are pulled over, and know your exhaust is horribly loud because you had to choose between repairing the brakes or fixing the exhaust, honestly say, I imagine it was my exhaust because I only had the money to fix one issue before payday and I chose brakes because that was the most dangerous problem, and not having a vehicle with brakes would keep me from being able to work so I can afford to repair the other issue (the loud exhaust) as well. If you knowingly committed a crime, do not admit it, just tell them, officer, I would appreciate if you would explain why I was being pulled over. If they are saying you did anything worse than speeding, failing to use a turn signal or something of that nature, and it is more of a felony nature, then ask if they plan to arrest you, and if so you would like to speak to an attorney before any further conversation. Most of us are familiar with Miranda warnings, but as such if they fail to inform you of the Miranda rights, that is a problem.

  • Joshua T. Davis

    I’m Turned 18 on March 7th 2015 and all I can say is the Law system is extremely corrupt and it sucks along with the Schools and the school board in Zanesville. Zanesville, Ohio is no place to Raise children its not even a child friendly town unless you live in the country away form the inner city.

  • bb

    This very officer arrested me many years ago before the age of cameras in cell phones. The was a bar fight with many people and racial slurs being used and my husband was maced and over 7 white officers jumped on my husband with threats of breaking his arm. I had a camera in my purse and began taking photos of the blatant use of EXCESSIVE force. So officer McCoy took my camera, smashed it threw my purse and arrested me for resisting arrest ( which I didn’t do)? Wtf. .he was married at the time and his girlfriend (who was also married) was in the front seat of the crusier. They were holding hands on the way back to the station. He is a horrible excuse if a person let alone an officer. And now he is a Sargent? This town is so twisted and corrupted it is pitiful. FYI….I have never been in trouble with the law except this one instance and this was all it took to make me absolutely loathe the ZPD. They are worthless, can’t even catch the teenagers vandalizing the neighborhood after all the neighbors have identified them.

  • sherryl

    Did he mention once “Serve and Protect”? Seems to be words spoken but til the Power trip comes. We the People are to be served and protected and nothing more. We pay for that service but accountability is never expected by their supervisor. They will always rape you of your civil liberties first. They are counting on our ignorance and sadly 90% of citizens have never armed themselves with the rights they own. 1st one to remember but seldom done is take your right to remain silent. They build their case once you talk knowing they are intimidating they demand answers that has nothing to do with the reason they pulled you over. If at home NEVER allow entrance into your private domain. They start scoping out your private home for anything. No warrant ,no welcome. Know your State’s rights, laws..ect. Educate,don’t become bait.

  • sherryl

    Our ignorance is their green light to be as bad as they want to be. Know the rights,laws in your State. The right to remain silent being the best is the first one handed to them. Their case will be built from that point and they will use it against you. False reports are real as I found out too late. My atty. never gave it to me before hand knowing I would take it to the box. It was dirty, but court appointed lose more cases, cost you more later and lazy they do more harm sometimes. We have a extremely keen judge who knows BS and being credible is innocent.

  • sherryl

    The answer to the why I pulled you over has always been the standard “No officer. Truth is that is suppose to be asked at the beginning for identifying their reason for stop. But they will ask where were coming from? Where are you going? All to get you to say harmful statements. The license plate light out is their big reason now days. Next come the dogs , and hopefully a drug arrest. License plate light what a farce unless Hwy it is a a dumb reason. I never knew they were suppose to be there.Thought it was really for the safety of Hwy patrol which is good. But if stopping people after city cops follow them with brights on car it is just another harrassment. So spend the dollar and check your car for lights out. It is dumb to think you can make it home with one headlight”

  • Dianne Myers

    My aunt got out of a DUI charge because the police report and ambulance report regarding the degree of her injuries did not match up. That being said, everyone in the family KNOWS she was drunk off her behind. She walked out because a cop failed in his duty to provide accurate detail in his report. As far as court appointed public defenders? There are good ones out there. There are also some who should be permanently disbarred for neglecting the cases that have been handed to them. It is the ethical duty of counsel to step aside and hand the case over to another attorney if for any reason they cannot give the best care to their client’s case. PERIOD. We do not simply have the right to counsel, but to EFFECTIVE COUNSEL. I am glad the judge was familiar with the BS in your case. I do wish that court appointed counsel received more funding so they could have better staff, but sadly it is the prosecutors who get all the funds. That does indeed need to change.

  • sherryl

    Funding is less important if you are dedicated to your profession you do your job. But never just trust the counsel to be active on your behalf. Call , stop in, tell them you want the best advice but not what is best for them but for you. But money talks and that is the truth. I took the Hwy patrol to trial w/o counsel. I knew I was innocent and though I respected the officer who was professional he was wrong. They are the most respected in court of law enforcement. I never thought i had to do anything like prepare. Dumb i guess but the Judge said not worry he knows i am not an attorney. So I put on my best Perry Mason face and was found innocent because the Judge said he found me credible. I took this officer down with questions starting with “Would it be fair to say”? And Would you be interested to know that the fact is?. I traveled this road a lot and never passed a HWY Patrol so I knew he was not familiar with county rd speed changes. I was right. I defended myself again last year and the Judge , deputy and victim wanted to drop case. A Clown with a Jersey look with a suit that was sporting a large red carnation pinned on coat. I have no idea where he came from but he informed me he worked for the State of Ohio and just wasnt comfortable with coming down on charge. I could only stare at that big carnation wondering if it would squirt water out at me !! I was not sure if he was Law Director wannabe or Funeral Director. Judge wanted it thrown but he did not have the power. But he treated me to the best deal with his decision. Cost 0 license susp 6mos with liberal driving priv. Reinstate fee 40 bucks and it was all well. If you are at fault with another make it right before court, taken responsibility for ones self is a plus. I was guilty of not leaving a note on car.It was 5 am dark and my neighbor I had not met. But there is a law you must leave a note if you leave area. OOPS But Judge said I did everything right. But I have the pleasure of being in the company of the Best Judge with empathy,common sense and Yale smart. Always a pleasure. Our Law Director’s office is a farce. They really are a circus act.

  • James

    Couldn’t say it better myself, they have no respect for authority and sitting there calling them bitches and mother fuckers, but when something happens to them or say their family, the cops are the first ones they call. That one clown Herb should’ve been arrest for cussing at the police officers like he did. And than say get a real job, like cop blocking is a real job lmao.

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