Department of Homeland Security Lies and Intimidates Over Filming and Identification Laws

DHS Agent LyingWhile I was filming in downtown Albany, at the Federal Building, a DHS officer came out to see what I was doing. This officer had no problem lying about the legality of filming in public. She also had no problem lying about the fact that I do not need to identify myself to a police officer who has no reasonable, articulable reason to think I am about to, have committed, or am in the process of committing a crime (the requirements for a legal detainment).

She even goes as far to say that, if I don’t ID myself, I cannot take any more pictures of the building. Notice how I continued and she did nothing, because police LIE! At the end of the video, you see DHS following me and waiting to get my license plate, so they can ID me. I believe she failed on getting the plate, not that it matters, since this video is posted here on with my name. It’s more the point they go about things underhandedly and try to intimidate people in the process. Police all over don’t get why people are losing trust in them, but this video and many others show that cops, lie, steal, violate civil liberties and murder. What happened to Honor, Trust, and Integrity?



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